Albolene For Weight Loss: How To Lose Inches & Water Weight?

The Secret Behind: Albolene weight loss phenomenon

Losing fat is never easy. Albolene is used as the makeup remover and by professional athletes as well for weigh-in requirements.

The Albolene’s main function is moisturizing skin cleanser but also known for its weight-loss abilities as well.

In this article, let me share some of the surprising reasons why Albolene can aid in weight loss.

What is Albolene?

First of all, let’s define what exactly is Albolene? Originally, Albolene is a type of skin cosmetics that is used for removing makeup.

It is usually used for removing even the stubborn makeup from mascara and theatre makeups.

According to one study in 2009, it has been found that Albolene is effective in reducing types of eczema from mild to moderate and for overall skin health.

If you’re trying to lose weight, then adding Albolene to your regimen can be a good idea.

It has been known as the best and powerful weight loss supplement in the market.

Some supplements or creams specialized for weight loss might not give you the best result as Albolene.

How to use Albolene for weight loss?

albolene weight loss

Albolene is a type of topical cream that can trap body heat when applied to the skin area and it creates more perspiration.

For example, if you applied Albolene cream on your thighs, buttocks, and torso.

The cream will trap the heat and causes the body perspire at a higher rate.

Excess water on the fat cells and other underlying tissues are perspired when Albolene cream is applied to the specific area of the skin which provides a healthier and thinner looking body.

However, it is important to remember that once the cream is removed over time to the particular skin area.

The excess water will once again, put back on your weight due to its temporary effect.

It is highly recommended to apply Albolene cream to the “troubled area” after heavy training or cardio workouts.

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What is weight-loss compound on Albolene?

The Albolene contains mineral oils for conditioning, soften, and smooth the skin.

It also has petrolatum for skin protection and helps keep the skin’s own moisture from evaporating.

Paraffin contains lubrication properties to help retain the moisture in the skin, and Albolene contains skin-conditioning compounds such as Ceresin and Carotenoid.

Does Albolene for weight loss really work?

Different Topic fat loss creams often judged by the people who lack detailed information and research about the product’s legitimacy.

Does weight loss creams like Albolene really work?

The active ingredients called Licorice found in some weight-loss creams are one of the evidence for effective weight loss especially on the process of transdermal or percutaneous delivery in the blood, and it has been claimed to target subcutaneous fat rather than the visceral fats or the fats located around your organs and inside your stomach.

However, the ingredient can be sometimes absorbed systematically.

One example of a supplement that can be absorbed systematically and delivered transdermally is the use of transdermal magnesium oil. 75% of the adults are deficient in essential mineral like Magnesium.

The use of oral magnesium supplements have caused then upset digestion compared to the people who opt for spray-type magnesium products.

The reason behind the effectiveness of the spray-type is.

The skin acts for filtering and absorbing the ingredients into the body without any digestive problems.

The nicotine patch is also one of the examples of transdermal deliberate.

Like the magnesium oil, Nicotine is small enough to fit through the skin and absorbed in the skin’s epidermis layer and effectively dispersed it throughout the body.

The effectiveness of slimming creams is found on the ingredients used.

Some topical fat loss creams claim to work by lowering and controlling the cortisol in the body that contributes to reducing the fat.

Excess cortisol is a known reason for belly fat appearance.

So applying slimming cream on the stomach area might be helpful. Meditation and reducing the caffeine consumption can contribute to the releasing of more cortisol in the body.

What are the benefits of using Albolene?

a woman is exercising

As mentioned earlier, the main use of Albolene is to reduce the excess water in the different areas of your body such as thighs, stomach, legs, and arms.

It basically reduces the water on that particular part, the effectiveness of the slimming processes may not be good for long-term weight loss.

It creates a better-looking appearance, especially for the bodybuilders to lose a few pounds around their waist, buttocks, and thighs.

The Albolene is quite effective with its additional heat for body’s perspiration when applied to the specific area.

  • Slimming creams such as Albolene can reactivate the proteins that turn the fat into energy.
  • It may also stimulate the cells to release the lipid materials responsible for fat storage and dehydrates the fat cells to boost the lipolysis mechanism or the chemical decomposition of fats in the body.
  • Weight-loss creams can also strengthen the collagen by increasing the elastin which is responsible for the secretion of more collagen tissue for preventing skin fiber damage.
  • Slimming creams are best to reduce varicose veins and reduces stretch marks by targeting the fat cells and utilizing them.
  • It can also promote skin hydration, preventing water loss and reduce skin dryness and protect it from harmful UV rays.

Just because Albolene can be beneficial to losing water weight in the body.

It does not mean you have to forget about the gym or maintain a healthy diet.

Albolene can be effective with the conjunction of low-carbohydrate and high protein diet, as well as cardiovascular workouts such as lunges, punches, and crunches.


Can Anyone Use a weight-loss cream like Albolene?

Using weight-loss creams like Albolene can effective to anyone.

But it’s still important to consult your doctor first before adding slimming cream to your regimen.

It’s better to consult your physician if you’re suffering from certain skin conditions or other underlying medical reason before using slimming creams.

Slimming creams like Albolene can be beneficial for burning cellulite specifically to the stomach for post-pregnant women.

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What are the other types of Weight-loss creams?

There are various type of slimming creams like Albolene in the market. Each types targets specific area of the body.

1/ Slimming Cream for Thighs

If you have flabby cellulite in your thighs, the slimming cream for thighs (obviously) is the right product for you.

It has been proven to be a versatile weight-loss cream that has effective results on the thighs and stomach as well.

2/ Slimming cream for Stomach

As the name implies, these type of weight-loss cream targets specifically on the stomach area by massaging the cream several times.

However, it is advisable to apply the cream twice a day for four weeks to see the result.

It is mandatory to check the label to guide you the proper ways to apply the cream, some certain slimming cream product recommends intact skin application.

Slimming cream for stomach works by breaking down the stored adipose tissue in the belly and helps tighten the loose muscles which provide you a perfectly toned stomach.

It is great to use during pregnancy as a skin tightening cream.

3/ Slimming cream for Face

Face fat can be embarrassing and whether you like it or not, it is a part of aging.

It will usually make you appear dull and old, but the good news is, slimming cream specially formulated for the face is the best way to achieve an appealing and younger-looking skin.

It is important to always check the label when choosing particular slim cream to ensure your safety against harmful compounds.

4/ Slimming cream for legs and arms

Most slimming creams for thigh works best for the legs as well.

Slimming creams for the arms provides double fat burning effect like slimming creams for the stomach.

This effectively works by getting rid of the cellulite around the arms which helps you to achieve a better-looking arms and legs.

5/ Slimming wrap with cream

Wraps are commonly used in spas. But not anymore because certain slimming cream products provides wraps usually made of linen, plastic cellophane, and sheets.

The wrap helps to increase perspiration and water loss from your skin apart from decreasing flow of fluids as well.

This is effective for losing few inches of the skin to the applied area.

6/ Slimming Belt with cream

Like wraps, tummy belts are widely available on the market.

It provides a fast and safe way to burn belly fats.

The compression offered by the belt is utilizing the functionality of the weight-loss cream to help you achieve a toned stomach.

The process of applying the cream to the skin is same as the slimming cream for the thighs and arm, twice a day.

What are the myths about losing weight?

body muscle

There are no easy ways to lose weight but with proper diets and exercise.

You can achieve the body of your dream.

So many things are said about losing weight that can be hard to sort fact from fiction.

Here is the list of top 10 common myths about weight loss, and yes, Slimming creams and other weight supplements are included in the list. Let’s have a look.

1/ “The best way to lose weight is to starve me.”

This the most common myths about weight loss.

Crash diets or starving yourself is a big no-no if you want to have a long-term weight loss result.

Crash diets can lead to longer-term weight gain and you may also be missing out on the essential nutrients that your body needs for energy production.

The lower body energy, you’re most likely to crave to high-fat and high-sugar food that contains more calories which can play a significant role in gaining weight.

2/ “The only way to lose weight is heavy training and comprehensive exercise.”

This is actually not true. Being more physically active in the daily routine contributes to your overall weight-loss journey.

Adults are advised to get at least 150 minutes of exercise or physical activity like cycling or fast walking each week.

However, Overweight people need to do more than this.

Always remember that when you’re losing weight. 
You need to burn more than the calories you consume by eating less and spending more time on daily exercise.

3/ “Snack time is a no-no when losing weight.”

Some people believe that snack in-between meals can maintain their energy levels.

It is okay but be sure that the type of snack is healthy.

Replace Cheetos and other junk foods that contain a high level of sugar, fat, and salts with fruits or vegetables.

4/ “I’m trying to be healthy but healthy foods are expensive.”

Healthier foods can be more expensive than the alternatives.

But it’s a smart move to replace the ingredients with healthier alternatives for your diet and this will definitely cost you less.

For example, if you’re cooking a delicious meat dishes, try to choose cheaper cuts of meat and mix it with cheaper ingredients such as frozen vegetables, pulses, and beans.

5/ “’Low-fat’ and ‘reduced fat’ foods are the healthiest.”

If you’re a fitness nut you tend to choose ‘low fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ labeled foods, right?

But be cautious because not all the products labeled ‘low fat’ are healthy.

In fact, some of the low-fat foods might also contain high levels of sugars.

6/ “Drinking plenty of water will help you to lose weight faster.”

Drinking plenty of water doesn’t cause you to lose weight but it keeps your body hydrated and helps to produce more energy for your daily tasks.

7/ “For faster, safer, and effortless weight loss, I should opt for slimming creams and pills.”

Bad news, not all the slimming creams, pills, or tablets can help you to lose weight.

There are some under the counter. Unlicensed weight loss products on the market that can harm your overall health due to its dangerous compounds.

The best thing to do is to consult your physician or other healthcare professional before adding these weight-loss products to your regimen.

8/ “Carbohydrates can lead to weight gain, I should avoid it.”

Well, to tell you, my friend, carbohydrates will not gain you weight IF it’s eaten in the right amount and as a part of a balanced diet.

It is advisable to eat more wholemeal carbs and whole grain foods such as wholemeal bread, potatoes, and brown rice.

Avoid fried and starchy foods when trying to lose weight.

9/ “To speed up metabolism, it’s better to consume certain foods and drinks.”

This is actually true. Your body’s metabolism is one of the body’s important chemical processes.
It literally keeps you alive.

Without this, your organs will die out and cell restoration might not function normally.

To ensure everything’s functioning normally, your body needs to energy to do this process.

It has been known that certain types of foods and drinks can help your body to burn more calories which can lead to weight loss.

A faster metabolism means faster weight-loss.

However, avoid foods that contain a high amount of sugar and caffeine.

10/ “…and Skipping meals.”

If you think skipping meals is a good way to lose weight, you’re dead wrong.

To lose weight and keep it for a long time.

It is advisable to consume less amount of calories and increase the calories you burn through exercise. Skipping meals is not a good idea.

This will result in tiredness due to the less adsorption of essential nutrients and you will be most likely crave for high-sugar foods and high-fat snack that can result to weight gain.

How to choose the best slimming cream?

woman have fruits

To help you choose the right slimming cream for your skin and weight loss.

Here is the list of ingredients that every best slimming cream should have.

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is known to reduce body fat, it also beneficial for the overall health of your skin tissue from increasing metabolism to stimulating blood circulation.
  • Ginkgo Biloba

    This compound prevents the activity of alpha-receptors and promotes better decomposition of the fats.
  • L-Carnitine

    This compound is responsible for synthesizing the liver and kidneys that contribute to fatty acid production in mitochondria for effective transformation of food into energy.
    L-Carnitine is also known for anti-aging properties.
  • Theobromine found on the cocoa can boost the circulation of the blood and improve the fat burning process which contributes to the overall skin health.
  • Camphor stimulates the brain part responsible for heat and facilitating good blood circulation in the nerves as well.


What the side effects and issues associated with Albolene?

Albolene can offer a temporary reduction of fat if not used as directed.

As mentioned earlier, Albolene doesn’t actually burn the fat away but it only reduces the excess water from the body.

If Albolene is used in excessive amounts.

This can put your health at risk by draining too much of the water weight in your body and leave you vulnerable to dehydration.

Always check your physician or other healthcare professional before embarking Albolene weight loss regime.

It is a good idea to analyze your skin condition and the amount of Albolene to apply on the particular area.

This will also help you to ensure that the product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may have some side effects on your skin and overall health.

How to make home-made slimming creams for weight loss?

Okay so, here are some ways on how to make your own slimming creams at home that can be beneficial for weight loss.

Weight-loss coffee cream.

Coffee is not only known to give yourself a boost during the day but it is also a fat-burning stimulant.

Caffeine helps to burn fat in different body areas such as buttocks, thighs, stomach, arms, and legs.

It boosts the circulation of the blood and directly targeting the fat excess and effectively dissolving them.

If you have puffiness around your eyes, applying this cream can reduce the cellulite around the skin.

Here’s how to make it:

Ingredients: 1 cup of white sugar, ¾ cups of natural olive oil, and ½ cup of finely ground coffee.

Preparation: Grab a bowl and mix all the three ingredients until you get a smooth paste. Apply the cream to the area where you want to burn fat. Gently massage it in circular movements and leave it for about 20 minutes.

Weight-loss Camphor cream

The hot/cold effect of this fat burning cream can give your blood circulation a boost, effective decomposition of stored fat, and firm the tissues of the dermis.

Camphor is commonly used to treat common colds and other respiratory problems.

It also tightens the skin and prevents it from sagging.

Camphor also causes sweating and contributes to the elimination of toxins as well.

Here’s how to make it:

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of ethyl alcohol, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 8 tablespoons of Vicks Vaporub, and a half tablet of Camphor.

Preparation: Start crushing the camphor tablet using mortar and pestle, mix it with the Vicks, soda, and alcohol. Make sure that you store the cream in a tight and lidded container.

Apply the cream in the ‘trouble area’, massage it gently in a circular motion, and wrap and cover the area with plastic film and leave it for about 20 minutes. This cream can be used on chest, arms, and stomach.

Weight-loss Aloe Vera, Lemon, and Eucalyptus cream

The cooling effect of Eucalyptus, regenerative properties of Aloe Vera, and Fat burning compounds of lemon is the perfect combinations for weight-loss and skin cream that will give you a smooth and toned skin and better weight loss results.

Eucalyptus tightens and softens the skins. Aloe Vera is ideal for treating different skin conditions, and lemon that can aid in weight loss or fat burning.

Here’s how to make it:

Ingredients: 1 Lemon juice, 1 leaf of Aloe Vera (or Aloe Vera Gel), 150 ml Body cream, and ½ cups of eucalyptus.

Preparation: Grab a bowl and start mixing the moisturizing cream and aloe vera gel. While stirring, add the lemon juice and eucalyptus to the mixture. Mix it again and now it’s ready to apply.

Apply the cream in the ‘trouble area’, massage it gently in a circular motion until the skin fully absorbed the cream. Perfect for arm area. 


The weight loss ability of Albolene only focuses on the ability to reduce water weight due to its dehydration capabilities.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water after heavy workouts to keep your body hydrated and detoxify.

Slimming creams, tablets, and another weight-loss supplement only shrinks the fat cells temporarily.

But if combined with balanced diet and proper exercise, it can you as much needed a lift for losing weight.