How To Boost Body Weight And Gain Muscle Mass Fast Without The Fats ?

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How to Boost Body Weight and Gain Muscle Mass ?

When you are aiming to boost weight gain and your muscle mass.

It is important to follow a tailored program for mass gains, and right choices of exercise in conjunction with a sound dietary modification that will help you in reaching the physique that you have wanted for a long time.

Choosing healthier and nutritious foods helps you in gaining weight the safe way and executing the right sets and reps of exercises helps you in boosting the muscle mass gains.

And you surely don’t desire to gain an enormous amount of unhealthy weight or eat some junk and unhealthy foods as a way of gaining more weight.

The safest way to building muscle mass and gain weight is a combination of quality exercise and the right amount of nutrient-dense calories.

Below are some tips on how to boost muscular weight gain:

Part 1. Set your Goals

1/ Consult a Doctor or Physician

Before beginning an all-new workout routine or even try an extremely different kind of diet, it’s important to meet and consult a doctor before doing so to discuss some health issues if you have one for the safety of your condition.

  • Talk to the doctor why you’re eager in gaining weight and building muscle mass, then try telling the doctor the things you are wanting to modify in your way of life
  • Try asking a physician the safe and ideal weight gain that are fit for your gender and age. Because if you gain too much body weight it can possibly put the weight of your body into the overweight class.

2/ Make some Realistic Goals

Each people’s body has their own capabilities. You should sit, think of something, and try to write up some long termed goals for yourself and try to make it happen.

  • Your goals must be specific and measurable. Don’t just think of gaining muscle and weight.
    You should have to be detailed and precise about your goals.
    Indefinite goals that are out of your range can be harder to reach.
  • You should include also a timeline that is specifically for your goals.
    Example, I need to gain about 15 pounds for a span of 3 months.
  • Make a goal with a shorter term in helping you achieve your main goal.
    A great method of keeping you on the track for your long-term goals is to make a weekly goal.

3/ Track every Progress you make

Tracking your progress can be a great help when you are done setting up your goals.

It will help in motivating your mind and body and it also provides a valuable response

  • Track various measures which show all your progress. And you may track your circumferential measurements, fat percentage, and body weight.
  • Tracking all of your progress can help you in evaluating how your exercise and diet program is Example, if you are not the target weight, you may need to redirect your intake of calorie or how much calories you are burning through an exercise.

    Re-measuring or reassessing every 2 weeks to acquire a precise image of how the exercise program is doing.

4/ Find a Partner

You should find a partner that is most accountable. Making a change of lifestyle like this is rather difficult.

Having somebody to talk with might help you be more motivated and remain on your track

  • Try talking to your co-workers, dietitian, trainer, family members, and your friends about your specific goal. Ask them to check if something about has progressed or
  • Take particular accountability also. Because it is you who will have to make all of the required changes about yourself.

    When your companion is always there to guide you, it’s your main job to always stay focused and do not let anything distract you.

Part 2. Eat to Boost Muscle Mass and Gain Weight

a woman is eating to boost muscle mass and gain weight

1/ Consult a Dietician

Dieticians or also known as the nutrition experts can help you decide what to eat for your proper diet and nutrition in helping you boost weight gain.

  • Ask your physician for immediate recommendations or you can also do a swift search online to find the nearest dietitian.
  • Have a session with your dietitian and talk about your goals and wait for their suggestion on how you’ll reach your You can also request a calorie goal, cooking advice, and meal plan to pursue.

2/ Increase your Intake of Caloric Food

For you to gain some weight, you will need to start increasing your intake of calorie.

By increasing your calorie intake for about 300-500 calories every day will surely help you in gaining some weight.

It will result in a weight gain of up to 1 pound every week.

  • If you gain weight faster by eating unhealthy food in helping you to gain a high amount of body weight, it is clearly considered as non-functional mass.

3/ Pick a Calorie-Dense Food

It can be difficult to increase your total calories daily.

You will need to choose food which has a higher amount of calorie or simply eat more.

If you find it problematic to achieve your goals every day.

Why not try to add some healthy food yet has a sufficient amount of calorie.

  • Try eating dairy products such as nut butter, nuts, avocado, and olive oil.
  • Put olive oil and butter into your foods when you are done preparing them.

    You can also put an avocado in your salad and it can be served with a scrambled egg for breakfast.

    You can even blend some peanut butter in your protein shakes for your afternoon snack.
  • Try avoiding junk foods high with sugar content by increasing your intake of calorie.

    Eat donuts, candy, and cookies it might help you to gain weight, however, it is not the healthiest way in gaining weight.

4/ Eat Sufficient Protein

If you are trying to build muscle and gain weight, you will need to eat adequate protein in order to maintain your goal.

Lean protein and greens must be the foundation of your dietary plan.

  • It is usually recommended to eat about 1-2 grams of protein for every kilogram of your body weight.
  • But, some studies indicate that it might not be sufficient particularly if your main goal is building and boost weight gain.

    On the other side, you must consume at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight.

    However, you should not exceed this high amount.
  • 3 to 4 ounces of a protein-filled meal is an ideal serving.

    If you include the serving of protein for every snack and meal you consume it may help you to achieve your goal and it is most likely to provide you an amount that is a bit greater than your least possible goal.
  • Always focus on moderate and lean high protein sources.
    You should try including some items like legumes, seafood, pork, lean beef, dairy or eggs.
  • Avoid processed, fried, and high-fat protein choices such as fast foods, processed meats, and fried foods, it is not recommendable and is not a healthy option to be consumed when you are trying to gain weight and build muscle mass.

5/ Eat Carbs Before or After Every Workout

Some studies show that when you’re refueling with a complex carbohydrate after your workout, it can help in minimizing your muscle to break down.

Also it can help in increasing your muscle mass.

  • Try to consume a carb-packed snack for up to 30-60 minutes ahead of your workout.

    It will give your muscles the needed fuel in powering through all of your workouts, keep your sugar level. It can also give you an early start on your recovery.
  • Healthy carbs include yogurts, dried fruit, grain bagel, grain bread, mashed potatoes, oats, and fruits.
  • You should also include a healthy source of carbohydrates when you’re having your snacks and meals.

    Starchy vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains are all a great source of nutrients when you are on your dietary plan.

    And you should also include a variation of these provisions every day of the week.

6/ Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Though you might be concentrating on higher calorie and protein foods in helping you reach your goals.

It is still significant that you consume sufficient servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

  • It is highly recommended that you consume at least 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits every day.
    If you include a vegetable or fruit on every snack or meal it will help you achieve it.
  • A half cup of chopped fruits should be considered in one serving.
    1 to 2 cups of leafy green vegetables should be considered in one serving.

7/ Drink Protein Supplements

You should consider drinking protein throughout the day because it can help you achieve your protein goals daily, and also assist in building your muscle at a faster rate.

  • You can include drinking protein shake anytime every day.

    But, some studies show that if you’ll consume about 20 grams of protein shake preceding on your strength workout.

    You are likely to have an increase in protein synthesis.
  • The protein drink can also help you to increase your overall calories.

    And you can even mix it along with milk, avocado, peanut butter, and fruits to help you in boosting calories in your body.

8/ Start a Journal for your Food Plan

Starting the said journal might be a useful activity that is to be done when your goal is to boost weight gain.

You will see clearly what you are eating and see how it affects your weight.

  • You should be accurate about what you consume and then write it in your journal.

    Spend for a measuring cup or food scale that can help you to be accurate about what you consume.

    These set of tools are very helpful when you are trying to control your food intake.
  • When you are new to this method. It is very difficult for you to keep on your track prior to your goal, most especially if it is a big opportunity.

    You should use your journal, or purchase another one, to help you be more aware of what and how much you are eating each day.
  • Revisit your old journal if you are gaining weight too fast, losing weight, and even not gaining a bit of weight.

    Make some necessary adjustments to your dietary plan if it is required.

Part 3. Exercise to Increase Muscle Mass and Stimulate Weight Gain

a man is doing push up exercise

1/ See a Trainer

When you get that OK sign form your dietician or doctor. You should consider meeting an experienced trainer.

Because the trainer might suggest various types of exercises that will help you support your fitness goal and weight goals.

  • These professionals have all of the qualifications required in helping you achieve your goals.
  • Tell your trainer concerning all of your objectives and try to ask them how they’ll help in building your muscle mass.

    And you might even want your trainer to set a weekly workout plan just for you.
  • And you might be capable of working with your trainer at a gym or you may also talk to a trainer consultant who works self-sufficient of fitness facilities and gyms.

2/ Work on Every Main Muscle Group Using Compound Movements

In order to develop the mass of your muscle.

You will be needed to work on each muscle group using the basics or so-called king of mass builder exercise, Include Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press, Barbell Over Head Press, Shrugs, Close Grip Bench Press, Barbell curls and don’t neglect to recruit the forearm muscles.

  • It is very important that you strengthen all your muscles which include your chest, arms, upper body, lower body, and core.
  • You can also choose to perform about 3 to 4 days of body workout.

    It is where you will spend the time in working at each main muscle groups in a day.

    Preferably, you will have to follow it on a recovery day.
  • And you can do also some strength training most of the dates if you are to choose in working with different muscle groups every day in a week.

    But be sure that you are not working with the similar muscle groups for 2 days straight.

3/ Include a Timeout or Rest Days

Though working out often is important to increase muscle mass, resting for about 1 t o2 days every week is just as important.

Remember muscles grow when they are resting.

  • A large amount muscle strengthening and growth usually occurs throughout the resting period of your workout.
  • If you do not include regular resting days, then you shouldn’t work at the similar muscle group 2 days straight.

    Example, don’t work chest and arms on Mondays and Tuesdays

4/ Record Every Progress you make

Record all the exercises that you are doing by having a workout journal. It can help to keep you encouraged and gives you the guideline.

  • This will guarantee that you are increasing weights in workouts.

    And also, it can help to keep you on track on what workouts you have done on different workout days.

    It is very important because your body and mind need to take a rest.
  • You should look how much you have accomplished and how distant you still have to go in order to achieve your objectives.


Part 4. Incorporate Specific workouts in Increasing your Muscle Figure

1/ Perform Heavy Core Exercises

Some studies suggest the use of heavier weights in exercises in order to maximize your core muscle and muscle mass.

  • You mostly use your stomach muscles (abdominal) on a day-to-day basis.

    As they are to be used often. You will need to add more resistance and weight to your workouts in helping you increase your muscle mass.
  • There’s no set of response on whether you’ll do few or many reps of workout for your abdominal muscle.

    However, it is suggested that you have to do all the workouts till your muscle become fatigued.
  • Ensure that you will do controlled and slow workouts whenever you are working your abdominal muscle.
  • And do not forget the proper breathing when performing a heavy workout.

2/ Involve Upper Body Workouts

In gaining muscle mass into the upper part of your body.

You will need to involve various types of workouts to work on your muscles either on your arms or chest.

The use of a weight heavier than normal weights with lower repetitions are needed for the following workouts:

  • Bicep curls
  • Pull and Dip-Ups
  • Bench Press
  • Overhead Press

3/ Perform Lower Body Workouts

In enhancing the muscle mass into the lower part of your body.

It is highly recommended to perform isolation workouts first, and is followed by a heavier training workout.

Include these workouts that use heavy weights with moderate repetitions:

  • Barbell squat
  • Dumbbell Step Ups
  • Lunges
  • Leg Extension
  • Seated Leg Curls

4/ Do it slowly

Whenever you are starting with a new workout or training plan for your strength, it is very important to do it slowly.

  • Though if it is recommended for you to perform weight lifting.

    You will feel well if you select lower weights to lift as a beginner as you try to develop your fitness and strength level.
  • You might also require more regular rest days when you are just a beginner.

    It will help in allowing your muscle to repair and rest appropriately.
  • You should plan to perform about 2 weeks of body strengthening to a point where you slowly increase your weight.

    After the allotted time, you will need to lift heavier weights in order gain substantial weight and muscle. You can also add longer or more recovery periods.

    But you will need to begin working with heavier weights in order to achieve the lean mass that you are after.

How to do it Right?

Feast Often

a woman is feasting

In order to grow, you need to eat there is no escaping this hard, cold truth.

For continued growth, consuming caloric foods is important than eating scrupulous macronutrient breakdowns.

Guaranteed, it is very difficult to eat especially when you do not feel like eating.

However, you are not required to consume an enormous amount of food for just one sitting.

By regularly fueling your body, you can guide your stomach in adopting a higher caloric intake needed in building muscle mass.

The ideal meal regularity is completely your choice.

However, many muscle builder aspirants found out that eating 5 to 7 meals each day helps your stomach to consume all the nutrients it has to consume.

Eating for every 2 to 3 hours will also positively influence your muscles protein synthesis, and that is your way to boost weight gain. It will also result in better

Hit the Nearest Fitness Center or Gym

gym center

If you are to stay committed or dedicated for the success that you are longing for, be sure that you follow all the tips and advice that were given.

You will not have to wait for a long time just to see the remarkable results that you will experience

Always focus on your goal which is to gain more muscle mass. Go to a gym and work really hard for it.

Always think positive and never give up on what you have started, if the result you wanted does not show, then work harder, because working hard is the only key to the success that you have always wanted.


Clearly, as seen in this article, consuming the right amount of caloric foods, nutritious foods, green leafy vegetables and drinking supplements helps you in boosting your muscular weight gain.
It is also needed to perform the proper exercises in building muscle mass and gaining weight.

Setting your own personal goals will help you keep yourself on the right track.

Eating foods that are protein sufficient will help boost weight gains and build muscle mass.

Do exercises like bench press, pull-ups, bicep curls, etc. to work on your body’s main muscle groups.

Lift as heavy weights as you can because it also helps you in gaining more muscle mass.
Heavy lifting is correlated with the higher release of natural testosterone, and growth hormone which is an important sauce for growth.

And lastly, do it right.

By doing all of these the right way you are sure to achieve that muscular weight gain that you are longing for.

And at the same time, it can also help you build your confidence and self-esteem.

So Get Up and Eat, Train, Rest, Grow!!!

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