How To Build And Stay Lean Muscle Without Using Supplements ?

What Are The Best Ways To Get Shredded Muscle Without Supplements?

Sometimes, we are seeking for the exact answer whether it is possible or not to build lean muscle without taking any supplement. So that you, huh?

To be a man like a man, it is everyone’s dream to have a muscular and lean body.

Nowadays, fortunately having such a body is a lot easier thanks to the abundance of muscle building supplements.

However, not all of them work properly at all.

We have to choose the right supplement for the fastest muscle building.

A good way of doing that is to check how much scientific support the supplement has and of course, you can scour the Internet for reviews from actual people who have used them.

There are many disadvantages associated with body building supplements, which most users do not even know. The various kinds of side effects in most cases lead to detrimental health effects.

If your purpose is only to win medals at sporting competitions, you can use performance-enhancing drugs.

However, do you know that these drugs have a long-term adverse effect on their health?

Before using any kind of muscle building supplements, it is IMPORTANT to understand all the risks, benefits and other unknowns regarding the product.

In most cases, muscle-building supplements contain steroid that mainly affects the functions of the body.

We can divide supplements into two parts as natural or chemical.

The natural supplements are good for health.

On the other hand, the chemical supplements, which is known and steroid supplements, have major side effects.

Let me share the distinction between them.

Use and abuse of steroid supplement: Steroid supplements stimulate growth in tissues.

They stimulate the bones and muscles. They also increase the production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs).

Steroids are used to cure many medical diseases such as delayed puberty in boys, breast cancer in women, anemia, endometriosis and other conditions that are involved in hormonal imbalance.

Not only that, doctors use them in the treatment of many medical issues including the weight loss in HIV and sexual dysfunction.

From the outside of a body, it looks awesome.

However, the harsh thing is that steroids are mostly used externally (i.e. orally, with the injection push etc.).

This is very harmful to a human body as it is so much addictive.

Steroids are abused at large.

Some athletes’ are using steroids to build muscle mass so quick and enhance their performance.

They use them to prolong endurance.

Steroids are converted into testosterone of a human body beyond the normal levels.

This can cause some serious side effects.

side effects after using Steroid supplements to your body

Here I arranged some list of side effects after using Steroid supplements to your body:

  • Dramatic Increase in muscle mass (Greater Anabolism).
  • Liver Disease and other organ damage such as Kidney and heart.
  • Fat deposition on the chest due to increased estrogen levels causing abnormal breast enlargement in men.
  • Hair fall.
  • Too much oily skin.
  • Severe acne.
  • Menstrual irregularities in women.
  • The absence of sperm in semen.
  • Excess facial or body hair.
  • The deeper voice in women.
  • Stunted growth and height in teens
  • Mood swings
  • Depression or suicidal tendencies
  • high blood pressure
  • Risk of viral and bacterial infections due using of injections.
  • Alterations in cholesterol and other blood lipids.

Use and benefits of natural supplements: We have seen some disadvantages and side effect on Steroid Supplements.

However, not all supplements are bad for the body.

Scientifically, Natural Supplements are the best to build and lean muscle without side effects.

Below are some benefits of natural supplements to a human body:

  • They provide an adequate quantity of superior quality of nutrients.
  • They give a specific combination of nutrients.
  • They give a specific quantity of nutrients required at a particular time in a day.
  • They make it convenient for the body to be supplied with all the essential nutrients.
  • They include anything from whey protein, caffeine, and fish oils.
  • These types of products are safe.
  • The risk of any side effects is little to none.

Now one thing is clear to us that, only steroids or chemical supplements have a serious bad effect on health but natural supplements are the best to use as there are no side effects.

If you are willing to use muscle-building supplements, you should consult a dietician or a trainer first.

Different individuals have different nutritional requirements and the various kinds of supplements available in the market today cannot be suitable for everyone.

Body building products have a different composition of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and proteins and therefore, a person should only take products as per his body requirement.

Many body building supplements help to build big muscles fast.

Nevertheless, at the same time cause many detrimental effects to the body that in most cases.

These supplements may be fatal which can cause cancer.

Many supplements are protein based and consuming protein in high content can cause damage to the kidneys and slow down muscle building process.

Other supplements contain artificial ingredients and can shut down the healthy procedures of life as well.

There are numerous drawbacks of body building supplements and individuals need to be careful when using them.

Are you frightened to take supplements, now? No Worries, you can follow some steps with me; I think these are so perfect to have a lean muscle without taking any supplements.

Wait, Before We Move on. You Must Check This First….The Healthy and Fit Program

Step-1: You have to train like the right way to build and lean muscle

It is hard to believe that, we are fond of following magazines to follow the workout formulas rather than taking advice from the experienced trainer in the GYM.

The steps described in the magazine and blog is perfect only for the athletes not for the newbie like us.

When I was new to build my muscle and took initiative to do some workout in a GYM, I thought it would be better to follow a famous fitness magazine rather than listening to my trainer.

However, it was a wrong decision. A perfect trainer can make you hero from zero marks.

So, NEVER FEEL SHY to ask for the next steps to be a muscle man.

Step-2: You have to eat the right way to build muscle

eat foods high protein to build muscle

When I completed a week in a GYM and some workout, I felt so hungry after completing each session.

For that, I ate whatever I found in front of me to eat. Nevertheless, this was wrong.

You cannot build your muscle and be a macho-man without taking a balanced food diet.

If you eat plenty of nutritious food without taking processed foods too much, you should get enough nutrients to gain the size you want.

Although you can take junk foods to gain the required calories, they do not give you the nutrition your body requires to grow big and strong.

Junk food only can increase your fat, not the muscle.

In addition, taking junk foods, you will probably be getting a lot more calories than you need and end up getting fatter instead of more muscular.

So, take some advice from a nutrient to know what to eat and what to avoid gaining a muscular body.

Step-3: You have to take enough rest to gain lean muscle

We very hurry to gain muscle and spending too much time in the GYM.

When it is the first time at the GYM, you will probably do the same mistake by spending so much time to do exercise.

Unfortunately, by doing exercise cannot give us the muscular body.

The surprising fact is that our body shape changes when we are taking rest not when we are doing a training session.

Are you shocked? Do not be. There is no point blitzing your muscles in the gym if you are not getting enough rest and sleep.

Taking proper rest can not only recuperate from the workout but also help it grow.

People who keep hitting the gym without recovering properly do not get bigger.

When it is the question of having a shredded muscle, you need to know the difference between lean muscles and shredded.

In order to gain size, most people think that they need to get supplements.

Nevertheless, instead of taking supplements you can even build shredded muscle.

The shredded muscles are probably in the 4 to 7% body fat region.

On the other hand, lean muscle is probably in the 7% to 10% body fat region.

Although, lean muscle is better than shredded muscle for your health.

Still, if you want to know the best ways to get shredded muscle without taking any supplements.

Here are some proven methods you can follow:

1/ Start Lean

female lean body

The first thing is first. The first and the most important thing to do to get shredded muscle is to be the owner of a lean muscle.

You need to diet a lot to reduce the fat and make it below 7% of your whole body to expect a shredded muscle.

2/ Do the math while taking food

Do I do math? Oh, no! Do not freak out! You need to do the proper calculation on your diet plan.

If you are already starting leaning, then it is the time to maintain proper consumption of food.

Subtract the protein calories you are also eating from the total allowed before you calculate the number of carbs.

3/ Take regular exercise

This is the steps for the actual work out to get shredded muscle.

During this step, you have to select abs exercise that will target your abdominal region to get the ripped and shredded abs look.

Your upper and lower abs, as well as your oblique, will become the shredded abs.

It is better to choose your favorite abs exercise or choose the simple one.

You can choose to go through a difficulty level that will both carve and thicken your abs.

For example, you can take crunches, hanging leg raises and oblique v-ups.

Take five weight-training sessions per week with five cardio sessions per week.

Do them well until your abs hurt so much that you cannot laugh.

Step-4: Do Cardio to burn the extra fat – The tough one

a man is doing cardio

This is your fat burning stage to reveal all your hard work.

This is not my favorite stage but it is necessary if you want to add the ripped and shredded to your 8-pack abs description.

This stage is where you do cardio to burn that extra fat on your belly to reveal the magic.

Cardio exercises that you can take to burn the extra fat.

For example, steady same pace cardio and high-intensity interval training.

A couple of extra points

1) Every time you feel hungry, drink 500 ml to 1 liter of water.

2) You will feel hungry for the first couple of weeks but it will subside. Remember no one ever died from a hunger pain. Now for the training, it is simple.

Although, it is not a good idea to take supplements for a lean or shredded muscular body, if you want to gain an eye-catchy body shape within a short span of time, it is better to take supplements.

Remember, you should take supplements in a strict program in order to prove effective.

You must be serious in your approach to taking them and should not deviate from your plan.

As well as you should take them as part of your training routine to get, better result.

When you are mentally prepared to build your body muscle, you must avoid steroids but you can easily rely on natural supplements that is ideal for your health.

You should take them even on your off days.

Because during these periods your body is recovering from your workout and needs the required nutrition provided by the supplements to support muscle growth.