How to do the Effective Cardio while Bulking?

People have lots of misconception in their mind that if they do cardio while bulking, then it will reduce their body mass. But that is not the complete truth!

The body bulking comprises the body mass which we gain with right diet and workout.

Increasing the body fat will not lead to the bulking.

In fact, the cardio fetches you good results and the proper proportionate mass while bulking.


Many of you think that consuming lots of calories will provide your body enough bulk.

Some of you must be thinking that should I be doing cardio at the time of bulking? Does it lead to gaining fat while bulking? Am I right?

But trust me! It will only lead to the accumulation of the mass in the body. So, what you should do then?

Well! One of the best ways to stop the building up of the mass in the body is to do cardio at that time.

Do you have any idea that how can you do cardio during bulking?


Don’t worry as you are on the right page. Here I will explain you the step by step guide to stop gaining fat while bulking.

Besides this, I will also provide you some useful tips which you can follow for fetching good results.

You want to practice safely without injury. You must use STRAPS, WRAPS & SUPPORT.

Step by step instructions of Cardio while bulking

Every person like me wants to have a muscular and bulk body.

But all of this needs lots of dedication, effort, and hard work.

While exploring about the cardio along with the bulking, there are numerous programs which we come across usually. It only creates a state of confusion in our mind.

So, which is the best way to do cardio while clean bulking?

Below you can read the step by step guide to including in your daily workout life:

1/ Consider your goal first

The first step is to consider your target first, i.e., you either have to do cutting or bulking. You should have a clear perspective in your mind to fetch positive outcomes.

2/ Keep an Eye on the Progress

During the cardio, while bulking, you should keep an eye on the percentage increase of the weight in one week. Without following the track record, you cannot judge that how much muscle you are gaining without adding an unwanted fat on the body.

3/ Meal for the Post-Workout Is Important


You have to give special consideration to the meal after the post workout.

The post workout meal is essential for the maximization of the growth of muscles and their recovery.

You can include the whey protein shake in this meal.  

The addition of the supplements like glutamine and creatine monohydrate to the shake will more increase its efficiency.

Merely involving a shake in the post-workout meal will speed up your outcomes.

4/ Perform cardio while bulking

According to my personal experience, doing two to three sets of cardio for twenty to thirty minutes for every week during the period of bulking helps you in staying fit and retaining good cardiac health.

You can include the weight training along with the cardio for having a lean body along with more fat burning.

5/ Consume calories for the muscle growth carefully

Few people believe that by not eating enough calories will help them in having a lean body along with the bulking.

But this is not right!

If you do not consume the right amount of calories, then it will not lead you to gain muscles.

ham burger

Besides this conception, some people start eating all the things which come on their way for more calories consumed.

But this approach will inevitably result in the weight gain and body fat without any muscle building.

Thus, the most excellent tactic is to consume the adequate amount of calories for muscle gaining along with some restriction on the quantity.

You must do cardio to retain good cardiac health.

6/ Avoid consuming the processed foods

Avoiding the processed foods like French fries and hotdogs (cooked in refined oils) is the critical thing which you should follow while doing the cardio at the time of bulking.

Eating such foods might help you in achieving your target objectives of calories but believe me! It offers nothing to your body for getting bulk.

Such foods comprise of excessive salt, sugar and saturated fats that only provides unwanted fat on your body.

In fact, your probabilities of going to your gym also get lower down.

You must eat lean meats and lots of vegetables.

Foods like rice, oats, whole-grains, and yams have incredible carb quantities that help you in staying bulk even while doing cardio.

7/ Maintain your metabolism

One of the best ways to avoid the loss of body bulk is to maintain your metabolism.

If you have a high metabolism then doing vigorous cardio might end up in the loss of mass.

Thus, try to find out the rate of metabolism in your body before planning for the cardio.

People possessing low metabolism rate does not lose their body bulking quickly, and thus they find cardio very useful for their body.

8/ Not to overlook the intake of carbohydrate and fats


When people start consuming the sufficient protein in their diet, they mostly oversee the intake of carbs and fats. What you think is this right?

Well! From my side, it’s a big NO!

The carbohydrates and fats are essential for our proper growth of muscles in the body.

If you are going to avoid these nutrients, then it will not go to benefit you in the long run.

9/ Consume the protein as per your body weight daily

When I was doing the cardio along with the bulking, I used to consume 1 gram to 1.5 gram protein as per my 1 pound bodyweight daily.

The consumption of protein is significant for almost everyone recognizes the growth of muscles and this fact.

Some of you might not have time to count the protein daily or including it in daily diet then, going for the healthy protein shakes the best idea for such people. 

10/ Have Sufficient Rest and Retrieval Period

The exercise which you do in the gym helps in stimulating the growth of muscles or bulking, but if you don’t have sufficient rest and retrieval period in between the training, then you might not fetch good results.

According to my own experience of working out and bulking, you should do maximum 4 to 5 times weight training in one week.

11/ Include multifarious movements

squat on machine

You must include the complex movements like curls, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and presses in your cardio workout.

Such activities not only help in your building the strength of the body but also let the discharge of additional testosterone which much needed for the clean bulking.

12/ Strictly follow the above rules

Do not overstress yourself thinking about the cardio while bulking.

You should strictly follow all the above rules without overlooking your primary goal.

I am sure all these things will surely give you desired result of the muscular body during the bulking.

Personal Training and Eating Schedule in a Day

You may also refer my training and eating schedule while I follow during the cardio while bulking.

  • The best time to do the cardio is in the morning time before the meals because at this time our body is in the mode of fat utilization. I like to do it early morning at 5:00 AM.
  • After the cardio, consume a healthy diet so that your metabolism of the body can remain up for the whole day. Don’t consume excessive calories. I have oatmeal or protein shake usually.
  • In the mid-morning, I eat a Roasted beef sandwich and skim milk for keeping up my levels of energy.
  • During the lunchtime, there is a right and balanced combination of the carbohydrates, calories, and protein in my diet for bulking during the cardio like, chicken breast.
  • In the evening, after consuming the protein shake, I again go back to the gym around 5 PM for doing weightlifting after coming back from work.
  • In the dinner, I have healthy meals early around 8 pm to avoid the unnecessary fat deposits. For example, steak, asparagus, and brown rice.

I follow the above schedule for whole week except Sunday. It keeps up my metabolism at the time of cardio. I do have some cheat meals also but in a limit.

All in all, you have to be very determined for achieving your bulking goals successfully along with the cardio.

Essential Tips to follow while cardio while bulking

Besides the above guide, there are few necessary and useful tips which I want to share with you. It will help you in refining your cardio at the time of bulking.

So, let’s begin the reading!

1/ If you want to have the excellent result of bulking without the fat gain, then you must do the cardio when you are the empty stomach.

2/ If you want to do the weightlifting and cardio together, then do them with the gap of 8 hours.

3/ You must begin the cardio with small duration and intensity, and later on, you can increase it. It will let you gain proper muscle without any loss.

4/ You can include the activities like rowing, running, walking, martial arts, etc. It will not let you feel bored, but also your body will not get habitual to it.


5/ Try to increase the intensity of the cardio as the time passes. You can begin with the short walk and then move onto the moderate and high-intensity cardio.

6/ Doing the lower intensity cardio helps you in improving the recovery amidst sessions. It increases the uptake of nutrient and blood flow in the muscles.

7/ After doing the lifting, you might perform the cardio but not before it. The reason behind this is that you get very less recovery time between the two and the optimum results will not attain.


In the end, I want to say that doing the cardio while bulking helps you a lot not only in gaining muscles but also for improving the nutrient partitioning, metabolic condition, optimizing recovery and keeping the control over the fat levels of the body.

You can go for the cardio and weight training with a gap of 8 hours.

But remember the intensity of the cardio will depend on your weight, body type, level of activity and enthusiasm.

I hope that after reading the above article, you now know the effective ways of doing the cardio while bulking.

If you still have any doubt in your mind then, please write to me in the below comment box.

I will surely reply back to you soon.

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