How To Get Big Muscles Fast Naturally Without Steroids

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How To Get Big Muscles Fast And Stronger ?

All of us who steps into a gym has that aspiration and eagerness to get big.

Guys treat a gym as their sanctuary, because of the benefits they get when workout.

But the question here is, how?

To help you understand the process, below is a list of how to get bigger.

Each method was made short, for you to easily understand.

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1/ Eat More

Combine training and calories it will lead to growth,” Sean Hyson said.

It is really that dry and cut. More food comes more muscle.

If you are to find the right food for you, click the link: Foods for an effective bulking.

2/ Power up your Protein Intake

Protein serves as the main building blocks of muscle as it breakdown to amino acids that gets converted or used to repair miniscule muscular damages that occurs when working out leaving a much stronger and larger muscle, this process of repairing the cells is called muscular hypertrophy.

It contributes to the recovery and rebuilding process.

Drink up to 1.5g of protein for every bodyweight pound.

Experts Suggest using Whey Protein after a workout helps get the nourishment fast when needed, usually called the window of opportunity.

Casein and other blend of proteins are best advised before taking a sleep as it has the ability of being digested in a time released manner.

But never substitute supplements for real foods which is still the best sources of protein (eg. Eggs, Meat, Fish, Poultry).

3/ Don’t Cut Carbs

Several studies pointed out all the benefits of protein in building muscle, however, some of the studies mentioned that carbohydrates are a good component to balance hormones and maximizes your weight gain after working out.

Just stay away with the junk sources and too much sugary carbs found on sodas, and other un healthy sources.

4/ Use Dumbbells

A strength coach named Andrew Sakhrani who is based in Montreal, proposes to use dumbbells more than barbells.

Why? “A dumbbell press opens up your chest and recruits more fiber into your muscle.” It also works for different exercises.

5/ Work your Back

It is much easier to concentrate on your chest and arms.

However, too much workout on those parts can lead you to injury and imbalances, but, most injuries can be prevented by doing several pulling and rowing workout.

6/ Sleep

When you’re asleep most of the growth hormones are released. Follow the eight hours sleeping time as your guideline.

7/ Pump the Volume up 

Bodybuilders which are named the biggest humans on earth, have an old method of training that withstood the trial of time.

They usually do five exercises for every body part.

They do 4 sets of about 8-12 reps, so the amount is about 200 reps for every body part.

8/ Go Heavy

Lifting heavy weights increases your testosterone levels on your body.

An expert said that if you use the heaviest load a gym have 5 sets and 2 reps, it would build more muscle in a short amount of time, and is highly recommended.

9/ Move with Multi joint Exercises 

The Basis of having a big and muscular body came from performing compound workouts and big lifts that are defined as motions which incorporates two or more muscle groups.

10/ Ease your workload 

Sometimes, the greatest way in increasing your muscular strength is to sit back for about 2 days, it gives your body the chance to recuperate and rebuild.

Decreasing the weight, adding the reps, and reduce the last sets.

By having a sequence of scaling back the workout routine I call it cycling, it allows your body to fully recover and get you ready for another session of hard workout.

11/ Change things up 

Though we follow routines, there is always a demand for variety.

Workouts should not only be a lifting challenge, variation and complexity are needed for each move to ensure that your body adjusts constantly.

12/ Work your legs 

Large powerlifting exercises like deadlifts and squats stimulates your body in releasing high testosterone levels which results in over-all body growth.

These two moves alone will add muscle everywhere.

The exercises mentioned have the capability of adding muscles everywhere.

13/ Use your Bodyweight 

Think of, Bruce Lee his muscles are not small and is ripped. Because he always thinks of the importance of bodybuilding.

14/ Train with a Partner 

Competing with others boosts your testosterone level and it makes your workout more.

You will also be trained harder, so find yourself a gym buddy now.

15/ Take Creatine 

There are a lot of benefits in taking creatine. It increases your muscle gain and is proven in almost all of the studies performed.

16/ Always Focus on Form

It sucks having an injury because it always kills your development or progress.

Watch your form strictly, so that you will build more weight and muscle and at the same time reducing the possibility of having an injury.

17/ Be Consistent

If you go to a gym for only once every week won’t make your muscles bigger.

You should decide on how many days you have to workout for a week then work hard, you will see your desired result quickly.

18/ Chill Out

Stress and tension stimulate your body by releasing a hormone called “cortisol” that promotes the breakdown of muscles.

Try practicing mental exercises and relax to keep all the stress away.

It will enlarge your muscle and it can improve your sense of wellness.

19/ Don’t Limit Yourself

If you are stuck in a certain weight and you just don’t feel sure that you can weigh from 215 to 225 only with bench presses, do not give up on it.

You just have to find a spotter who knows all the proper exercises for weight gain and just try it.

The worst case is that if you fail, however, the best scenario would be the fact that you have a PR.

20/ Find a Spotter

They always help you in getting an extra rep, they can even help you in keeping your form the proper way.

Those additional reps and proper form most probably lead to a successful muscle gain.

21/ Consult a Professional

There is a reason why trainers are fit and muscular, they certainly know what they are doing.

Search for a trainer that is educated and learn some moves from him.

22/ Find your zone

It is very important to have a positive mindset most importantly when you are in a gym.

Take your attention away from distraction to avoid not finishing an exercise.

23/ Be Intense

Being social, texting, and joking around may be great but not inside the gym.

Just focus on the exercises, because, it is why you’re in the gym.

24/ Warm up Properly

When you lift, consider having a war against the weights.

But, if you don’t prepare properly before that war you will not see a benefit at all.

You are likely to have an injury if you don’t warm up properly.

25/ Experiment

If you are to follow a program, you should be clear in giving it at least 5 weeks.

If the result is not as what you’ve expected, try something else do not be afraid.

Change the rest period, weight, and exercises.

Best Machines and Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

bodybuilder weight training get big muscles without steroids

Machines used in gyms have received some negative standing.

People consider gym machines to be ineffective: it is often compared to the old-fashioned compound exercises and weights.

Machines, however, can be in fact used in building muscle.

There are a certain place and time in performing machine exercises, they can also be utilized in combination with complex movements in gaining the maximum muscle mass.

Now, to be clear, nothing beats the compound movements for the best result.

Workouts that includes the overhead press, squat, deadlift, and bench press, heavy barbell curls and close grip bench presses as they do stimulate the release of natural testosterone and growth hormone.

After performing those exercises though, the dumbbells are the next muscle exercise option, because it provides the most benefits in your muscle development and growth by simply giving the focus and isolation but still you can go as heavy as you want which is really the key to growth.

Machines are successfully used to build and develop muscle growth in any situation.

The list includes, however, it has a limit in finishing movements and supersets.

Below is the list of the best exercises and machines that are available to supplement complex movements and is proven to help you gain weight.

1/ Leg Press

It is proven to be the best for leg movement exercise that is performed to develop your leg muscles because it overloads your quadriceps.

This exercise lets you perform extra sets and repetitions into your routine.

However, it cannot replace the squat, but the leg press exercise makes a great third or second movement after performing some squats.

a man is doing 45 Degree Leg Press

This machine can be loaded with a high amount of weight, but you have to be focused enough to ensure that there will be 0% muscle contraction.

Do not be like other gym partners that load about 22 plates into the machine, just to go down and up for only about an inch.

You’ll just look like a newly born calf after performing it.

2/ Hamstring Curl 

a man is doing hamstring curls exercise

It provides the additional set in the 12-15 reps range if you are to constantly perform leg movements.

It can also be performed when you’re done your deadlift and squat exercise.

Again you should focus on your muscle contraction.

You should try to squeeze the weight quickly then slowly release it downwards.

Hamstrings could possibly be the hardest muscle group to target, you have to ensure that you are concentrating on using your muscle to mind connection.

3/ Seated Row or Low-Row 

a man is doing seated cable row exercise

It is perhaps the best exercise for your back that you can perform.

This exercise is great for maximizing your back’s thickness development and width.

There are various modifications that are available for the seated row exercise.

You can utilize either the wide grip or close grip, but, it depends on what back muscle part you are trying to target.

Just make sure that you make this exercise one of your main movements for your workout routine.

4/ Hammer Strength Machine 

Though this machine does not exist in every gym, however, there are chances that you may find this kind of machine in local and major gyms.

This machine focuses on overloading your back and chest movements.

It also targets specific parts which are your lower chest and upper chest, and that’s the nicest part of this machine.

And also, this machine can normally be loaded with a greater amount of weight than the bench press.

And it will also help in achieving the ideal muscle growth for you.

5/ Leg Extension 

a man is doing leg extension exercise

This exercise are fondly known as the knee snaps, it is quite known to be a great finisher for leg movements.

It helps you in achieving your most desirable definition in your quadriceps.

When you are to perform this exercise you have to ensure that you must not totally lock your knees.

As an alternative, concentrate to maintain the constant strain on your quads and stay on higher repetition range.

It belongs to the movement groups where it won’t hurt you if you go for about 15 repetition range.

6/ Hack Squat 

a man is doing hack squat exercise

A hack squat is similar to leg press exercise because of the point that it also works on your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

The dissimilarity is that a hack squat is performed while you’re standing.

The machine’s lower part has a steel platform and is angled, and it has a padded support on the top where you’ll push your shoulders on.

When performing the exercise, hold the handles and bend your knee for you to able to take your body down and stand up.

You can adjust the resistance simply by putting weights to the supports located at both sides of this machine.

7/ Lat Pulldown 

a man is doing lat pulldown exercise

This kind of exercise is often said as underrated movements because it provides additional repetition for your lats.

Like another machine, it should be properly used for you to achieve all the results that you desire.

Usually, you see individuals load up some weight that are somewhat heavier than what they can lift.

But instead of thriving on their muscles, they always end up utilizing their biceps and shoulder excessively.

8/ Preacher Machine 

a man is doing preacher curls machine

This machine allows you in isolating your muscles in your bicep.

Is can be hard sometimes if you’re using a standard dumbbell.

When you place your arms into the pads, the machine will concentrate entirely on your biceps.

So you have to ensure that you will constrict your biceps when you’re at the uppermost movement for 1 second.

It helps in giving you the needed blood flow or even better blood pump.

9/ Seated Calf Elevation 

a man is doing Seated Calf exercise

The calves are possibly your least favorite group of muscle to train. It is difficult to develop.

This exercise is a type of movement that allows you to load your calves muscle and the chance to pack more size.

When you are at the uppermost movement, you should hold onto your calf muscles then squeeze it for about 2 seconds for an added burn.

It can be executed with about 20 repetitions.

It can benefit your calf muscle to increase its overall size.

Frequency is important for your calf development, so when you perform for about 2 to 3 times every week, it will help your calf muscle develop quickly.

10/ Standing Calf Elevation 

a man is doing standing calf elevation exercise

Almost the same with the seated version, however, you must perform your exercises in a standing position.

This machine mainly targets your gastrocnemius that is located at the back and below your knee.

It also has a platform where you can place the ball off of your feet, there are also handles and shoulder supports are located on both sides.

It is performed by lifting your heels at a high position then slowly lower your legs down.

You can also change the weight of the resistance by sliding some weight into the machine.

11/ Lateral Raise 

a man is doing Lateral Raise exercise

This machine is alternatively used like dumbbell raises, or even as part of your superset movements that needs lateral movements.

While executing repetitions on this machine, it concentrates on to bring both sides of your arm into your shoulder level.

You should hold onto this position, and then lower the weight of your back downwards on your side.

This machine can help you in achieving the look that all bodybuilders are dreaming of.

12/ Lying Leg Curls 

It is an isolation machine, this workout will work on the hamstrings and gluteus giving you that thick lower development look especially when doing a side chest pose.

You can change the weight by adding a pin to the stack of weights.

In performing this exercise, you must fix your feet below the support then curl it upwards till you achieved a proper lock out.

You have an option on what to work on first if it is both or one leg for a given time.

13/ Smith Machine 

It is developed by LaLanne and is improved upon succeeding experts in fitness, this machine is vertical and a steel apparatus which supports the barbell.

Because it gives you the freedom to lock and adjust the barbell along the bars, you won’t need a spotter for this machine. It is used in performing squats.

However, the drawback will be its high amount of weight and poor form which can cause back injury.

14/ Deadlift

It focuses you to lift a dead weight up to your hips without the use of momentum which assists the whole weight on the way up.

Powerlifters include this exercise on the big three which includes the bench press, squats, and deadlift.

They use this machine in promoting muscle growth into their posterior chain.

It primarily develops your hamstrings.

But, it’s a complete and compound exercise that requires your muscle to activate the core, arms, hamstrings, glutes, and back.

15/ Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This exercise develops the entire group of muscle on your shoulder.

The dumbbells allow you to freely move the barbell.

With a greater freedom of your movement, it increases your shoulder muscle to activate and also be useful for individuals with shoulder pain or injury as the dumbbells inflict a lesser stress on your shoulder.

Gym Machines for Bonus Gains

Add in some gym machine movements into your workout routines.

This will help expedite your overall physique progress, providing superlative muscle growth.

These machines shouldn’t be used extensively if you are trying to build your muscle.

However, when it is used in combination with some compound movements, it will help you in providing extra stimulus used to maximize your muscle hypertrophy.

How can you achieve it?

Start a workout or exercise anytime when you are free. Perform a light cardio exercise to bring the rate of your heart into normal.

Researchers suggest that extending sweat session for about 5 to 10 minutes of aerobic activity will help clear your metabolic by-products which are the cause of lifting, and it also means that you will be ready on your incoming workout faster.

You should spend a minute working on a foam roller when you’ve done cooling down.

You will experience a lesser soreness on your muscles that is the result of a lesser post-workout.

Recovering or recharging does not only help in restoring your physical strength, but it also refreshes your concentration on your workout as well, and that you will be ready to exert your maximum effort in every workout session.

That is the plan: consistency is the key to a successful workout.

In achieving your goals using only a short period of time requires a diligent tracking of your body mass or weight, training, diet, cardio, and make all of the necessary modifications for you to make sure that you are going on the right track.


If you really want to effectively make your muscle groups bigger, you should follow all instructions listed above.

It will help in guiding you to do your workouts properly and help you achieve the growth that you have ever wanted.

Also, consider the use of machines if it’s available at your club for faster muscle development and growth.

Cycling your workouts with heavy and high intensity once or twice every two weeks coupled with a high repetition low-intensity workout seems to work best as this gives you ample time to recover from every heavy training session.

Learn to listen to your body and keep the focus! Enjoy!…

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