How Many Squats Should You Do A Day To See Results ?

How Many Squats Should I Do A Day?

The Squat is one of the most important basic compound movement exercises, that a lifter should never neglect.

Not only it hits the whole leg muscle and lower back it gives you the amazing definition and size of your thighs.

Squats is believed to be responsible for releasing growth hormones that induce hypertrophy and boost testosterone production so if you want to have a total package this king is a must.

The squat is easy to perform, it can also help in defining your total lower body.

It is an exercise which is simple but gives an individual a “complete workout”.

It’s why squat is being considered as a fully practical form workout that influences an individual’s health positively.

So as we grow older, our strength will slowly decrease, however, there is a way on how to sustain it and it is by doing a correct squat method.

Some call it the “king of all exercises” for a reason.

Squatting is a great way to work on your quads, glutes, hips, and hamstrings and as a plus, it can strengthen your core muscles.

Squats can help in improving your body’s coordination and balance, and also your bone density.

Plus, they are functional. I think that this is the right time to make those unwanted fats and have that perfect tone for your body.

In this article we will talk about “how many squats should you do a day?”.

How often should a Men and Women Squat?

There is always a question asked by many individuals, they normally ask “how many squats should I do a day?” Let me give you a simple answer:

For beginners, they should squat 3 Sets of 7 – 8 Reps a day and try to hit them at least 2 to 3 times in 2 weeks, then if you feel that it is getting easier for you, start squatting 3 sets of 8 – 10 Reps in your legs day till you get stronger and eventually you can hit up with 2 squats workout A week, you will see the changes in your body.

For more advanced athletes try to split and vary your squat routines, most would agree to hit your legs 2 times a week with low intensity and high volume/reps workout and have a day of heavy high-intensity leg workouts coupled with other accessory legs workout.

However, when it comes to gender differences it does not have the same outcome.

Even if it is performed by men and women identically for less than a year they won’t have the same muscle development and tone equality.

You want to practice safely without injury. You must use STRAPS, WRAPS & SUPPORT.Click here.

Kinds of Squat

1/ Basic Squat

  • While standing you should get your feet separated and put your hands in front of you.

    Now slowly bend your knees while you are in the same position.

    Then try making your thighs in a parallel position.

    Remain in the same position for 5 seconds then stand up and straighten your legs.

    While bending your knees you should maintain the weight into your heels.

2/ Narrow Squat

a man is doing narrow squat exercise

  • Join your feet together while standing upright.

    While your hands are in front join it together and make a fist.

    Start lowering your body and bend your knees, while you keep your body in a stable position.

    Be sure that you should put all the weight on your heels.

3/ Back Kick Squat

  • Same as the Narrow Squat, however, while one of your legs is straightened on the floor your other leg should be in a back-kick position.

4/ Side Leg Squat

  • You should stand while your feet and shoulders are apart then bent your knees as you make your thighs in a parallel position.

    After doing this squat perform the basic squat then repeat this routine over and over.

5/ Sumo Squat

a man is doing sumo squats exercise

  • Stand while your feet are separated and your toes should face away then join your hands together in your chest. Your thighs should be in a parallel position.

6/ Bodyweight Squat

  • Stand with your feet wider than your shoulder’s width, and stack your hips on your knees, and your knees over your ankles.

7/ Goblet Squat

a man is doing goblet squat exercise

  • Hold a dumbbell as you bend your knees and dropping into a squat position going down and up.

    This kind of squat is great for beginners since it keeps you leaning forward.

Health Benefits of Doing a Squat

1/ Increase Entire Body Strength & Muscle

Doing squats can help you build strong leg muscles that can support your whole body.

If you are performing a squat correctly, it will cause the whole body to release growth hormone and testosterone, which are great in increasing and building muscle mass, mainly if work on the other areas of your body.


 2/ Burn Fat 

Squats are way more efficient in burning fats than running for 5 miles.

After all, the only way to burn fats or calories are gaining muscles, it is said that 1 pound of muscle can burn 50 calories a day.

So, gaining about 20 lbs. of muscle a day, it means that you are burning 1000 calories every day.

3/ Improve Circulation

If you have experienced a numbness in your leg it is caused by poor blood circulation.

Performing squats daily can make your heart pump blood properly and all those numbness feeling will disappear.

4/ Get Rid of Cellulite

Having a poor blood circulation can cause cellulite.

However, if you increase the flow of your blood by performing squats, it will decrease and soon disappear.

5/ Increase Flexibility & Prevent Injuries

Being flexible is a very important facet in preventing an injury and it should be considered as a workout plan.

Doing squats every day makes you be more flexible because it involves stretching and bending of your muscles such as the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

6/ Build Core Strength

Joints, bones, and muscles that are linked to your lower and upper body are called the “core”.

It is the most vital muscle in your body and it is the area that you should work on in performing an exercise.

The squat is an essential way in building a strong core as it is engaged in working on your lower back and stomach muscles.

When you have strong core muscles, you will see the difference in your athletic ability, and your everyday tasks will be easy for you.

7/ Tone Your Abs, Legs and Butt

By performing this simple exercise it can tone your butt, legs, and abs the way you want it to be.

If you want to increase the tone of your body you must try the deep squat it increases your body tone to 25%.

8/ A Low Impact Exercise

Most exercises can mess with your knees, ankles, and back, however, doing a squat have an opposite effect.

It is proven that performing a squat exercise won’t cause any serious damage to your knees if it is done correctly, and it can strengthen your knees even.

9/ Remove Bodily Waste

Performing squat exercise can help you remove waste from your body while giving nutrition to your tissues, glands, and organs.

10/ Build Healthy Bones and Joints

Physical activities are important to build stronger joints and bones.

Squatting with a barbell or dumbbell can help you build stronger bones.

11/ Maintain Mobility and Balance

Strong legs are very important in moving, walking, and running.

The squat is a great way to guarantee to maintain your strength as you age.

It can build muscles and strength in your leg, help the joints and bones, and support your core muscles.

12/ Make Daily Tasks Easier

Squats are considered to be the most functional exercise.

Think about how many squats you can do in a day, it slowly builds your body strength without you even noticing.

13/ Better Libido for Men

The squat can be a remedy or cure if your libido is lagging.

Not only it increases the production of testosterone, it also increases the blood flow to men’s genitalia.

14/ Run Like The Wind

By performing squats a day it can increase your speed in running according to some research.

Those who excel in short distance tends to have a bigger leg muscle because running applies force to the ground.

15/ Jump Higher

It can also help you to jump higher, sprint faster according to a research back in 2003.

16/ Squat For Free!

You don’t need any equipment in performing a squat exercise, all that you need is a place to squat, the knowledge on how to perform it, and you also need to remember the tips and warnings in doing a squat.

If you want to intensify your squat workout you can fill a bottle with water and use it as an improvised dumbbell.

17/ You Can Squat Anywhere

You can lessen your expenses in going to a gym to workout when you can work out in the comfort of your home.

18/ Improves Mobility in Ankles and Hips

The weighted squat is the most efficient way if you are to increase the motion and range of your hips, which can help you to reduce knee and back pain.

It is the most effective and safest way in improving your mobility without hurting your joints.

19/ Strengthen and Tone the Core

Performing squats challenges your core in stabilizing your body, a solid core can also help in preventing injuries.

20/ Get Major Definition in your Legs and Butt

Squat exercises target your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

The squat’s basic movements are the fastest way in building lean muscles, that can result in a toned, and tight limbs.

How to Execute a Squat Correctly

For this exercise, you must know how to properly execute a squat exercise if you are to prevent yourself from damaging your joints and bones.

In performing a proper squat you should follow the instructions below:

  • Stand while your shoulder and feet are apart, and your toes should face forward.
  • Place your hand properly on your thigh, lift your chest high, and gaze upwards.
  • Place your weight on your heels while bending your knees, and just sit back.
  • Keep your chest and head in an upright position, your hands should be on your thighs, and it should end where your elbow can reach your knee.
  • Hold it for about 5 seconds
  • Then rise up, while pressing through your heels, then straighten your hips till you are in starting position.
  • You should repeat this exercise for about 18 to 20 times for beginners, and 3 times a week for intermediate learners.

Start with 2 to 5 sets each with 10 squats, then add some reps as you are getting used to it.

At first, it may seem awkward, so do not expect that you can master it right away, it is simpler as it looks but it requires proper training and guidance.

Warnings and Tips for Squats

Even if a variation of the squat is great informing your butt, injuries can occur if you won’t be careful.

Here is the list of tips and precautions which may help you on how to execute a squat exercise right and safe to prevent any injuries.

  • It is necessary to hinge your hips if you are to get down to do a squat.
    It will help to take the pressure out on your knees, and you will be able to move your butt in a back position.
    And it will help in putting the weight on your heels to give you a deeper and better squat.
  • You should prevent looking downwards and round your neck if you are in a squat position in which you are using some weights.
    It is important because it can break the position of your spine and initiate serious injury.
  • If you are to execute a squat exercise you should check that your chest is out or else it will ruin the alignment of your spine.
  • You should breathe in a proper way, and also take some deep breaths.
    It is a tough workout, so it is needed for you to breathe.
  • The deepness of the squat should rest on the flexibility of your hips.
  • You should warm up and do a squat before you add some weights.
  • Stop the exercise if you feel any pain.
  • It is important that you should keep your feet on the floor when you are squatting.
  • Your squat should at least hit a parallel position, where the joint of your hip goes under the knee.
  • You should keep your knees tracked with your toe.
  • Look straight in front the entire workout.


If you want to gain that size and definition you always dreamed off, never ever skip squats.

The natural boost in growth hormone and release of testosterone followed by heavy squats alone should indicate that you try to make sure this exercise is always included in your legs days.

Just remember to try to squat safely, use a power rack or even with a smith machine, if you don’t have one try to use weights that you can push your muscle enough but not having the risk of injury.

Try to train with a partner.

Going hard and progressive in your workout in the gym is only a part of the equation, you should also keep in check your nutrition and most importantly always get the right amount of sleep.

If one is feeling fatigue all the time take a week off or two, you’ll be amazed how strong you can get when you rest your muscles right.

Enjoy And Hit That Legs With Squats Now!!!