Why Am I Losing Weight But Not Inches?

Can a Person Lose Weight Without Losing an Inch?

Comparing your loss of weight to your loss of size or inches is not possible to be equalized.

If you are to keep an exercise or diet program you might be “losing weight but not inches,” or even the opposite way, losing inches and not weight.

If you keep living a healthy way of life, it is completely possible for you to lose weight.

By the time you see your weight on a scale, you’ll be happy to see you the result of your weight loss program.

However, by the time you size up yourself, you might not see some changes in your measurement.

And then you start to ask yourself “why am I losing weight but not inches.”

Water is the very first element that you will when you are on diet. It depends on your preservation when you might notice less or more inches were lost.

Then after that, you’ll start to lose fat, and eventually. You will lose some muscle mass that is to be avoided.

If you consume an ideal amount of protein each day. You’ll be losing some body fat and that will be shown on the weight scale.

However, you won’t lose even an inch on your size. So this is what I call “losing weight but not inches.”

Why lose weight without losing an inch

notebook and tape measure for weight loss plan

Do you not know the reason why you have lost some weight without a corresponding reduction in your waistline when the one that you require to lose is the size of your waist?

Your weight and your inches might vary during the day.

If you drank or consume more. You’ll have a so-called distended abdomen that will show extra inches on your measurements.

And also maintaining water in your body can display more inches on your body.

If you are experiencing to lose weight and not losing inches. The very best thing you’ll have to do is don’t give up.

People have different ways to lose weight. But if you will be determined enough to continue your exercise program and healthy diet, those unwanted inches on your waist will eventually come off.

You should choose satisfying foods that contain a low amount of calories, and divide them into small servings during the day so that you won’t be starved.

If you’re still not fulfilled and you require to see faster results to lose weight without losing an inch.

You must try to talk to a doctor or specialist that can prescribe you the best workout and diet plan that will suit you in which it targets all of the areas that you really want to lose some inches on.

So choose a specialist which can help you do some workout and diet planning.

Reasons why you’re losing weight but not inches

When individuals are trying to get a better a shape, a lot of people use their weight to see their progress.

Measurements like BMI (Body Mass Index) that tests your weight and height measurement, are not really an exact progress instrument, according to a medical professor who is Prof. Rexford Ahima from a university in Pennsylvania.

A much more exact way in determining the measurement of your body is through your body fat level.

However, there will be a case that. Although the scales show a progress in dropping down, the fat on your body won’t go down.

You are dropping your Water Weight

It’s possible that you can lose water weight, thus the scale seems to drop.

But there is no visible fat loss progress.

It can happen if you are to start a low-carb diet weight loss program. When you consume a high amount of carbohydrates.

The stores of your liver glycogen and muscles will go up and it boosts the quantity of water that you can carry.

If you stop consuming carbohydrates, you will lose glycogen in which you’ll drop some water and lose some weight quickly without really losing any body fat.

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You are Losing Muscle

man is angry because losing muscle

Individuals who are on a diet with low calorie are very prone to lose muscle mass.

As you surely do not want to have a shape or look similar to a bodybuilder.

Your muscle is quite very important because it helps to retain your metabolism and keep it going.

When you drop your caloric intake for about 1,200 each day you will be at risk of losing some of your muscle mass.

Furthermore, when you lose muscle mass on a diet it will result in an increase in your body fat when you stop your diet.

Two Kinds of Body Fat

You might be dropping some fat, however, you are not noticing anything.

Based on the research conducted by the Medical School in Harvard University, there are 2 types of body fat: subcutaneous and visceral.

The subcutaneous body fat lies beneath your skin and it is visible.

Whereas the visceral body fat lies fairly deeper and it surrounds your organ.

You might be in your early stage in losing weight and you certainly have lost several visceral body fats, except you have not lost that much subcutaneous fat.

However, it still has its beneficial factors.

Because if you lose an ideal amount of those fats you might decrease the risk of you having diabetes and heart disease.

Gears of the Job

The equipment’s that you will use in order to examine your fat might not give you the result you want.

Methods such as handheld fat measures will be extremely not accurate. Even methods like fat caliper test can possibly be off target by a bit. If you are just about to start on your diet plan.

It will be very hard to see some visual development to start with.

Your very best wager is to utilize various types of measures like thigh, chest, hip measurement, and recording waist, take development photos, and weighing yourself, and trying a professional fat test once every 3 to 6 weeks.

It will be mind-boggling, how an individual can lose weight. Yet sustain the same measurement or size? Except if you’re on a so-called “helium diet,” below are some of the suspicions.

  • Measurement errors. The measurement of your body involves bioimpedance reader, calipers, tape measures, and weight scale are somewhat inaccurate.

    The weight of your body moves down and up during the day, sometimes several kilograms and pounds.

    The foods you consume, the quantity of liquid you can preserve and how often your stomach expands following your mealtime can alter your measurements.

    In some cases of measuring tape and fold skin calipers. A minor dissimilarity in placement will alter the reading.
  • Measurements must be taken from your body’s multiple parts.

    Normally it involves your neck, calf, upper arm, shoulder, chest, thigh, and your waistline.

    If you will only measure your waistline, you have to remember that your waistline is usually the slowest part in reducing the size of your body.
  • Losing normally happens before losing size, however, the quantity of each will not be equivalent or exactly proportionate.

    Weight loss usually means that you have lost some muscle, water, and fat.

    The objective is, of course, to lose some fat, sustain, and develop your muscle.
  • If you lose some fat that has a lesser dense than your muscle, you will lose your bulk.
    If you lose some muscle, you will still lose some weight. However, you will lose lesser size.
  • Your body is a saver. Throughout an endurance based workout or exercise, your body will burn the glycogen that your muscles have stored.

    The further you train the further your body develops tightfisted with your glycogen expenditure, if you get better in refueling it you will become more efficient bio-mechanically.

    Thus expending lesser overall energy. So, you lose lesser body fat.
  • With the help of resistance exercise, and various workouts like CrossFit workout, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.

    You will be able to utilize all parts of your muscle, and that your body will spend glycogen freely.

How to drop weight quick with exercise

a man is exercising

Can extensive weight loss plans detract you? Have you ever wished to quickly lose some weight in the healthiest way possible?

If you are wanting to lose some weight and sick of unhealthy diets.

You’ll just have to keep reading this article because it is all about losing weight in a healthy way.

Workouts and exercises can possibly give you satisfying results if it’s paired with motivation and consistency.

Theoretically speaking, if you are to burn about 500 or extra calories than the total calorie you consume every day. You would lose about 1 to 2 lbs. a week.

If exercises or workouts does not give you instant results on the weighing scale, do not worry; you should lose weight in terms of inches.

Exercising is essential for your body that to answer the question like “How to drop weight quick with exercise” isn’t that tough at all.

Running/ Jogging/ Walking

a man is jogging

For beginners, walking can be an essential exercise because it does not need any tools or equipment’s and it can be done by anyone.

The total of calories that will be burnt through walking will vary on how heavy or light you are in average.

If an individual walks for about 4 to 5 miles/hour he/she will burn about 225 to 360 calories for only 45 minutes.

Gather all of your willpower and find yourself a partner or grab an earphone and iPod, and just go walk around either in the park or in your neighborhood.

Jogging is a higher step of walking. You won’t have to take time to learn how to do it, and it focuses to shape your body in an incredibly aerobic type of fashion.

While you are jogging, an active movement of your hip joint, knee, and shoulder is included.

It helps you to tuck in your bumping belly because it strengthens your abdominal muscles.

Try setting up a schedule for jogging, because jogging erratically will not give you that much benefit.

You have to at least go jogging for about 20 minutes daily. Start slow and after consistency and practice you can eventually increase your jogging speed.

Running might literally be the best exercise as it can be fast and you can burn more calories in your body unlike the said exercises above.

If you possess the stamina in running for about 45 minutes, you are in luck because you will burn out more or less 600 calories.

And you should always keep in mind to use a decent pair of running shoes to prevent your joint from any risk or damages.

If you do not have that kind of stamina, you should begin with a walk. Then jog if you feel that you have developed your stamina, then that is the time for you to start running.

But, you can likewise perform running exercises in bursts. Actually, it has been performed by most of the athletes. Burst running can last for about 30 sec. to 2 mins. at the highest speed.


people workout hiit in gym

If you need to increase your weight loss to about 3 to 4 pounds every week, you must add an extra 20 minute HIIT session for a span of 3 days every week.

It will be a very serious task because it really is about losing weight without losing an inch.

Based on the training name, it states that you will have to push yourself to the limit.

These sessions are similar to 20 minutes of swimming, skipping, weight-lifting, elliptical training, running, cycling, and biking.

For this term, you will have to be patient and steady because those people who have a low capacity in aerobic will struggle because of the session’s difficulty level.

Commercial workout on Television

It might be an ideal way for you to lose some weight at home because when a workout commercial pops out between every TV series.

You’ll just have to stand up from the couch and perform the exercises that will be shown on the commercial.

So if you’re just starting with this exercise, you should start with basic stretching, lie straight and tuck your tummy by holding out your breath erratically.

If you possess a strengthened muscle, you must perform core exercises such as sit-ups, planks, and crunches.

Lastly, if you’re an expert or professional you should do some Pilates, squats, and push-ups.

Tips on How to drop weight safely

a woman is measuring her waist

How to drop some weight quickly and safely has become the major concern of individuals these days.

Among several problems, teenagers nowadays mostly face some major weight problems.

If you’re fat at your young age, then you might need to drop some weight soon because at your age it will become the foundation of your looks in the future.

Teenage is without a doubt the specific age where an individual becomes more conscious about their looks.

That is why if they decide to drop some weight. Then they’ll surely stick with the tips on how to do it.


Just how can I lose some weight as soon as possible?

Though numerous treatments for weight loss are available anywhere.

They cost too much and does not guarantee you the result you want not to mention it is a risky treatment.

What most people do is to begin taking some medicines and follow unsuitable diets that can end up with harmful effects on your health and body.

Although it seems like you’re dropping some weight and eventually you start quitting your diet and stop taking medicines. Then you’ll end up obtaining more fat.


  • Before starting a diet plan to lose weight, one important thing that you need to contemplate is to consult a doctor or physician.

    Tell him/her about your program for losing weight and let the doctor decide if it’s good or not for you.

    Your doctor could make some unexpected changes in your plan for weight loss so always consider what your doctor says and instruct you to do because it is for your own health.
  • Teenagers must ask their guardians or parents to motivate and support them throughout the process to lose weight.

    If you are a teenager and follow the diet and workouts shown on the television or the internet.

    You could make things severer for you and your health.

    So, always give an update on your family so that your family will support and motivate you on your journey to properly lose some weight.
  • If you are going to be approaching your diet plan then it’s always suggested for you not to till you famish.

    You should only diet bit by bit. It will develop your body to be familiar with all of the changes and that no harm is created.
  • When your stomach is full, just stop consuming. Do not overeat because you saw your most favorite food.

    When you’re depressed, stressed, or bored, do not consume anything.

    You should also try to avoid consuming unhealthy and starchy foods because they have a high amount of calorie.

The tips given above are not only for teenagers; grownups can also try to follow the instructions and safely lose some weight in a healthy way.

Effort and perseverance in performing this tips can certainly be a big help for you to succeed in losing weight.

Instructions for a Healthy Weight Loss

If you are to focus on losing weight alone, it causes the main drawback:

It will encourage you in performing a fast weight loss program and it will recourse to extreme measure to visualize outcomes on a weight scale, even though those tactics means that you will look unhealthy when you have reached your goal.

When you are losing some weight, you must perform gentler weight loss normally about one to two pounds every week and always avoid starvation and fad diets.

Because it will push your body in consuming muscle tissue. Increasing your risk for weight obesity.

You must involve some strength exercises in your workout routine for you to maintain your muscle mass that sustains your metabolism to work and you will avoid the risk of “normal weight obesity” when you have reached your goal.

Workouts that work on your largest muscle groups like lunges, rows, deadlifts, squats, and pushups can tone and strengthen all of your muscle groups all at once for you to be more efficient in working on all your muscle groups.

If you are not sure where to start, get some assistance from a professional trainer.

Who will create a fitness program suited for you.

Can you maintain your size but lose weight?

apple and tape measure to maintain weight loss

If you’ve only lost about 2 pounds of body fat. That quantity of weight might not be noticeable through the measurement of your body.

You should make sure that you’ll get your body measurements at least once every one to two months.

If you have lost some of your water weight similarly to your fat weight. Then that might not change any of your body parts measurements that much.

Have you ever noticed that you might be losing body fat from your body’s different parts but not your waist?

It might be coming off from your chest, or your thighs.

Where your body fat mainly lost from and losing it is heritably determined, and the part where you want it to come out to (your waist) will be the last part it will come out of.

In the end, if you’re losing some body fat weight. The circumference of your body will go down when you least expect it to happen.


As seen above, there are many ways to lose weight but not an inch on your size.

Just follow the tips and instructions on how to successfully do it without risking your health.

Some exercises and workouts were given to help in losing weight but not inches.

But, the most important thing in doing so is that you have to possess the strength, and courage required in overcoming the obstacles you might face in your journey to lose weight.