Does Losing Weight Make You Taller ?

Grow Taller by Losing Weight

Having a shapely and tall figure absolutely has its benefits.

It does not only increases your confidence and self-esteem but it also makes you appealing in your attire.

However, for several people. The hormones for growth does not seem to work effectively and essentially while some people seem like they have an unexpected growth spurt.

The truth is, a person’s height is determined by his/her genetics, and it’s believed that an individual will stop in growing when they reach 18 years old.

However, there are a variety of other factors which greatly influences growth and an individual will still be able to grow about several inches taller when they reach their puberty stage by pursuing a healthy way of life.

Consuming nutritious foods, and exercise which utilizes stretching in their everyday routine.

Does losing weight make you taller? Eating vegetables and fruits in losing weight is very well known.

But vegetables and fruits can also aid you in increasing your height.

If you are only a several pounds overweight. Your height will not make any difference by only dropping those pounds. Though some exercises might possibly do it.

The improved stance gained from functional and regular exercise will make you appear as if you have grown a lot.

That being said, the whole game changes when you are proven to be clinically obese – then.

Yes, dropping a substantial amount of body weight will leave you to stand a bit taller in several methods than one.

Science Says That…

The greatest scientific evidence in gaining height after you lose weight originates from a research conducted by an Israeli neurosurgeon named ZviLidar along with his associates.

Published in the year 2012, the research was projected to document some changes in a human’s intervertebral disc altitude after reducing the weight of some morosely obese patients.

ZviLidar and his associates have noticed the increase of 2 millimeters in only one disc, among the fifth and fourth lumbar vertebrae.

Foods that can help you in your Diet and Increases your Height

Given that a person’s height is truly verified by the person’s genetics.

Other conservational factors like foods and diet can also influence a person’s height.

Consuming a healthy food and diet that are rich in dairy and poultry products, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can provide all of the important nutrients such as proteins and phosphorus, Vitamin C, manganese, zinc, potassium, and calcium which are essential for stimulating a person’s growth hormone and suddenly increases height.

1/ Banana

This fruit is often being ignored by health-conscious individuals and weight watchers because this type of fruit is generally associated to gain weight.

But in realism, there are countless health benefits in which a banana can provide.

A recipe for hair mask made with banana is very popular in conditioning hair and it’s also a remarkable fruit used to increase height.

Bananas are rich in healthy probiotic microorganisms, calcium, manganese, and potassium which are the type of minerals that an individual need to help in increasing height in a variety of ways.

Bananas have a rich source of potassium that can prevent a person’s teeth and bones to weaken, and it can also neutralize the harmful effects of sodium that can be found in your bones.

It will also help in retaining the focus of calcium in your bones.

A banana contains manganese to improve metabolism and bone health, and the healthy probiotic bacteria will absorb the calcium from what you consume.

Thereby it promotes healthier bones.

It also contains calcium to prevent the thinning or weakening of your bones and it helps in developing stronger bones.

2/ Green Leafy Vegetable

lake of fiber

Green leafy vegetables are considered as the best food in boosting height, in which it contains several essential minerals such as dietary fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals needed in stimulating your growth hormones that can help in increasing your height.

Okra, Brussels sprouts, peas, broccoli, collard greens, and spinach are the vegetables in which you must consume in order to increase and boost your height.

3/ Seeds and Nuts


Seeds and nuts do not only make your mouth water.

They can also help you in boosting your height effectively and essentially.

Seeds such as flax seeds and pumpkin seeds and nuts such as almonds and peanuts contain important minerals needed for your body.

Amino acids and healthy fats that can help in reconstructing body and muscle tissues and stimulate the development of new body and muscle tissues.

Nutrients that can be found in seeds and nuts optimizes growth by increasing your growth hormones inside your body.

So, delight in a few seeds and nuts next time that you crave for a snack.

You can also mix them into your yogurt, salads, and smoothies for a crunchier treat.

4/ Chicken


If you are to try increasing your height quickly when you reach 25 years old, then chicken might be the best food choice that you can think of.

Chicken is a rich source of natural protein that can help in developing muscles and tissues.

A person who will try to boost and increase his or her height should eat at least about 50g of chicken daily so that he or she will load up some high-quality proteins.

5/ Eggs

egg omelet

The chart of foods in increasing and boosting height will not be complete without including eggs.

An egg is an easily available and cheap source of protein which is essential for optimal growth.

An egg is a potent source of Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, Calcium, and Vitamin D, all of the given nutrients can greatly help in developing a healthy lifestyle and stronger bones.

If you do not want to fill up with fats then you’ll have to consume the colorless albumin that contains 100% protein.

It’s recommended to eat 3 – 6 egg whites every day.

6/ Dairy Products

To boost and increase your height nothing beats dairy products and milk.

Dairy products and milk such as yogurt, paneer, and cheese are essential for growth since all of them contain all of the ideal nutrients needed to increase height like Vitamins E, D, B, and A, proteins, and calcium.

Calcium is ideal for maintenance and growth of strong and healthy bones where Vitamin D can be important for calcium absorption in your body from a variety of foods.

Thus, it’s highly recommended to drink about 2 glass of milk every day and involve dairy products into your diet daily.

7/ Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a lot like soybean. It’s a remarkable vegetarian protein source which is tremendously important to boost muscle mass and increase your height.

Foods rich in protein like oatmeal can help in reconstructing tissues and bones, and it can also stimulate the formation of new body and muscle tissues.

In foods with a high-protein content are needed for optimal development and functioning of your body.

Therefore, if a person is trying to boost or increase his/her height must include 50g of oatmeal into their breakfast every day.

Recipes of oatmeal for height increase and weight loss are easy and quick to make.

8/ Soy Bean

soy beans

Soybean is nonetheless is another food full of nutrients which provides an increase in your height if consumed daily.

Soybeans are rich in carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, folate, and proteins that mark it a thorough food to further improve your overall health.

Proteins that are present in soybeans can also improve tissue density and mass and your bone which is required to increase your height.

You must try and consume 50 – 55g of soybeans daily. You can involve boiled or baked soybeans into your recipes, rice, and salad.

Other soybean products such as tofu and soy milk can give you the same amount of nutrients that your body needs.

9/ Ashwagandha

This isn’t actually a food, it is a natural herb remedy to increase height.

WithaniaSomniferais Ashwagandha’s scientific term, and it’s generally known as an Indian Ginseng.

The broad series of minerals that are present in ashwagandha can help in lengthening the bones in your body and it also influences the HCG or “human growth hormone” in an unintended manner that is accountable for the development in your height.

You are able to buy ashwagandha at herbal stores.

Exercises that are Effective in Increasing your Height

Though the growth in your height may be dependent on your age.

There is an aspecific stretching exercise in which you can enhance your height and boost your muscle length even after you reach puberty.

Exercises for muscle stretching can be considered a pre-contraction, dynamic, and static stretches. Below are some exercises for a functional increase in height.

1/ Swimming

If we talk about exercises to increase height. Nothing beats all of the benefits that swimming can offer.

It’s a low-impact, refreshing, and simple cardio exercise in which it stretches all the parts of your body and it helps in boosting your height.

It’s also considered as the greatest cardio exercise in losing weight.

5 hours of swimming each week can give substantial result in making you taller.

However, if you’re just new to the exercise, then it’s best for you to learn from qualified swimming coaches.

Swimming will target your muscles of your upper hips and body and your torso. You may sense some stress and strain from the beginning.

However, that sore feeling you might experience will disappear soon.

2/ Hanging Exercise


It is a fun and simple exercise to increase your height which shows quick results.

This type of exercise can be performed almost everywhere, and they offer an immense challenge to your body.

It may be tough as a starter, but with proper practice. You will be able to perform it effortlessly.


3/ Jumping Exercise

Doing a jumping exercise might be the greatest way to boosting your height effectively.

During your jumping exercise. Your calf muscle and spine will experience stretching because of the strong lifting of your feet off the ground.

This exercise can also increase your supply of blood to your bones and it increases the density of your bone, and it promotes your hormones for growth.


4/ Standing Toe Touch


It is the most effective and easiest exercise in increasing your height.

It boosts the elasticity of your bones and muscles, and it straightens your spine that can help in increasing your height.

You might encounter some difficulty and resistance in performing the initial stretches. However, with time you’ll be capable of performing them with flawlessness.

5/ Cow and Cat Stretch

Cow and Cat Stretch

One of all the best methods for increasing your height naturally is to do stretches.

This exercise is not only great for warm-ups before you perform an exercise.

But they can also aid in toning your body and increase your height.

The Cow and Cat Stretch might be a good exercise, to begin with.

Start your stance in all fours. Next arch your back inwards while breathing in and lifting your hips and head, and then arch your back outward in the direction of the ceiling when you are breathing out.

Draw your pelvis while lowering your head into this stance. Repeat it about 15 times in a row.

This kind of stretching exercise can help you to open up your spine and strengthen your arms, back, chest, and shoulders.

It’s also considered as a yoga move in relieving back pain.

6/ Pelvic Shift

Pelvic Shift

This exercise is an essential exercise for boosting and increasing your height and it stretches your lower hips and spine that is ideal for height boosting purposes.

It is without a doubt the easiest exercise that you can perform to grow taller.

Lie down on the ground with your arms and shoulder positioned on the ground.

Your feet placed and knees bent into the ground.

Lift your torso and hips up off of the ground by forcing your feet in the floor and create a straight route from your neck to your knees.

Stay in this stance for about 30 seconds.

Then take your hips lowered slowly into the floor. Repeat this workout for about 3 – 4 times.

It is the most power-packed exercise for your thighs, hips, and abdominals that can be done on a mat.

7/ Cobra Stretch

Cobra Stretch

This kind of stretching exercise is considered as an essential exercise in boosting your height.

It’s easy and simple to perform and it doesn’t give too much pressure in your body.

The simple purpose of this exercise is to stretch out your spine and elongate your body.

It does not only tone your muscles in your abdomen and your back but it also strengthens and stretches your cartilage that is in your spinal cord that helps to increase height.

On a mat lounge on your belly with both of your hands into the ground, underneath your shoulder, legs overextended behind and your toes merged together.

Now, push your torso while exhaling off the ground with some support in your arms then straighten your torso out as far as possible.

Remain in that position for about 30 seconds then return to your initial position by dropping your torso into the ground.

Repeat this kind of exercise 2 – 3 times.

Plus, it’s also considered as a healing yoga exercise for relieving the pain in your neck.

8/ Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

This type of exercise is a kind of yoga which is very effective in boosting your height which strengthens and stretches your groin, hips, spine, calves, and hamstrings.

It also develops digestion and decreases stress, back pain, and anxiety.

Stand straight while your feet are placed 4ft. Away from each other.

Twist your left foot by 15 degrees and right foot by 90 degrees. Exhale and turn your body into the right.

Raise your right hand up and make your left ankle and left-hand to merge.

Keep both of your arms in a line and straight.

Stay in this stance for about 30 seconds or so and repeat this exercise on your other side.

Perform this on both of your side 2- 3 times.


9/ Table Top

Table Top

This exercise is slightly difficult but effective exercise to increase your height, and it needs many practices for you to be able to perform this perfectly.

However, this stretch exercise works like a miracle to increase your height.

It can also help to make your spine and back muscle be firm.

Sit down on the ground and stretch your leg forward. Then place your palms on the ground close to your hips.

Push your feet and hands into the floor and gently lift up your body in forming a table-shaped form.

Your arms should be straight and your feet bent from your knees.

Remain in this position for about 20 seconds then go back to your initial position. Do this for about 2 – 3 times.

There is evidence in which it involves growing taller while you lose some weight and develop your body.

Jeff Seid a Bodybuilder and a Fitness Model once said that “motivations comes from inside and your eagerness to accomplish it.”

Jeff was very thankful that he started participating in sports activities at a young age when he first thought about entering the industry where fitness is the main focus he does not want to.

He became a wrestling champion and a football superstar in high school.

But in this year as a senior he accidentally ripped his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), and his goal of being a next level superstar was over.

That is how a fitness model and bodybuilder were born within Jeff Seid.

There is no denying the fact that Jeff Seid possesses a remarkable genetics.

But aside from his incredible genetics, Jeff’s parents decided to put him into sports at a young age.

That way his body will be trained in reaching its top condition since he was a child.

When your body grows, based on the genetics you possess.

It has a definite potential to increase. However, as a child it is better for you to sleep well and eat healthily.

It will definitely help you increase your height and develop your body in its highest potential.

For instance, Jeff’s body was designed to develop between 5’9” to 6’0”.

Because Jeff had worked very hard throughout his childhood. Jeff grew to his highest height potential possible.

Many people frequently ask how big is Jeff. Jeff’s height is now 6’0” and he only weighs about 205 lbs. Jeff might seem regular sized if you have ever watched his videos on YouTube.

But when you meet him live he is truly a massive person.

And him being a champion in the world of wrestling. You might want to think twice before you face him.


As said in this blog. It depends on your genetics and growth hormone in order for you to increase your height.

But there’s another way to effectively increase your height when you lose weight and that is through proper exercise.

However, in order for you to achieve it. You must consume and perform all of the given foods and exercises accordingly.

So, does losing weight make you taller? Yes, it does make you taller.

Just like what Jeff Seid said, “motivations comes from inside and your eagerness to accomplish it.”

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