Muscle Milk Weight Loss: Does It Help You Lose Weight ?

Lose Weight Using Muscle Milk Supplement

First of all, Muscle Milk is a well-known brand of protein supplement.

It has complete components of minerals, vitamins, whey peptides, taurine, L-glutamine, L-carnitine, isolated whey protein, and isolated milk protein as the supplement’s ingredients.

The product can be used to replace your meal or to be part of your daily meal plan.

The supplement’s main use is to aid someone in recovering due to heavy workouts, boosts energy, promotes satiety, and builds lean muscle.

And one of its benefits is that the supplement is readily available in a bottle where it is easy to drink anytime and anywhere.

The Muscle Milk supplement has been introduced and amended since the year 2008 and it is manufactured and created by CytoSport.

The supplement can be purchased at any health stores, trusted retailers, and pharmacies.

The first factor that is needed to be familiarized is that to lose weight there’s a certain formula, and it is a simple one: you’ll just have to consume the fewer amount of calories than the amount that you burn or release.

Therefore, if your body requires 2,000 calories in order to sustain your weight, the only option is for you to eat less.

There’s certainly no diet, shake, or magic pill that will help you in losing weight when you are consuming calories more than what you require.

People nowadays always look for quick solutions, and they seldom or if ever have a lasting result.

The Possible Benefits of the Muscle Milk supplement

Though the market for this kind of supplement has a lot of options, the Muscle Milk weight loss made by CytoSport which is a great replacement for protein supplements is by far the most famous supplement today.

Most bodybuilders and athletes that are planning to gain some muscle weight and just a limited gain of fat use this supplement.

CytoSport’s Muscle Milk is unlike any other protein milk.

It has an added 12 grams of fat content per serving, and 16 grams of carbohydrates per serving with 6 grams saturated.

Reduced the Oxidative Damage in your Cells

Though exercises have plenty of beneficial effects on people’s overall fitness.

It might also cause what I call oxidative stress. This kind of stress can possibly damage your inner cells.

However, antioxidants can help you in preventing it.

The Muscle Milk supplement contains vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which are great for antioxidant purposes.

Furthermore, this supplement contains taurine, and it is considered by researchers to have antioxidant content.

A study that was made because of the issue of Amino Acids journal found out that taurine might reduce the oxidative damage through exercise.

Improves your Performance when doing Exercises

a woman is exercising to lose weight

Based on the study mentioned above, taurine might also help in prolonging exercises and improving endurance on any performance.

Furthermore, CytoSport’s Muscle Milk weight loss has countless forms or carbs and it includes glucose and fructose.

The mixture of carbs might also improve your performance, based on a study of the issue of Science and Medicine in Exercise and Sports.

In this study, the researchers found out that the combination of glucose and fructose, or fructose alone can improve your endurance in cycling.

Fat Burning

a woman is measuring her waist

Though CytoSport’s Muscle Milk weight loss can mainly be used to gain muscle mass.

It might also have a benefit such as to burn fat.

It is because the supplement contains a high amount of protein, which helps in increasing the rate of your metabolism.

Furthermore, the supplement contains chain triglycerides that promote fat loss.

There was a study that was publicized in the IJORMD (International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorder) found out that chain triglyceride might improve your fat oxidation.

Hunger Prevention

If you workout very often and you have a great amount of mass in your muscles.

You’ll have a quicker metabolism which produces regular hunger spasms.

It can be spiteful when hunger strikes in the middle of the night because it is so inconvenient that you have to wake up every night and consume something.

And by doing so, it can interfere with the recovery of your body strength and delay your development.

As sleep can be crucial in terms of muscle growth.

The Muscle Milk weight loss supplement contains fiber and it has a high amount of fat. Which are the nutrients that help in blunting your hunger.

How CytoSport’s Muscle Milk can help you to Lose Weight

Well, certainly protein is an essential nutrient if you are planning to lose weight.

If you take enough amount of protein, it can increase your metabolism and it reduces your appetite without the risk of losing muscle mass.

Protein supplements are an ideal way to adding more protein to your diet plan, and it has been proven to help in losing weight.

In this article, you will know everything there is to know about taking protein supplements, and how the supplement affects your mass.

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What Are Muscle Milk Protein Shakes?

The shake form of the supplement is prepared by mixing water with the supplement powder, though there are other ingredients that are added to the shake very often.

It can serve as a suitable addition to your diet. Especially, when you only have access to limited protein foods.

Though most people do not need those in order to meet their daily requirement for protein intake, they can be useful also if you require boosting your protein intake for any reason.

You’ll be able to purchase the supplement powder and just mix it by yourself.

However, you can purchase different brands of the supplement in a pre-made shake.

Below is the list of the most popular kinds of protein powder supplement in the marketplace and it includes:

  • Pea Protein: it is a plant-based supplement and is low with non-essential cysteine amino acids and methionine.
  • Rice Protein: it is a plant-based supplement and it is low with the essential lysine amino acid.
  • Hemp Protein: it is a plant-based supplement and it is high in omega-6 and omega-3 fats, however, it is low with the essential lysine amino acid.
  • Soy Protein: it is a plant-based supplement that contains all the essential types of amino acids. It also contains a high amount of Soy Is flavones that might provide several benefits on your health.
  • Casein Protein: it is slow to be absorbed and dairy-based. It contains all of the essential types of amino acids.
  • Whey Protein: it is quick to be absorbed and dairy-based. It also contains all of the essential types of amino acids.

Some brands of this supplement contain a mixture of various kinds of protein supplement.

For example, several plant-based products mix types in order to complement each other’s profile in amino acid.

Protein Supplement Shakes can Decrease your Appetite and Hunger

decrease your appetite and hunger

Protein supplements can decrease your appetite and hunger in two key ways.

First is that, in order to increase the level of your appetite-reducing hormones such as CCK, PYY, and GLP-1. While at the same time it reduces your level of the hunger hormone.

Second is that protein can help you feel that your stomach is full for a longer time.

In one research, a breakfast with a high amount of protein helped the participants consume about 135 fewer calories that day.

And in another research, an overweight person who is on a diet have increased his intake of protein for about 25% of his total calories.

It increases his cut cravings for about 60% and his late-night snack by half.

When his intake of protein has increased from 15%-30% of his total calories it helped him.

Another study shows that when the participant consumed 441 lesser calories each day without demanding to limit the participant’s option. The result would be a faster weight loss.

Protein Shakes Can Increase your Metabolism

High intake of protein can help in boosting your metabolism.

It helps you to burn more calories every day.

Because when you combine a protein diet and strength training. It might help you not only to gain muscle but also to lose weight.

It can possibly increase your metabolism for the reason that your muscle can burn more calorie than body fat.

One research gave an obese participant protein shake that has either 0 grams or 200 grams of added protein every week.

That participant who was given a protein shake gained about 1.3 kilograms (2.8 pounds) more weight following the 13-week program.

While in another research, the researchers gave to the other participants a mixture of shakes and foods which provides about 1.2 grams/kilogram or 2.4 grams/kilogram (0.5 grams/lbs. or 1.1 grams/ lbs.) or protein each day.

After about 6 weeks in the 13-week program, those participants who were given a high-protein diet have gained about 1.1 kilograms (2.4 lbs.) more muscle mass and lost about 1.3 kilograms (2.9 lbs.) more body fat.

However, it must be noted that your skills in gaining muscle through a weight loss program might depend on your muscle mass.

Protein Shakes can Help You in Losing Weight and Remove Body Fat

a fitness model

Researchers have all agreed that higher-protein diets can possibly help you in losing more fat.

Most especially the fat from your belly area.

In a study, those participants who are on diet providing about 25% of the calorie as protein have lost about 10% more on their belly fat in a span of 12 months compared to those who consume half the amount.

And in another study, those participants who were given an additional of 56g of protein every day lost about 2.3 kilograms (5 lbs.) more in the span of 23 weeks, despite not knowingly changing anything on their diet plan.

A separate research compared all of the effects of several weight loss intakes.

The participants consumed more protein and lost about 14.1 kilograms (31 lbs.) in just about 3 months, which is more than the participants who consume less.

And in a final study, the participants who are on diet provides 30 percent of calories that came from lost protein 3.7 kilograms (8.1 lbs.) more than the participants whose diets provide only 15 percent of calories that cam form protein.

Protein Shakes Might Also Prevent Metabolic Slowdown and Loss of Muscle

Weight loss diet plans often cause you drop some muscle in which it causes Metabolic Slowdown.

It will make it easier for you to gain your weight back but only if you stop your diet.

When strength training is combined with a high intake of protein it can help you to avoid metabolic slowdown and muscle loss.

As a matter of fact, researchers have reported that the participants experienced Metabolic Slowdown when on a weight loss program which provides about 36 percent of calories by means of protein than when they are on a diet that provides half the amount.

There is an evidence that shows when a person consumes a protein shake daily and make it a part of his weight loss program.

It might make his muscle maintenance about 3 to 4 times more effective.

Protein Shakes Might Help in Preventing Weight Re-Gain

The effect of protein on your metabolism, muscle mass, and appetite might also help you in regaining the fats that you have worked on very hard in order to lose.

In a study, those participants who were given extra protein have lost a high amount of weight and sustained their outcomes better than the ones who were given less.

As a matter of fact, the participants that have consumed a high amount of protein regained only about 9% of their lost weight.

While the participants who consumed a lower amount of protein have regained up to 23% of their lost weight.

And in another study, the researchers gave the participants who have just completed an intervention in weight loss, a 48.2g of the supplement were provided to the participants each day.

Those participants who consumed the supplement sensed that they are full after every meal and regained about 50 percent less weight at the span of 6 months.

Compared to the participants who were not given any supplement.

And in a separate study, the researchers noted the same effects with the supplement that provides the only 30g of protein each day, and it just shows that taking more isn’t really better.


What Kind of Protein Supplement is best?

Various kinds of protein have their own effects on an individual’s body.

For example, whey is quick to be absorbed more than casein, it helps you feel that you’re not hungry in a short period of time.

A study shows that 56g of protein each day can help those participants who are obese and overweight lose about 2.3 kilograms (5 lbs.) more body fat than in the soy protein.

And in another study described that whey protein is 3 times effective in maintaining your ability to build muscle throughout your weight loss program that the soy protein.

Proteins such as soy, casein, and they contain all of the important amino acids that your body requires.

And also, several plant-based supplements mixed with different sources to make sure that the blend will contain all of the important amino acids.


Muscle Milk supplement Diet

After any workout, most of the people consume protein supplements because it helps them to improve their recovery and increase fat-free muscles.

Exercise is the main part of an individual’s health. It does not only improve your whole cardiovascular system.

However, regular activities also manage weight, combats disease, and enhances mood.

Exercises can take the toll on your body.

Especially, the supplement and muscles can help you to repair your muscles just in time for your next exercise.


When you are talking about the Muscle Milk weight loss. You are not really referring to losing weight in a strict sense of the term.

The Muscle Milk supplement is usually used to be part of a person’s training routine.

As an alternative to consuming protein-filled foods after your workout.

Just consume Muscle Milk supplement to ensure a suitable and quality intake of protein.

It is a mixture of a balanced diet full of lean protein, low-fat dairy, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.


foods high protein

After you have accounted for physical activities and body weight. You must also consider all the dietary sources that come from protein.

The normal serving for Muscle Milk supplement should contain between 20 grams to 32 grams of protein.

Some protein supplements that are in a container mainly have a lesser amount of protein than in its powder form.

You might be consuming at least more than half your requirement for protein intake with Muscle Milk supplement.

Which might need you to limit your intake of protein to your diet plan.


Although some fitness trainers want you to consume Muscle Milk supplement prior to your workouts, some studies have indicated that it is best served when a physical activity is done.

A study that was conducted by SMRU (Sports Medicine Research Unit) at a Hospital located at Demark found out that consuming liquidized protein after any exercise and workouts were proved to have more benefits not only for your load strength but also your muscle hypertrophy.

The Finest Ways to Consume Muscle Milk Supplement

Step #1

Purchase the supplement in its powder form, because the bottled supplement will cost you more money and it has the similar nutritional values of the powdered form.

You can choose from a variety of flavors it includes butter chocolate, chocolate chip, mocha latte, vanilla, and strawberry banana.

You can purchase the Muscle Milk weight loss supplement through the nutritional retailers such as GNC.

Step #2

Add about 2 scoops of powdered Muscle Milk supplement to the blender. And add 10oz. of water then blend.

But if you need a thicker texture and higher amount of nutrient, then you must use milk that is fat-free instead.

If you do not own a blender. You can always hand-mix it just mix the liquid and powder either in a cup or a glass.

Then stir well till all of the powder is completely dissolved.

Step #3

You must always make a shake before every workout, You can use more pre workout (if available).

When you consume the first serving of the supplement.

You must consume it while you are working out, based on the manufacturers of the supplement.

The manufacturer’s claims the development nutrients that are found in the Muscle Milk shake will help you to optimize every workout sessions.

Consuming it from 30 minutes to 1 hour before the exercise will increase efficiency greatly.

Step #4

Keep your muscle breakdown minimized by consuming another protein shake instantly after your workout.

But always read the supplements usage instructions for proper use.

If you’re not able to prepare a protein shake before your workout.

You can consume the bottled Muscle Milk supplement instead. However, it will cost you a lot of money.

Step #5

Consume another serving of the supplement before you go to bed, apiece the manufacturer.

And as your body rests throughout the night. It is the time that your body breaks down some of your muscle tissue and turn it into a useful energy.

If you drink Muscle Milk supplement before you sleep, it can help in preventing a muscle breakdown.

Things that you will need

  • Blender
  • Concentrated Muscle Milk supplement


The Muscle Milk supplement does contain soy ingredients and milk. And you should avoid all of the products you are allergic to it, even this supplement.


The Muscle Milk weight loss supplement contains various kinds of proteins, and each of those protein has their own characteristics.

Consuming protein helps you reduce your appetite because it affects your so-called hunger hormones. By taking the supplement you will feel like you are full longer.

Which helps you to eat less resulting in body fat loss.

Protein supplements help in boosting your metabolism because tend to exert more energy in order to digest, and metabolize all that you have consumed.

It can greatly help you in building your muscle. Which helps in burning down calories and body fat to a greater degree.