Vertical Leg Press vs Horizontal Leg Press vs 45 Degree Leg Press

Vertical Horizontal Leg Press

The short version for THOSE lazy to read long articles Vertical leg presses are slightly different from the more common seated leg presses and 45-degree leg presses,although all three types of leg presses require the same joint motion and effectively work the core muscles of the lower body.While not as common as incline leg presses or hack squats, opting for a vertical leg press to strengthen and define the muscles of the lower body has several benefits.The fixed movement of … Read more

Why Am I Losing Weight But Not Inches?

losing weight not inches

Can a Person Lose Weight Without Losing an Inch? Comparing your loss of weight to your loss of size or inches is not possible to be equalized. If you are to keep an exercise or diet program you might be “losing weight but not inches,” or even the opposite way, losing inches and not weight. If you keep living a healthy way of life, it is completely possible for you to lose weight. By the time you see your weight … Read more

Albolene For Weight Loss: How To Lose Inches & Water Weight?

albolene weight loss

The Secret Behind: Albolene weight loss phenomenon Losing fat is never easy. Albolene is used as the makeup remover and by professional athletes as well for weigh-in requirements. The Albolene’s main function is moisturizing skin cleanser but also known for its weight-loss abilities as well. In this article, let me share some of the surprising reasons why Albolene can aid in weight loss. What is Albolene? First of all, let’s define what exactly is Albolene? Originally, Albolene is a type … Read more