Power Muscle Burn System: Build A Great One Now

Power Muscle Burn System: Everything You Need To Know

If you aren’t noticing any progress no matter how hard you tried to do suited and intense workout routines or eating a proper diet.

Well, maybe it’s the best time for you to put yourself into the next level or by just simply finding out new workout routines that can give you the best benefits and results as well.

There are tons of workouts available for different people with different health profile.

One popular workout routine is the power muscle burn system.

In this post, I will share you some ideas how to do it and how can it be beneficial to your overall performance as well.

Building muscle while burning fat: is that possible?

Before we go to the power muscle burn workout routine, let’s find out how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

The very reason why some people invested themselves with intense strength workout is to build increase muscle mass and burning excess fat (especially those embarrassing belly fat!)as well.

Power muscle burn workout routine can definitely give you optimum results and benefits.

At the end of the day, to achieve a leaner body and make it as a fat-burning machine, the efforts you do in the gym or outdoors can have a significant impact.

So to help you burn fat and build leaner and stronger muscles, here are some tips you should follow whether you inside or outside the gym.

Focus on working out

woman working out
Maybe you’ve seen some gym-rats that frequently checks their phone between every set –don’t be that guy.

It is advisable to have a focus on your workout and raise its intensity level as well.

Sacrifice your phone gaming or social media, just leave your phone at home or inside your gym locker.

In this way, you can allow yourself to avoid any distractions that could get into your workout routine.

Instead of resting every after sets on the same exercise, challenge yourself by doing bodyweight exercises such as an alternating upper body pull-ups or push-ups, or lower-body push such as squats.

Keep in mind that if you keep yourself focus and moving, you can definitely achieve a leaner body physique in no time.

Small meals every three hours 


One way to optimize the nutrients your body need, it is important to eat small snacks or meals every three hours.

In this way, it can help in regulating your blood sugar in a balanced level, boost the production of muscle mass, and eliminates overeating or mood swings as well.

Checking the food you eat is also important and it is the key to achieve better and effective results.

Always make sure that you have something healthy on-the-go to keep yourself fuelled every three hours in work or in the gym.

A one good and healthy meal includes the combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates which is known nutrients for building leaner muscles.

However, if you are really busy, you can opt for healthy foods on-the-go such as seeds, dried fruits, energy bars, and nuts, with a ready-to-drink protein shake or any beverages.

The No-Alcohol for 30 days challenge 

stop drugs and alcohol
Drinking occasionally is A-Okay BUT, if you really want to burn those embarrassing belly fat and building leaner muscle, then you should (and you must) stop alcohol for a while and trust me, you will surprise yourself for the results if you do so.

It is known that the alcohol can impair the individual’s judgment and decision-making.

It also disrupts the REM sleeps and increases the release of the cortisol in the body or the stress hormone.

Once the alcohol is in your system, the protein synthesis for muscle fiber repair will decrease and it diminishes the water-soluble nutrients from the food we eat as well.

Without those nutrients, your body will have a hard time to repair and build muscles.

So it is the best time to challenge yourself to NOT drink alcohol for 30 days, you can do it, right?

Speed up, Speed up, Speed up 

One effective way to achieve a leaner muscle is to get faster.

Take a look at some people who do sprints or simply the sprinters, they the leanest and most powerful body right? Speed and intense power is the key to have sprinter-like qualities.

Getting faster improves your body’s ability to be flexible, increases the function of your body’s system such as nervous system, and of course, boost your muscle’s overall power and mass.

If you’re already a runner or sprinter, you should lengthen the intervals to a half-mile or go by 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off.

If not then, challenge yourself and go to your nearest soccer field or track and do both 400-meter walk and run as well.

Level up your ability and try to do a run (Half a mile) each time you start and finish 4 intervals.

Break the monotony of the gym 

man working out outside the gym
If you’re stocked doing your workout routine in your local gym, well it’s the best time to change things up.

Power muscle burn system doesn’t only requires you to go to the gym, but it also allows you to mix things up – what I mean is, you should take things outside the gym at least once a week.

You can go to your Local Park or to the nearest beach on your location and do the usual bodyweight routines including dips, burpees, pull-ups, and push-ups.

Working out on the beach will not only allow you to see some beautiful girls but it also adds some degree of difficulty in your routine.

Let yourself discover, breathe some fresh air, and go out there.


Train like Aquaman 

man is swimming

Just like sprinters or runners, have you ever noticed that both swimmers and surfers have the most chiseled body? The secret behind this is not any magical abilities, but the high-intensity training.

Challenge yourself to try water sports such as swimming or surfing which involves a high-intensity interval training.

If you don’t know how to swim for at least 200 yards in an open water with at least 8 feet deep, well it’s time to invest yourself into it.

Trust me, it’s worth the time and effort.

Sleep like a baby 

Many believe that muscles are growing during an intense workout, but it is not true.

While sleeping or resting, the building of the muscles actually happens on that time which is why having an adequate sleep (at least 7-8 hours a night) is very important.

Sleeping time is where most of our body hormones including GH (Growth Hormone) as well as testosterone are released.

However, fatigues in the muscle caused by stress or improper body form during a workout can undermine your body’s ability to train hard and eat right and eventually raise your body fat level.

When we were stressed or exhausted, our brain literally craves sugar or glucose, and that’s the reason why some of us are tempted to do midnight-snack cravings.

So, if you want to achieve a leaner muscle and burn fat quickly at the same time, you should have plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep.

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The Power muscle burn system

So now we know some essential techniques, methods, or tips on how to burn fat and increase muscle mass at the same time, it’s time for you to know what exactly the Power muscle burn system is.

Let’s get started.

The power muscle burn training system focuses on improving strength and building muscle mass in 3 different approaches which are used in the same workouts.

These approaches also target different muscle groups.


power training

To start this workout training program, you need to perform Power Sets in the 3-5 rep ranges which uses the same weight in every set.

If you’ve successfully challenged yourself in performing 5 reps for all power sets, you can move on in weight.

For minor muscle groups, you will perform 2 power sets per workout and 2-4 power sets for major muscle groups.

Note: some of the power sets for minor muscle groups such as performing extremely heavy resistance abdominal sets are difficult and unrealistic and do not make sense.


Fitness model is working out with dumbbell
For muscle sets, you will perform in the 6-12 rep range that uses the same weight in every set.

After you’ve completed all the rep limit which is 12 for all the muscle sets, you can move on in weight.

For minor muscle groups, you will perform 2-4 sets in each workout using 1-2 exercises.

On the other hands, you will perform 4-6 total muscle sets for the major muscle groups using 2 different exercises.

Note: you can as well perform a single exercise for all 3 sets.


guy street workout

For burn sets, 1-2 burn sets will be performed for each of the muscle groups which uses isolation movements.

Perform 40 total reps by picking the best and suited weight to hit the 15 – 20 reps.

You can do this by doing as many reps as possible and then taking a slight rest that should be enough to regain the energy and willpower before performing 1-3 more reps.

Once you reached the 25+ reps without any stop or rests, you should add weight.

You will perform 1-2 burn sets for minor muscle groups and 2 burn sets on the major muscle groups as well.

Take notes: Power muscle burn system

  • Failing is not recommended: when you perform each of the power muscle burn system workout, you must never train to fail.

    Challenge yourself to perform each set until you feel like you may fail on the following rep, and stop if you can’t.

    Keep in mind that it is okay to stop occasionally on each set but always try to challenge yourself on performing with your best on each set.


  • Your main goal is a progression: Each set of the power muscle burn workout, you should have a goal of You must perform each set with massive strength, willpower, focus, and excellent effort as well.

    If you think you don’t have the energy to a set, you should try to perform quality sets to avoid wasting any sets.


  • Splitting is the key: The power muscle burn system is usually split in numerous ways specifically 3-4 days only.

    Training for more than 4 days a week is not recommended based especially those individuals whose involvement in bodybuilding competitions.

    Find the best split for you. More on that later.


  • Learn what you can do: If you think the number of rep range on each set is too difficult for you, it’s okay to give some small changes or tweaks in the training program as long as you are using the proper mechanism of it.

    Do what’s best for you and focus on your goal –to build leaner muscle and burn fats at the same time.
  • Calves and Quads: Calves will not respond effectively to lower rep training and additionally, there are no available power sets for calves.

    On the other hand, for quad burn sets, you can perform a single 20 rep sets of squats.
  • Exercise Alternately: keep in mind that you can’t possibly fit every exercise into your workouts which is why it can be beneficial to alternate exercises at least once a week.

    For example, if you are performing dumbbell bench presses on week one for muscle sets, try to perform chest dips on the following week.
  • Start at small sets: allow yourself to start with the minimal amount of sets.

    In this way, you could allow your body to get used to the usual routines and level it up for the advanced routines by adding more sets to it.

Best and effective Training Splits

dumbbells training

Choosing the best training split will be based on your schedule, training, energy system requirements, ability to recover, and your goals.

If you’re on fluctuating schedules, doing body-part splits can be impractical mainly because it requires more time, however, it can be beneficial for gaining size.

If you’re an athlete, total body training is an ideal choice for you.

Compared to the body part splits, push-pull routines are flexible which helps to moderate the frequency of movements for better skill acquisition.

Based on the neural demands of a workout, both intensive and extensive split days can be followed by a metabolic or high volume day.

Doing a single row and bench press works in opposing muscle groups together which is considered agonist and antagonist supersets.

To maintain the strength and power of each body parts, hypertrophy specialized programs can boost your body’s overall performance.

So, what is the best power muscle burn system split for you? Below is some basic and proven split training that may fit your needs.

1/ Body Part Split or ‘Bodybuilder’ Split 

The body part splits are typically performed by some bodybuilder or lifters which last for 5 or 6 training session and focuses on each muscle groups.

They are great for ‘shocking’ or putting stress on the muscle fibers to boost its growth which can also lead to greater hypertrophy compared to other splits.

However, the main setback of this type of splits can be impractical for busy people and as I mentioned earlier, it can be time-consuming and difficult to perform.

So it’s better to have a proper nutrition, plenty of rest or sleep and other recovery factors ready.

Example Routine: 

Monday: Chest exercises
Tuesday: Back exercises
Wednesday: Shoulders exercises
Thursday: Legs exercises
Friday: Arms/Abs and for weekends
Saturday and Sunday: Off.

2/ Upper and Lower Split 

The upper-lower split can have an impact on the progression of the total-body training.

This type of splits allows more training volume and recovery as well.

It’s the days are typically alternated for 4 workouts in a 7-day split.

The upper-lower splits can be beneficial for quicker learning and mastery while using significant loading.

The only setbacks of this split include unbalanced training times or sessions between the upper body and the lower body.

It also shortens the recovery time for each training session and it’s brutal. It requires more power so it can be too much for beginners.

Example Routine: 

Monday: Focus on the upper body exercises (Push strength emphasis).

Tuesday: Focus on the Lower Body exercises (Squat Pattern strength emphasis).

Wednesday: Off or Active recovery.

Thursday: Focus on the Upper Body exercises (Pull strength emphasis).

Friday: Focus on the Lower Body exercises (Hinge pattern strength emphasis).

Saturday and Sunday: Off.

3/ Total Body Training Split 

If you want to have a full-body stimulation, total body training is an ideal choice for you.

It requires a high-frequency stimulation of muscles and moderate training volumes the suits different goals such as strength building, hypertrophy, and fat loss as well.

It is a great choice for beginners who want to improve overall health and trying to lose weight.

The problem with this type of splits is that the low intra-workout can disrupt the total body workout split mainly because it may hinder metabolic-stress related hypertrophy.

Example Routine: 

Monday: Power clean (5×3), Bench Press (3×6), Lunge (3×8 -12), Farmer (Walk 3×30 seconds) and Dip (3x 30 seconds).

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: Push Press (5×3) Deadlift (4×6), Chin-up (3×8 -12), Plank (3x 30 seconds), and Bicep Curls (3x 30 seconds).

Thursday: Off.

Friday: Back squat (5×3), Bent-over row (4×6), Dumbbell Bench press (3×30 seconds), and Hip Thrust (3×12).

Saturday and Sunday: Off or active recovery or conditioning.

4/ The Push and Pull Training Split 

This training split uses movement pattern and it is suitable for intermediate to advanced trainees.

This split is typically performed once a week for better skill acquisition with moderate frequency movement.

However, push and pull training splits segregate the body’s muscle group which is usually working together and it may advance for individuals who want to increase their muscle gain.

Example Routine: 

Day One: Pull (Legs, hamstrings, lower back, biceps, and back)

Day Two: Push (Chest, Legs/ Squads, abs, shoulders, and triceps)

5/ Intensive and Extensive Training Split 

As mentioned earlier, both intensive and extensive training splits are based on the neural demands of a workout or session.

3 or 4 training days are the typical days for this split.

This split works for the athletes or beginners who want to step up their games.

It requires proper training for movement skills such as motor coordination, resistance, and acceleration.

Thus, it can help in developing an optimum level of performance and progression.

On the other hand, the intensive and extensive training splits for power muscle burn system might be complicated and come with an advanced design.

The workouts are usually required long days duration of intensive mainly because it requires more day on neural recovery on each session.

Example Routine: 

Monday: Speed work, Olympic lifts and compound push exercises.

Tuesday: Metabolic/change of direction, pull emphasis.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: Speed work, Olympic lifts and compound push exercises.

Friday: Metabolic focus, pull emphasis in the weight room.

Saturday/Sunday: Active Recovery.


6/ Non-competing supersets 

The primary mover plus opposing supersets or also called the agonist/antagonist superset, as the name implies, it works on non-competing muscle groups such as chest-supported row and dumbbell bench press.

It is an ideal choice for achieving training balance on the competing sides of the body.
It increases the metabolic stress-related hypertrophy by increasing the blood flow to the antagonist muscle groups.

It can be difficult for some athletes or beginners because it is advanced and may cause problems with the muscle recovery as well.

Example Routine: 

Monday: Chest and/or back,

Tuesday: legs and/or shoulders

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Chest and/or back

Friday: Biceps and/or triceps

Saturday and Sunday: Off or conditioning.

7/ Primary mover and synergist 

These splits are the combination of the major mover and secondary movers in the same training day.

It is typically done in a flexible training of 3-6 training days per week.

It may be time-efficient but it can be advanced for beginners or athletes and the recovery time may take more time.



The powered muscle burn workout system can effective only if it is followed based on the different tips and methods mentioned above.

In addition, eating right and investing yourself into a proper and balanced diet plays an important role in achieving a leaner body, increased muscle growth, and effective fat-burning as well.

Choosing the best and suited training splits based on your clear and main goal, training schedule, age, proper nutrition, sleep quality, and your system’s recover ability is also essential to achieve optimum benefits.