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Pre workout with BCAA for A Celebrity-Like Figure! What Do You Need To Know?

Do you want to know how to help you increase your exercise and fat burning performance with a low cost?

Tired of trying different supplements to burn excess fats and get the body similar to your favorite celebrity?

You sure do!

Well, here’s good news! When combined pre-workout with BCAA, It could give you an efficient result you could not ever imagine!

Both supplements play an essential role in helping you lose weight so you can have that full confidence the next time you hit the beach or make every dress you wear compliment well to your body.

How many times did you feel the lack of energy and motivation when it comes to workout time?

How many time did you feel not confident with body fat?

Do you want to burn more fat for up to 24 hours after the workout?

So let’s dig pre-workout and BCAA deeper!

How To Use Pre-workout And BCAA While Low Carb To Increase Fat Burning?

low carb diet

For fat loss, it is most recommended to use pre-workout and BCAA 1 scoop thirty to forty minutes, one scoop after or during the workout and one scoop on your rest days.

This combination will allow you to feel better about working out, reap more benefits, and eventually burn fats.

Knowing that there are numerous pre-workout supplements out in the market today, you should also be well-aware about the way they should be used particularly along with BCAA.

Yes, its your goal to increase fat burning and so acute effects regarding the use of these products should be prevented.

Pre-workout supplements contains carbs, caffeine or creatine wherein they will help you have more energy available for your muscles therefore will let you push a lot harder.

And of course, if you have higher intensity kind of workout, you will burn more calories during as well as after once you are resting.

So, no doubt that by these said supplements, you will increase the assurance of burning fats.

Difference Between Pre-Workout And BCAA

What makes the two powerful on their own?

Pre-workout supplements usually include a combination of natural ingredients to help dieters achieve the highest performance.

They consist of caffeine (to help increase energy levels and fuel metabolism) and other stimulants as well as ingredients like Creatine, L-Citrulline, and L-Theanine to help improve the flow of blood and give muscles more power and stamina.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) supplements, on the other hand, are often denoted as the muscle’s building blocks which include a 2:1:1 proportion of Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine.

They are essential for helping you build more muscles and prevent the breakdown of tissues throughout exercise sessions.

If you are looking for a useful supplement to increase muscle mass, then BCAA is such a good alternative.

Benefits of BCAA

  • Activate protein synthesis: When combined with resistance exercise, BCAAs would trigger mTORC1 signaling pathway that is crucial for building muscles.
  • Boost protein intake which later enhances strength gains: BCAA increases the rate of protein level by reducing the protein breakdown activity and another expression of numerous complexes.

men strength training

  • Reduce soreness and speed up recovery: The supplement can help your muscles feel less sore and accelerate recovery as well after training. This can be done by lowering blood vessels of the lactate dehydrogenase and enzymes creatine kinase.
  • Improve insulin and enhanced leucine: The BCAA’s whole trio can significantly support a metabolic rate and insulin sensitivity for enhanced body composition. 
  • Improve hormone balance: Especially during intense training, taking BCAA is beneficial. It supports hormone balance to help athletes meet their abilities responding to mild or extreme workout loads.
  • Look younger: Believe it or not, BCAA helps prolong youthness – thanks to the essential amino acids contained within.

Benefits of Pre-Workout

  • Get more energy to do exercise: The pre-workout supplements contain caffeine to help you feel energized all day long and ready to do any activities or tasks.

energy to do exercise

  • Increase training performance and efficiency: Most likely the biggest benefit, the supplement improves the person’s ability to train more efficiently and harder. Whether it is building muscle or losing pounds, you can be able to perform at your utmost efficiency.
  • Weight loss and metabolism: Caffeine also plays a vital part in losing excess fats. When consumed, caffeine escalates fat oxidation, and body thermogenesis increases metabolism and interrupts the onset of starvation.
  • Recover faster: With the ingredients contained in the supplement such as creatine monohydrate and caffeine, you can boost insulin levels and glucose as well as lessen soreness of your muscle.
  • Increase focus: Caffeine together with B-Vitamins and other proprietary assortments is highly responsible for the long-lasting focus to keep you going.

If you’re aiming for better results, then I suggest you have to combine the pre-workout with BCAA.

These and more benefits can be gained as long as you are consistent with your goal.

Of course, count patience in!

Do you want to know the product has supported me during the training process?

Which Product Is The Best For Your Budget?

BCAA: Evolution Nutrition BCAA 5000

Pre workout with BCAA 5000

It supports endurance and recovery with its 5g BCAAs, gluten free, zero calories, and zero sugar contents.

The product also supports muscle protein synthesis and aids to supply muscle energy.

It usually comes in five great flavors, tastes fantastic, and available at an excellent price range.

Effectiveness: 96/100

Mass building: 97/100

Value Grade: 96/100

Top Rated Flavor: 98/100 (Watermelon)

Overall rating: 97/100
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Pre-workout: Evlution Nutrition ENGN

Evlution Nutrition ENGN

This is an intense pre-workout powder for increased focus, energy, and power.

It also supports cognitive function, delays fatigue, inflate muscle endurance, and improve mood.

The Vitamin complex and strength and endurance elements are a sure assistance to kick off the day whether in the field, court, gym, or stage.

Effectiveness: 95/100

Muscle pumps: 96/100

Top Rated Flavor: 97/100 (Cherry Limeade)

Value Grade: 97/100

Overall rating: 96/100

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Is This A Good Investment and Worth Your Money?

The real question is: What is the real problem if you do not have a product that enhances your performance during training?

You will lack the energy, motivation, and the recovery of muscles will not be fast enough.

Especially, if you’re doing high intensity, it even worse than that.

And Of course, every time we hit the gym, we want to be in our best condition so we could achieve the best result. And, these supplements could be of utmost aid.

They provide unmatched energy to fuel training less chance of a crash, plus they have vital ingredients that will help you boost productivity for increasing pumps and aiding focus, which many other supplements lack.

I think you have also felt the difference between taking and not, right?

And this is good news!

Both the pre-workout and BCAA powders are reasonably priced and are not going to break your wallet compared to other powders in the same level of the marker.

So, those who are tight on budget but want to hit the gym with more energy and stay fit can also take advantage.

Definitely, a solid product that is ideal for people who want to shed fat, involved in resistance training or weight training, or want to build and preserve muscle.

My Routine To Take Pre-workout With BCAA

As soon as we wake up, our muscles turn to fuel since we have been fasting for the past six to nine hours.

I take pre-workout supplement with BCAA along with a piece of fruit to immediately prevent it as the powder further aid stop metabolism and trigger muscle protein synthesis.

I also commonly take supplements within an hour before my training because it gives me the boost I need for an extreme workout.

It helps me in getting the most out of my strength, endurance, and fat burning throughout the workout.

I am getting at least four grams in, though six to eight grams are most ideal.

When timing the BCAA powder with pre-workout, you can either mix the BCAA directly in the pre-workout or mix the BCAA into the water bottle and consume. I do both.

Best Alternative To Pre-workout And BCAA On A Budget

BCAA: Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy

Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy

Another gluten-free, zero carbs/sugar, and zero calories, the BCAA energy has natural energizers which are sourced from green tea and green coffee.

It is intended for increasing energy, performance needs, and recovery all the time.

It comes in 15 great flavors and three naturally sweetened flavors.

Particularly for athletes and fitness buffs, you’ll surely appreciate this powder for maximizing your performance and energy before, in-between, and after training.

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Pre-workout: Evlution Nutrition PumpMode

Evlution Nutrition PumpMode

A non-stimulant pump accelerator, the PumpMode is designed to support power, vascularity, performance, and nitric oxide.

It comes in four incredible flavors with hydromax, betaine nitrate and Vitamin C & D complex as the main ingredients.

These help improve muscle pumps, support oxygen transport and blood flow, and accelerate testosterone levels and overall health.

So as a result, you can have a fueled performance, great pumps, and endurance!

Such a good option for any fitness enthusiasts.

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What Foods Are High In BCAAs?

Fortunately, you can get branched chain amino acids from many whole food sources that could help up the recovery and anabolic of your diet, which later assists in keeping a fit, healthy body.

So, here are the best sources of BCAA you should try.

Poultry and Lean Meats: Red meat includes the highest amounts of BCAAs, while poultry is a good alternative to beef.


Fish: Salmon, for instance, is high in healthy unsaturated fats while tilapia is low in calorie and fat.

Eggs: Eating whole eggs will meet the need for your muscle growth.

Dairy Products: Among the healthier sources are low fat cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, sour cream, frozen yogurts, and low-fat cheese, among others.


Protein Blends: Can give added benefits specifically for athletes when combined with foods.

Other Food Sources: Nuts like cashews and almonds for increasing energy and stabilizing blood sugar.

How About Pre-Workout Foods?

To completely attain a slimmer physique, you should also consider pre-workout foods.

Know what they are!

Bananas: An excellent source of potassium, simple carbohydrates, and natural sugars.

Omelet: A good source of muscle building amino acids and protein. It promotes muscle growth, too.


Brown Rice, Whole Grain Bread, and Sweet Potato: Perfect if you’re looking for food that contains complex carbohydrates. It can fuel your body all day long when consumed with a great source of protein meals.

Rice, Chicken, and Vegetables: Promote slow-releasing energy source and anabolism.

Fruit Smoothies: Offers a source of quick-acting glucose, besides giving a chain of micronutrients that are both beneficial for wellbeing and health.

Fruit Smoothies

Dried Fruit and Greek Yogurt: Aids in optimizing workouts.

Protein Shakes: Absolutely helpful especially for those in a hurry or on the go.


Q: How long before a workout should you have BCCA?

A: If you are about to do an intense workout piece, the best time to take BCAA is fifteen to thirty minutes either pre-workout or immediately post workout. It is suggested to take 5g to 10g of BCAA before the actual workout.

Q: Can you take BCAAs on an empty stomach?

A: There’s nothing to worry about if you have taken BCAA on an empty stomach because the truth is many people do.

If you’re one of those who trains first thing in the morning without filling up your tummy, you may consider taking BCAA fifteen to thirty minutes before training.

Q: Can BCAA make you gain weight?

A: As you know, BCAA is a collection of 3 amino acids. And, amino acids may likely result in weight gain depending on a number of variables. Hence, it should be balanced by your energy needs and activity levels.

Q: If I already eat a lot of protein, will additional free-form BCAA be beneficial to me?

A: Probably, but if you already consumed lots of protein, the amounts of amino acids and the speed of absorption take on minor importance.

Q: What if I already take in a lot of whey protein which is high in BCAA?

A: Don’t be wary or confused. In fact, using both the branched chain amino acids and whey is said to be a good idea.

When integrated with a clean diet and your workout, an incredible number of perks can be obtained along the way.

Q: How long does it take for pre-workout to wear out?

A: Pre-workout powders mostly last from 1.5-2.5 hours in healthy individuals who have no specific tolerances or sensitivities to the ingredients.

Though, there are various factors that can weaken the product’s effects as well as the time it can last, including the tolerance, overeating, dehydration, malnutrition, alcohol, and fatigue.


Both the pre-workout and branched chain amino acids are proven to be an essential and effective solution for building muscles, maximizing training performance, and shedding fats.

But if you want to achieve concrete, better result, combining the two is a good idea.

Apart from the recovery and muscle building benefits, research reveals that BCAAs can improve performance as well.

They enable you to work out more, feel better on doing training, and get further benefits from working out.

Meaning to say, more muscle growth for weight training and more fat metabolism for dieters by supporting the metabolic fire.

Simply mix the BCAA with your pre-workout directly for the best results.

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