Secrets Of Bodybuilding: Top 10 Important Secrets Revealed

What Are The Top Secrets Of Bodybuilding?

Do you also want to know that what are the top secrets of bodybuilding?

Want to gain massive arms with the lean muscle body?

Well! The one and important secret for fetching all those things is the serious setting of your goals along with the huge hard work.

When I was on the track of bodybuilding, there are lots of things which I learned throughout my journey.

At that time I was also keen to know the secrets of the bodybuilding.

However, there are many people around us who think that with the magic protein powder, muscle gaining pill and bodybuilding training routine we can easily get to the do massive body build up. But trust me this is an incomplete truth.

There are few and very simple secrets of bodybuilding which you should follow for building massive muscle mass.

Do you want to get familiar with them?

Then, continue reading the below article. Here, on the basis of my personal experience and incidents, I will share with you the secrets of bodybuilding which are going to help you a lot in your bodybuilding routine.

So, let’s continue reading!

List of Important Secrets of Bodybuilding

There are so many secrets of bodybuilding which I come across while building muscles in my gym.

So, here I will share those secrets with you. I am sure it will go to bring the major change not only in your body but also in thinking.

Are you ready? Let’s move on then!

The following are the important secrets of bodybuilding which will surely help you a lot while working out in your gym:

1/ Know the best routine for bodybuilding workout

bodybuilding workout

You should know that the best routine for bodybuilding workout is the one which your own body is not used to.

So, it’s better to change your working out exercise frequently.

When you switch to some advanced workout then faster this alteration happens.

Therefore, you should keep some variations in your workout to fetch some consistent results in relation to the bodybuilding.

The ideal way of maintaining the variations in your workout is to rotate the workouts used in the training schedule.

You may also utilize a systematic and consistent variation of reps, sets, and resting periods amongst the sets.

When you vary these variables in the accurate way, it becomes easy for you to attain the constant outcomes in terms of strength and muscle mass.

2/ Have the period of the bodybuilding workouts short

Most of us think that with the longer duration of the workout we can get good results in the end.

But it is not right at all. Let me give you an example to prove my point!

If you participate in the three-hour session of the marathon for gaining muscles then, what you think what will happen next?

After the 50 minutes time, the testosterone levels of your body starts declining whereas the cortisol levels in your body start rising. All this will create a very bad situation for you. Do you know how?

Well! The testosterone mainly helps in burning the fat and building the muscles whereas the cortisol abolishes the stored fat and muscles.

So, in the above condition where the cortisol in your body rise up and the testosterone level gets dropped will deliver you the exact reverse result of what you are considering to achieve.

3/ Do high intensity and high volume training both

weight workout

Some of you might have a state of confusion in your mind that which style of the workout training works superlatively for us.

If you want to know the truth then, you should know that the combination of the high intensity and high volume training styles delivers you the best results in terms of the bodybuilding.

In order to get the good results of the muscle gain, you have to keep alternating the periods of high intensity with the periods of high volume training.

Now you must be thinking that how it’s going to help you in gaining muscles?

Well! The high volume working out will push your body to the borders and offers strength to adjust through the increasing size of your muscles while the high-intensity training including the lower set exercise that let your body to recuperate from the high volume exercise.

It all results in the new strength and development of the muscles to take place.

4/ Make variations in your rest in the middle of the two sets

It is very important that you should keep making variations in your rest time in the middle of the two sets.

It will allow your body to adjust easily as per the frequency of the workout.

For example: Till now if you are taking rest for 3-4 minutes in the middle of the two sets then, you must change your resting time up to 2 minutes.

It might feel burdening on your strength levels but you will surely see an improved progress from this change.

Moreover, when you do plan and orderly variations in your resting periods along with the proper sets and repeating times then, it will fetch you amazing gains in your strength and muscle mass.

5/ Keep on sticking to the simple exercises which use dumbbells and barbells

bodybuilder use dumbbells

Earlier when I started the bodybuilding, my training routine was mainly comprised of the machine exercise.

It was not making any further improvement in my body after some period.

Then, somebody makes me realize my mistake and I change my routine completely.

This brings a major change in my body. Do you also want to know how?

When your training schedule in the gym only comprises of the machine work then, it will not lead to much growth.

Actually, our body is intended to function in a 3-dimensional space.

Thus if you do training only with the help of the machines then, there are numerous alleviating muscles which never get stimulated as the machine is steadying the weightiness for you.

As a result, there will be less stimulation in the growth of the muscles.

So, now what should do to overcome this problem?

You should include the barbell and dumbbell multi-jointed workouts in your routine.

It will help you engage in every single muscle so that an appropriate control and balance of the weight can be maintained.

Moreover, by doing exercises like lunges, squats, pull-ups, and dips you can also bring you good results regarding the muscle activation.

For example, 1 set of squats will bring about more growth than 6-8 sets of the leg extensions.

6/ Have minimum cardio

I am not saying that you stop doing the cardiovascular.

But if you are looking for the bodybuilding then, you must reduce it to the three to four sessions of 25 to 30 minutes in one week.

You must put more stress on the activities like walking, recumbent bike or an elliptical rider.

Remember to maintain your heart rate between the ranges of 130 to 150.

Do you want to know the reason behind this secret?

Well! When you do more cardio it starts conceding your capability to gain muscle mass by utilizing the nutrients in your body.

These nutrients are essential for the muscle growth.

So, doing minimum cardio will help you in retaining those nutrients.

7/ Emphasis on flawless form as well as on tightening the muscle

a man and woman are exercising to tighten muscles

Many of you find it little difficult to follow this secret of bodybuilding. Am I right?

You should keep in mind that for the bodybuilding you have to the emphasis on the flawless implementation of the workouts so that the muscles keep on doing the good work.

You should not waste your time on increasing the amount of weight.

Rather concentrate on the contracting and squeezing of your muscles along with the weight movement.

I promise you that you will surely get good results after following this point.

8/ Set your training frequency according to your body type

body type

This is one of the most important secrets of the bodybuilding which lots of people do not understand well.

So, to get the good results of the bodybuilding, you need to set your training frequency according to the type of your body.

Let me give you a live example: The bodybuilder like me (used to obese before) who is also having slower metabolism can do training for 5 to 6 days in a week.

But if someone is already skinny and have a powerful metabolism then he should do training for 3 to 4 sessions in a week.

9/ Select a training program which you can strictly follow

bodybuilder is working out

This secret of bodybuilding is very obvious but there are so many people who always overlooked it.

In fact, there are few training programs which look quite worthy over the paper but if you cannot follow it strictly owing to other obligations like work, family, etc then you should pick a diverse routine.

For example: If you have the capacity to do 3 to 4 sessions of the weights in one week then, strictly follow that frequency of training.

Because there is no logic in going for a 5 to 6 sessions in a week training program as you will constantly finish up missing 1 to 2 sessions in a week.

As a result, it will only cause frustration in your mind.

Thus, you must be assured to select a program which you always know that you can track steadily as regularity is the key to foremost bodybuilding.

10/ Record the training sessions and check progress regularly

Maintaining the record of your training sessions is a very good thing to do for bodybuilding.

It not only benefits you in making plans, motivations, and accountability but also helps in checking that where you are going and where you reach to accomplish your goal.

Suppose you achieve your goal successfully but does not know that how you reach there.

And after some time you again lose the shape of your body and want to regain it back then, how would you remember all the things if you have not recorded them somewhere?

Thus, keeping a record of your training sessions will be going to help you further in your future also.

It will easily let you see the progress of your training whenever you want.

In fact, if you are not fetching good results of your training session then, you can make changes in your log book.

You can also not down the nutrition plan which you are taking in it.

All these things matter a lot during the bodybuilding regime.

Final Word!

So, it’s the ending part of my article guys! I hope you really enjoy reading the above article!

In the end, I just want to say that now you know my best secrets of bodybuilding.

The only way to the successful bodybuilding is to follow your training regime strictly. All the above secrets are based on my personal experiences.

If you follow all the above secrets throughout during your workout in the gym then, you will surely fetch good results in your bodybuilding goal.

I am still following them and getting good results as the time passing.

I hope you like my above article and now you will also begin your bodybuilding session with few changes that I have suggested.

You can also share this article with all your near and dear ones who are looking for the bodybuilding secrets.

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Your secrets of bodybuilding might differ from mine.

So, you may also share your personal experiences here in the below comment box as it will help me making my article more useful and informative to all my readers.

I wish you good luck on your bodybuilding journey and hope for the best results in the end!

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