Six Pack Abs Workout At Home: Surprising Outcome After 10-12 weeks

Guide on Achieving a Six Pack Abs At Home

The most difficult part of every fitness enthusiast journey is getting the coveted six-pack abs.

All physique enthusiast dream and cling to having that washboard abs.

This article might give you the righthead start and proper steps on how to achieve it.

Getting started may be quite hard physically, as well as mentally,going through all of the confusing and conflicting advice from random people.

That is why in this article you will see the combined tips from all top fitness trainers in creating this brief but simple guide for six-pack abs workout at home.

six pack abs workout at home

If you think that core workout can shape your core definition, well think again.

I will lay out all the things that you want to understand on strategic supplementation, core work, body training, nutrient timing, and nutrition to build your abdominal muscle.

This steps will be the guide for shaping that abdominal muscles that you have been dreaming of.

Step #1: Adjust Your Macros and Calories

The road for your muscular definition should start in making your intake of nutritious foods match your long-term goal.

One way in figuring out the ideal amount of fat, carbs, and protein that you will need is through the use of the “calorie calculator” found on the bodybuilding site in getting the values for your macronutrients.

Simply enter your weight, height, age, thegoal on fat-loss, and how many workouts you do each day.

The calculator allocates the amount of macro in creating a moderate-fat, moderate-carb, high-protein diet: 10% of your caloric intake comes from fat, 40% comes from carbs, and 50% comes to your protein.

It also develops in a day-to-day calorie shortage ranging about 300 to 700 calories, and it depends on your activity level and weight.

It prioritizes proteins since they are slow to be digested, initiate the production of hormones that help in suppressing your appetite, and add, help, and maintain your muscle mass.

Without a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, you will feel starved till your body would have to digest all the muscle mass you got theform working hard in order for your body to obtain the vitality that it needs in following this workout program.

Your result will allow you to drop about 0.5 to 1.0% of your weight every week, the sustainable and safest amount that will possibly deliver a surprising outcome for about 12 weeks.

For example, a man that weighs about 180 lbs. could drop about 0.9-1.8 lbs. every week, or even 4 to 8 lbs. per month.

If you’ll be like other people, you might lose a little-added pounds in your first week, partially because of water loss.

But if your body weight does not start todrop down after working out for 2 straight weeks, you might still be eating too much calorie.

If that will be the case you have to change your daily fat, carb, and protein intake in order to lose about 2 to 4% of your body weight every week in an aggressive way.

Step #2: Make Your Own Carb-Cycle Plan

making a carb cycle plan

When you are building your abs at your home, gym, or fitness center, the only who knows that your abdominals are developing will be you, not until you burn all the fats that are covering your abdominals.

In order to drop a serious amount of body fat you must keep on doing a high-intensive training, and making a carb-cycle is also needed.

The number or amount of carb you got using the nutrient calculator is only for moderate-carbs day.

If you are on a low-carb day, you should cut that amount in half for you to be able to lose your day-to-day calorie count.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is to pack some fruits that are low in sugar, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, and high-fiber every day.

During those days, you shouldn’t eat starchy foods such as plantains, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and withdraw away in consuming foods that are made from grain like tortillas, barley, oats, couscous, cereals, noodles, rice, pasta, and bread.

You should follow an extended diet which is low on carbs because it can have an effect in your vitality level, and it also depends on the method that you will take, causes you to burn all the way through your valued muscle mass.

In preserving your hard worked tissue, you should start following the 3/2 split carb.

Stick to this method for about 3 days, then follow it with 2 days of moderate carbohydrates.

You will have to repeat this cycle for a total of 17 times on the 12 weeks program.

But be sure to consume some carbs from various sources.

In the days of moderate carb intake, you can almost do most by consuming all your day-to-day carb allowance throughout your post and pre-workout meals.

A method like this will help in restocking your source of muscle glycogen and fueling your workouts.

Always remember that this is not a low-carbohydrate method, it is a carb-cycle method, so do not submit to the negative mentality.

Step #3: Equal Your Carbs to Your Cardio

The following step of this course is to turn up your cardio exercise in order to burn an enormous amount of calories. For this routine, it consists of Steady-State Cardio

Steady State (SS) Cardio

It is when you remain at a solid pace and stable hear rate either on anaerobic type activity (e.g. home fitness bike, personal treadmills) or home-based circuit workouts that focus on your cardio, your goal is toengage in a steady-state cardio training.

This type of program usually ranges from about 30 to 50 minutes with your heart at about 60 to 75% of or your MHR.


This cardio exercise has gone on a bad position these days, however, it always has a spot in a training program.

Even though this exercise does not demand recovery days, it can still help in reducing muscle soreness.

For it is not incredibly intense like any other exercise, you can also perform it on days scheduled for low-carb, and at the convenience of your home.

And finally, this exercise can help you develop your endurance, which is the type of quality that you need to get more of for your life and training.

You can assess your MHR with the use of the calculation illustrated below:

Below is the list of 2 weeks schedule which equals your intake of carbs with the suitable level of exercise or cardio.

Follow this guide for about 90 days.

Step #4: Lift Weights to Stimulate your Metabolism

It is time to include weight training in order for you to develop and maintain your muscle mass, though you are pursuing a diet that is calorie restricted.

This workout needs to follow a certain schedule.

Every week, you will be performing a weight training for about 5 days, 2 of which possibly will rock your abdominal muscle.

This training plan will start with a day doing nothing but to rest, and followed by 2 uninterrupted days of training, another recovery day, then 3 days of weight training.

The program is intended to provide an ideal recovery between every workout days, now if you don’t have an equipment or with a limited home equipment you can substitute with a bodyweight workout that stimulates the same muscle groups as listed. 

Step #5: Form Six-Pack Abs with Abdominal Workouts

a man is doing abs workouts

You are shedding away some layers of your fat with a proper nourishment.

Your cardio exercise makes you burn extra calories on your body.

Weight training works on your body, it adds body definition and helps you burn fat.

Now it is time to know the main part: a major development program for your abdominal muscle to from that most awaited six-pack ab like it is made of marble.

You will have to perform the following abdominal workouts each week.

Workouts in Forming a Six-Pack Ab

1/ Hanging Leg Raise/Sitting Leg Raise

a woman is doing hanging
  • Hang on a bar with your arms extended above you while using a medium or wide grip.

    Your legs must be straight downwards with your pelvis rolled a bit backward. That’ll be your initial position
  • Your legs should be raised until your torso makes an angle of 90 degrees with your legs.

    And you should exhale when you are performing this movement, then hold the reduction for about 3 seconds.
  • As you exhale slowly go back to your initial position.
  • Then you should repeat this exercise for the suggested amount of reps.

Variations: This workout can be performed also with the use of a chair or a sofa at home which makes the workout easier because it supports the upper part of your back in its proper position and letting you to get ahold of yourself by putting your arms and elbows into a pad.

Just lift your legs till it almost touches your chest and performs the workout as the regular leg raises.

2/ Decline Crunch/Bed Crunch

  • You have to ensure that your legs are placed at the edge of the bench or at home you can use your bed and just lie down let a partner hold you to keep you stable
  • Then lightly place your hand on your head either side would do and keep your elbows inwards. Tip: do not secure your fingers at the back of your head.
  • When you push your back downwards a little bit into the bench in isolating your muscles in the abdominal part better and begin to turn your shoulders when you’re at it.
  • Continue pushing downwards using the lower part of your back harder as you tighten your abdominal muscle and exhale.

    And your shoulders have to come up no less than 4 inches off of the bench.

    At the edge of your movement, tighten your abdominal muscle hard then keep the tightening for 1 second.

    Tip: you should focus on controlled and slow movements, and do not cheat by applying momentum.
  • When you’re done contracting your abdominals, you should begin going down gently to your initial position when you inhale.
  • Then you should repeat this exercise for the suggested amount of reps.

Variations: There are many variations for the crunch. You can perform the exercise with weights as well, or on top of an exercise ball or on a flat bench.

This workout has many variations. You can either perform this exercise using some weights or just by simply laying down on a bench or exercise ball.

3/ Ball Crunch

2 women are doing ball crunch
  • You should lie on a ball with the lower part of your back curved and pressed on the sphere surfaced exercise ball.

    Then your feet have to be hanged on the ball.

    And your arms must either be crossed onto your chest or kept along with your body as these stances will avoid the risk of neck strains.
  • Take your torso lower into a stretched position while you keep your neck stationary all the time.

    It’ll be your initial position.
  • With your hips motionless, try flexing your waist by tightening your abdominal muscle and curl your trunk and shoulders upward till you sense a nice reduction in your abdominal muscle.

    Your arms should lightly slide up on your legs or just stay onto your chest when your arms are crossed.

    The lower part of your back should constantly stay connected with the exercise ball.

    You have to exhale when you are performing this exercise then hold the tightening for 1 second.
  • And as you inhale, you have to go back to your initial position.
  • Then you should repeat this exercise for the suggested amount of reps.
  • This exercise is an ideal six-pack abs workout at home.

Variations:  An alternative exercise for this one is with the use of a pulley positioned behind you that is attached to a rope.

You can also add extra resistance or weight to make it even more challenging.

In this variant, you will have to hold the ropes on both sides during the exercise.

My idea for this alternative exercise is to take my arms onward until my upper arms reach the same position as my torso.

4/ Side Bridge

a woman is doing side bridge
  • It constantly works on your obliques, it also helps in stabilizing your spinal column.
    Rest sideways and assist your body in the middle of your forearm and feet to your knee.
    Hold this position for 2 to 4 seconds.
  • Then do it on your other side. Try to build up about 1 minute for each side.
  • This exercise is also an ideal six-pack abs workout at home.

5/ Reverse Crunch

a man is doing reverse crunch
  • Lie on the ground extending your legs fully and your arms should be in the area where your torsois with your palms on the ground. Your arms must stay still for the whole exercise.
  • You should move your feet upward for your thighs to be vertical as the floor then your feet should be together and equal to the surface.
    It will serve as your initial position.
  • While inhaling some air, you should move your feet towards your torso at the same time as you revolve your pelvis backward and raising your hips upward.
    Your knees should touch your chest as this movement ends.
  • Keep the tightening for 1 second then try to move your feet back to the initial position while you are exhaling.
  • Then do it on your other side. Try to build up about 1 minute for each side.
  • This exercise is also an ideal six-pack abs workout at home.

6/ Ab Roller

  • Use both hands in holding the equipment while kneeling on the surface.
  • Then place the equipment on your front so that you’ll be on your knees and hands (like push-up while in a kneeling position). Now that is your initial position.
  • Gently roll the equipment straightforward, while moving your body until it reaches a horizontal position.

    Tip: if you are to go down lower to the floor without your body touching it. Just breath in throughout this part of the exercise.
  • After you stop in a stretched position, try to pull yourself returning to the initial position while you are breathing out.

    Tip: do it slowly and retain your abs contracted most of the time.

Note. Ab Rollers are a very much inexpensive tool you must have at home.

7/ Planks

a man is doing planks
  • Place your hand on the floor as if you are gonna be performing push-ups
  • Lower your balance using your elbows
  • Try to focus on your core muscles while holding the position
  • Start by holding for 30 seconds Keeping your back straight throughout the set
  • Increase Sets and time of execution gradually
  • This workout maximizes the power of the core

8/ Oblique Crunches

  • You should lay on the surface and press the lower part of your back onto the ground.
    This exercise will require you to place one hand on your head while your other hand is on the ground.
  • Ensure that your legs will be elevated and rest them on a high flat surface.
  • Then lift your shoulders until your hand touches your head.
  • When you are done touching your knee to your elbow, take your body lower till you reach the initial position.
  • Always remember to inhale throughout the eccentric portion of the workout and exhale throughout the concentric portion of the workout.
  • Then you should repeat this exercise for the suggested amount of reps.

Note: If you can’t add an extra weight or resistance to this exercise, you can always focus on slow speed and perfect execution.

9/ Russian Twist

  • Lay down and place your feet under something which will be motionless or find yourself anaccountability partner to hold your feet.
    And your legs must be perfectly bent at your knees.
  • You should elevate the upper part of your body to create a V-shape using your thighs.
    Then your arms must be extended right on your front perpendicular with your torso while your hands are clasped.
    It will serve as your initial position.
  • Rotate your torso all the way to your right side, and your arms should be parallel to the floor as you exhale
  • Then you should repeat this exercise for the suggested amount of reps.

Variation: When you develop your abdominal muscle and be more advanced, always aim higher.

Lift a weight heavier than the weights you’re previously lifted and use both of your arms for an added resistance.


If you don’t have weights at home you can improvise using bottles with water, or books that are heavy enough.

Perform all of this exercises for about 2 times every week, and should separate for at least 2 days of rest in a week.

You must experience an extreme soreness in your abdominal muscle after performing these exercises because it indicates the workout was effective or not.

Concentrate on utilizing a weight that can cause failure within 6 to 12 repetitions and then transfer to your next exercise.

It is an unending circuit. You should rest for about 1 to 2 minutes then repeat again and again until you accomplish a total of 4 sets.

The Last Thing is for you to Work!

Achieving that washboard will be a remarkable achievement.

But it usually takes far more thanan occasional 40 mins. doing crunches on the ground.

It surely needs a guide and strategy, and now, you have one.

Follow all the instructions clearly, then mark this year as you make all of your long-term goals come true.


As illustrated earlier, building an ideal abdominal muscle (abs) isn’t the simplest task that you have to go through.

The abdominal exercises mentioned above will surely help you in building and developperfect and solid abs with a short amount of timein the comfort of your own home.

Being creative is important if you don’t have access to common equipment, explore and never limit the possibilities.

You would be amazed how common materials at home can become a workout tool.

However, if you don’t see yourself building some abs.

The most recommendable adjustment for you to build one is to have a proper diet.

Bring out those washboard midsection needs discipline, so try to focus on getting enough nutrients and limit the intake of carbohydrates.

And lastly, you should have the mental strength and confidence needed in performing the said tasks in successfully building, and develop a well-rounded abdominal muscle that you have been longing for.

Committing yourself to this task is crucial as you need to focus and give time until you achieve your dream.

If you ever get sidetracked along the way, get back on track immediately and soon those eye-catching midsection will be yours!!!