Steam Room Weight Loss & How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Sauna?

How Saunas and Steam Rooms Helps in Losing Weight

A sauna or also called as a sudatory is where you experience a wet or dry heat sessions in a small building or room, or a business that has one or even more of the facility.

The high heat and steam make the bathers perspire. The so-called infrared therapy is considered to be a kind of sauna.

However, based on the research of an organization which is “Finnish Sauna Organizations.”

The steam room is a room which is enclosed and produces a high amount of steam that creates an environment with high humidity.

People sit inside the steam room that same way as they sit in the sauna (equally hot, but it has a dry atmosphere), meant for easing and purported profits to your well-being and health.

Steam rooms are commonly found in fitness centers or gyms, health resorts, and sanitariums. Small standalone steam rooms can be found inside residential buildings also.

You have probably seen some mysterious looking areas located in a hotel spa or in the rear corner of a gym locker room – but did you ever wonder what health benefits can you get in a steam room or sauna?

Have you asked yourself how much weight can you lose in a sauna? Ever thought of trying steam rooms weight loss? Sure, the sense of voluntarily sweating without any benefits of a good workout or good tan seems a bit silly.

However, steam rooms and saunas offer a lot of health benefits and they should not be disregarded.

All of us deserves to get pampered and relaxed –and the best way to accomplish it is for you to visit a spa that has a sauna and steam room.

Steam room and sauna not only can increase your heartbeat and develop your blood circulation, both rooms also have their own specific health benefits.

By reading this article you might discover what environment will suit you better.

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It has a low humidity level and it is hotter than the steam room.

Sauna has two styles which include the infrared and conventional sauna where conventional sauna makes the air inside the room warmer and infrared sauna warms objects by using a charcoal or carbon fibers that have a potential heating material.

They’re normally heated using stones that are placed on the top of a heater (usually wood or electric-burning).

Water will be poured into the stones that will produce a dense fog of steam.

The effect would be the rise in temperature inside the steam bath by some degrees and the steam swiftly disappears.

A sauna is commonly wood-lined and it has a wooden bench to lie or sit on.

They’re insulated to maintain the heat inside nonetheless there’s no alarm concerning the moisture damage outside the structure.

People normally use towels and place it on the wood bench because it’s so uncomfortable to lie or sit on very hot wood bench.

The heat that is produced inside the sauna can soothe your nerves, relaxes, and warms your muscle, sequentially relieving all the tensions that come from all parts of your body then minimizes joint pain.

It is extremely beneficial for individuals who suffer from illnesses like headaches, migraines, and arthritis.

Saunas can also be utilized by means of soothing your body and relieves stress.

Steam Room

It is an airtight room that uses a generator of steam to build the room’s level of humidity of 100%.

A steam room is commonly finished with ceramic tiles and its ceiling should be slanted to prevent a drip coming out of the ceiling and into the bathers.

Its primary goal is for the bathers to sweat and detoxify their bodies.

Staying at a steam room will help you to open some airways that will alleviate congestion and improves your breathing.

The wet warmness that is produced in the steam room opens and thins your mucous membranes inside of your body that helps in relieving pressure.

It is extremely beneficial especially for those who are suffering from bronchitis and asthma because it will help to relieve your sinus.

The environment can also increase your metabolism which can help you to lose weight.

The room triggers you to voluntarily sweat that means you are losing water weight.

Since water plays a big part in your overall weight, the release of sweat can make you lose some of your weight.

The sweat can also help in removing toxins and it cleanses your body.

Health Benefits of Sauna

Weight Loss and Burns Calorie

Woman with wide pants is losing weight

Whenever you sit inside a hot place it will automatically cause aerobic effect: increasing your heart rate that will cause your metabolism to increase which stimulates your body in burning more calories.

Utilizing a sauna often can possibly be a sufficient addition to your fitness or weight loss program.

It is a way of keeping things fun and fresh.

Note: It’s very important for you to rehydrate after your sauna session, changing all of the water weights that you might have lost.

Improves your Immune System

The sauna does not just help you to get your impurities out. It will also help your body to generate some great stuff too.

As the temperature of your core slightly rises, your body will be tricked into considering that you are feeling like you have an illness, thus it increases your body’s white blood cell production.

For those who are always active, using the sauna can be a way in decreasing your chances to get knocked off by flu or cold.

Improves your Blood Circulation

By sitting down inside a warm room.

It will make your heart to work faster which will pump your blood faster, and to contain the increase of your blood flow, your blood vessels will have to expand, resulting to an impermanent decreasing of your blood pressure.

To make it simple, by making your heart to work extremely, you are calming down the pressure of your blood.

Respiratory Relief

Spending your time inside a sauna will also become a responsive extent after your sickness.

For those individuals who are suffering from plugged sinuses, bronchitis, and chest congestion.

The steam that is generated inside the sauna will surely make you feel better.

Just sit and lie back and inhale deeply.

Pain Relief

By being immersed in a sauna with a good hot air can serve as a therapy for achy muscles and sore joints.

For those individuals who are suffering from arthritis, a sauna will relieve any pain that you may encounter; for those who are living a physically demanding and active lifestyle, sitting inside a sauna will serve as a great reward for your body.

Stress Relief and Endorphin Relief

man stands front sunset to relief stress

Endorphins are the one responsible for your pleasant feeling of satisfaction and well-being you acquire after your workout.

They might be a reason why expending your time inside a sauna will be a great way in shedding your tension and stress that frequently builds up throughout the day.

Several sauna users claim that by using sauna regularly will help you overcome all of the effects caused by insomnia and you will sleep better overnight.

Healthier Skin Tone

woman is washing her face to protect the skin

Using your time and spending it in a sauna will help you to rinse out bacteria, improves your skin elasticity, relaxes your facial tension, and removes dead skin cells, making your skin youthful, moist, and soft looking.

Some individuals claim that it provides them the tanned skin they are wanting.

Relaxes your Muscles

Provided that you’re healthy, a sauna stint will help you to relax your body.

The heat inside the sauna will help you to loosen and soother sore, tighten your muscle, and relaxes your body which helps you to relax your mind.

Thus, even though some of your excess fats will not melt, your excess tension will.

Temporarily Lowers your Blood Pressure

When you feel relieved from your stress during your stay in a sauna, it will help you to prevent your body to retain excess weight.

Being stressed is very bad when you are maintaining your healthy habits because it will possibly lead you to stress eating: it is the practice of consuming in reply to your negative emotions.

Therefore, while the sauna might help you in losing weight, it can also cut your stress which will encourage you in putting it on.


The main benefit of the sauna is its capability to de-stress and relax you.

The intensified heat can soothe tense and sore muscles in your body which gives you a restored feeling once the session has been completed.

The improved blood flow can also help in bringing more oxygen right on those tense and sore areas.

Utilizing the sauna after every workout can also help you to relax while the rate of your heart maintains its normal heart rate.


Making you sweat might be the most obvious effect of a sauna. By sweating it will make your skin cleansed, and it also cleanses some toxins from drinks and foods out.

This type of cleansing performed in a sauna can result in more alight load for your kidneys and liver.

How Long Must You Stay in a Sauna?

The sauna room can be a relaxing and pleasant experience and several people believe that it can offer some advantages to cleanse your body from toxins.

Though bathing inside a sauna room can be pleasing, it is important to keep in mind that high heat temperature can stress your body.

Overheating at a temperature of 200 degrees inside a sauna will have a high possibility so it is very important to remind yourself of how long you should stay inside the sauna.

You should pay attention to how you are feeling.

The very first time that you go to a sauna you might want to exit after 8 minutes however if you’re comfortable you are allowed to stay a bit longer – just not longer than 20 minutes.

You are always allowed to go out and chill, then re-enter the sauna room for about 10 minutes.

Health Benefits of Steam Room

woman stand front the sunset to feel stress free

You will feel more stress-free

The day we live now can be stressful. Technology, family demands, work, and unnecessary worrying will affect your physical and mental health.

Working out can be a good way to relieving some stress.

Using the steam room after every workout can help in relieving more stress when put on a state same to meditation.

Several steam room promoters even say that by staying inside a steam room. It will help them to sleep better every night.

Increases you Athletic Performance

One study conducted in New Zealand demonstrated how heat bathing will help improve an athlete’s athletic performance.

This study concentrated on male runners, who uses a steam room after their daily workout.

The other day, the athletes were examined to check how long the athletes can run on the treadmill.

The athletes increased the time that they can run for about 325i after utilizing the steam room.

Weight Loss

Though staying at a steam room will make you lose a small quantity of weight.

It must be prominent that the loss usually came from water weight.

A study that was conducted inside a steam room found out that participants had BML (Body Mass Loss) when staying inside a steam room for about 10 minutes.

Ensure that you are properly hydrated after your workout, and also after staying in the steam room.

Healthier Heart

Some studies have revealed that a steam room has a great benefit factor to your heart’s health.

One study was conducted on the man in Finland and the researchers found out that staying in a steam room will protect a person from any deadly heart problems like Coronary Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, and Sudden Death.

Breathe More Openly

Steam rooms can possibly open your sinuses and helps you to breathe clearly.

It is essential for those who are suffering from chronic bronchitis, asthma, and cold. Researchers think that it might be because of a pulmonary functioning.

But, doctors suggest not utilizing a steam room if you are suffering from an infection in your respiratory system.

For Healthy and Beautiful Skin

A steam room has been touted because of its benefits to your skin. They’re essentially helpful after all exercises and workouts to cleanse and open pores.

A steam room can increase your blood circulation and flow. Therefore, it is great for the skin.

How Long Must You Stay inside a Steam Room?

Relax in a gym steam room not longer than half an hour every visit. However, if you are feeling any kind of distress, you should leave the steam room.

Several people find 10 minutes stay inside the steam room will help them to feel rested during the day.

Ensure that you consume lots of water because sweating can also be the cause of dehydration.

A gym literally is consist of steam rooms since exercise and heat bathing go hand to hand.

Experience all of the benefits of the steam bath after every workout to make you feel healthy and more relaxed.

How to Use a Sauna and a Steam Room Properly

Using a sauna or steam room can be a beneficial way of easing mental stress, improves blood circulation, revitalizes your skin, and relaxes your muscles.

But, because of the intense heat that was produced by both facilities, and because of the point that most saunas and spas are public services.

All users must remember some very important safety precautions before going inside either facility.

Step #1

You should decide whether the sauna or steam room is co-ed.

And if both facilities are co-ed, the chances will turn out pretty good in which both facilities will necessitate you in wearing a proper bathing outfit.

A facility that has a separate room for women and men might establish a bathing suit rule.

Anyway, it’s a great idea to always bring an extra cloth and wear a pair of sandals inside the sauna or steam room for them to shield their skin from hurting because of the hot area.

You must read all of the signs that are posted outside of both facilities before you disrobe or robe.

Step #2

All of the heat that comes out of saunas and steam rooms can cause your body to sweat, often in high amounts.

Drink lots of water before you enter to prevent dehydration inside the facility.

Also, take a shower in order to eliminate any cleansers and lotions that can possibly drip or melt off inside the facility.

And also check if you have any metal (zippers and jewelry) for you to prevent the metal from burning because it can quickly heat up inside the facility.

Step #3

Do not remain inside the steam room or sauna further than your capability to bear the heat from the facility.

If you are beginning to feel nauseated, faint, or the rate of your heart begins to increase, you must get out of the steam room or sauna as soon as possible.

Normally, at the start, 8 – 10 minutes inside the facility must be enough in causing the temperature of your body to increase and perspire without causing you any negative effects like dizziness.

Step #4

Avoid taking a shower or diving into a pool right after your session.

Spend about 10 – 15 minutes to let your body regulate chiller air temperature in order to avoid getting your body in a shock when you go in a shower or a pool.

Drink lots of water during the day in order to be hydrated.

Step #5

You must know when you should not use the facilities.

If you’re pregnant or you think you might be pregnant, stop using a sauna or steam room.

When you raise your body temperature extremely high it might damage the fetus.

Furthermore, you should not use the facilities if you are drunk or if you are taking dangerous drugs.

You should also refrain from using a steam room or sauna if you’re aged 18 below, if you are suffering from epilepsy, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, heart disease, circulatory problems, and other serious conditions that might affect your body in reacting to hot temperatures.

Talk to your doctor when you think you might have one of these conditions.

How to Lose Weight in a Sauna and Steam Room

a scale and tape measure

Step #1

Get your weight using the weight scale before you enter a steam room or sauna.

If you are required to weigh about 155 lbs. and you weigh 159 lbs. you will need to drop 4 lbs. inside the sauna or steam room.

Step #2

Sit inside a sauna or steam room till you start to perspire.

Though the steam will produce moisture all over your body, you will soon feel the sweat all over your body and your face.

Stay in the sauna or steam room for about 20 – 30 minutes, it depends on the amount of weight that you are required to lose.

Step #3

Get out of the sauna or steam room and measure your weight again on the weight scale.

If you have lost some body weight but you require to lose further weight, then you must return inside the sauna or steam room.

When you have reached your wanted body weight, get in the weigh-in swiftly and refrain from drinking till you have made weight.

Can You Lose some Weight in a Sauna or Steam Room? 

The answer is yes. However you are not building some muscle, you are not burning a suggestively increased amount or calorie, and you are really losing only your water weight.

Furthermore, if you are not replacing all of the water that you have expanded.

It might actually be harder for you to lose some weight.

The bodyweight that you’ve lost while you are sitting down in a hot room is purely water weight.

The water that is required for you to be replaced. Otherwise, you’re just harshly making your body dehydrated.

By not practicing the proper hydration when you are inside both facilities can be unhealthy and it might actually make it harder for you to lose body weight permanently since hydration is an essential component to shed additional weight.

Steam Room vs. Sauna

The dissimilarity between a steam room and a sauna can simply be determined – wet vs. dry. Steam rooms produce moist heat, while saunas produce dry heat.

Both facilities have the ability to make your pores open, loosen your muscles up, and helps you to relax.

Which facility is ideal for you? It is typically an issue or personal fondness.

Saunas are a bit Hotter

Saunas operate significantly hotter than some steam rooms, though because of its humidity and variance.

Your body might not sense any difference between the two facilities.

A usual sauna has its temperature of about 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit that has a level of humidity of about 5% to 30%.

Steam rooms only go up for about 110 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the 100% humidity level will keep your sweat to evaporate, thus making you sense a bit hotter.

Whether wet or dry, hot air will always rise. In both steam rooms and saunas.

The higher temperature you feel, the hotter you will get.

Comfortably Seat

Saunas were made of wood because of a specific reason; tiled walls or metal benches inside the hot room can possibly burn your skin.

In addition, wood can absorb moist, which does not only keep the surface cooler but it also helps in pulling humidity out. Inside a steam room.

However, the constant condensation and high humidity level will cause wood by degrading fairly and swiftly.

A steam room is surfaced with a non-porous material like tiles that we are able to get wet deprived of causing any problems.

Self-reliant units like those units used at home are mostly plastic.

A steam room normally has a sloped ceiling for the water to run down on the wall rather than drop over the occupiers.

De-Stress and Relax

Saunas and steam rooms share some benefits in terms of therapeutic.

Above all, both facilities can reduce the tension on your muscle, promotes general well-being and relaxation.

The heat inside the facilities can help in improving your blood circulation and sweating, in which it opens your pores then gently cleanses your skin.

A steam room might be a more comfortable facility for individuals who are suffering from congestion in their chest, sinuses, or allergies.

A sauna is an ideal choice for those individuals who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

No Effects or Whatsoever

There is no evidence in supporting the claims that a heat bath or commonly called as a steam room and sauna, can detoxify your body.

The hot temperature inside the facility will help you to open your pores that might help your skin. However, it does not take toxins out from your organs past your skin.

Equally, both abilities of steam rooms and saunas in helping you lose weight are seriously overstated.

Try hanging out inside of those facilities for an amount of time and you will sweat enough in order to make some difference in your body weight.

However, you only lost water weight. Once you replenish the fluids drawn out form your body.

You will be back in the start.

Things to do and not to do inside the Sauna and Steam Room


  • Always be quiet

    A public sauna is only a room for meditation and silence.
    If you are having a conversation inside the facility with your friend, then you might as well do it quietly.
  • Get inside and out swiftly

    If you leave the facility’s door open for a while, the steam will come out.
    You must shut the door quickly when you enter or leave the facility.
  • Bring with you your own towel

    If you want some towel to lay or sit on and wear, and use it to dry yourself when you’re done with your session.
    You must bring 2 towels inside the facility and leave some towel outside.
  • Behave

    Remember that you are inside a public facility, so treat everyone inside the room with respect.
  • Take a Shower first

    For you to take off some sweat, body odors, and bacteria.
    Surely you want to go inside the facility as clean as possible.
  • Dress your private part

    It is not a room for the scandalous act, and surely no one will want to see your private part hiding inside the towel.
    Either don’t wear a towel or wear proper attire when inside the facility.
  • You should Ask first

    If you are to change anything inside the facility, you should ask first.
    Because you surely do not want to engage the people inside the facility.


  • Do not spit

    It might be fun for you to hear some saliva to sizzle above the rocks.
    However, that is a poor facility etiquette.
    Water should only be the thing that touches the rocks inside the facility.
  • Over-watering the rocks

    Do not put too many waters on the rocks.
    Because it might cause excessive heat that may be uncomfortable for individuals inside the facility.
    You should properly ask those who are in the same facility as you.
  • Do not bring any electronics

    Electronics can possibly damage the steam and heat inside the facility, and you will also annoy those who are with you inside the facility if you play games, text, or even chat.

Follow all of this friendly advice, and you will avoid angering all of the people who you are sharing the sauna or steam room with.

Above all of that, you must remember that saunas and steam rooms are considered a public facility.


Stated above saunas and steam rooms can help you to lose weight.

However, the only weight that you will be losing is water weight.

Just follow the instructions and remember all of the precautions and you will obtain all of the benefits given.