Training each muscle group once or twice a week for best muscle gains

Should you be training each muscle group once or twice per week ???

You might be wondering how many times a week per body part you must do a work out to gain maximum hypertrophy.

On that note, actually, there is a good news and a bad news.

The good news is that, according to a recent study, you just need to work out once a week to experience all the amazing health benefits, including the reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, and some other health problems.

However, the bad news is that there is a catch on this.

The researchers look into a survey data of about 63000 men and women who are under the age of 40 or those who are older between 1994 and 2012.

The data that has been used in the analysis of the research was self-reported from the people.

And these reports are about their own hobbies and exercises.

Looking at their exercises compared to the death rates, it appears that 1 to 2 moderate or dynamic physical activity sessions a week is already sufficient to reduce the causes of some chronic diseases like cancer.

By the way, that’s the catch that, I am saying.

If you want to work out just once every week, it must be properly intensive.

You must do at least 75-minute intense workout to about 150-minute restrained exercise to see all the good benefits if you want to just workout once or twice a week.

How many days a week you should exercise?

Actually, keeping active is very crucial to stay healthy, hence, exercise is a good thing to do.

With regards to how many days or times you must do exercise to have a muscle gain, it actually depends on you.

On your own capabilities. Unless you are a fitness enthusiast, you are most probably to spend minimal time in the gym and do a workout, pump some heavyweights, and more.

You don’t have enough time to achieve your fitness and health goals.

However, as some people say, training only once or twice every week will not give you more than the low level of body fitness.

They say that you must train at least three times a week, just to achieve the body and the health you really want in a reasonable amount of time.

However, if you are busy with your work life, you are most probably to have much lesser time to do some intense workout.

Hence, doing it once or twice a week can be beneficial. Conversely, the workout that you are to do must also be more intense to gain better results.

How long must the workouts be?

a clock

Some enthusiasts argue on how long the workout time should be. Some people say that half an hour is enough, some say it is not.

Actually, to get an effective and efficient workout, thirty minutes to forty-five minutes is enough.

As long as of course, if you use your time wisely.
However, what some professionals prefer having a 45 to one hour of workout.

They recommend spending at least ten minutes of mobilizing and warming up the body, approximately 30 to 40 minutes of weight training, and about five to ten minutes to cool down and stretch.

That being said, 30 minutes to 45 minutes can be so beneficial for the interval or conditioning training or workout.

Benefits of having once or twice a week exercise

If you want to feel better, improve your health status, and lose weight to be fit, having once or twice a week exercise can be a great choice to do.

There are numerous benefits that regular exercise can do. This is regardless of the age, physical ability, or even age.

Here the best benefits of having exercise at least once or twice a week:

1/ It helps in improving mood

If you need an emotional lift, you can try doing exercise at least once or twice a week.

Some physical activities help in stimulating various chemicals in the brain which may help in making you feel happier and much more relaxed.

2/ Helps in boosting energy

When you do exercise, you deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues which will then help in making the cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

3/ It helps in promoting better sleep

Having once or twice a week of exercise helps in making you sleep faster and much deeper.

4/ Puts back a spark into your sex life

Doing exercise at least once or twice a week may help in enhancing arousal for women. 

Furthermore, for men who do exercises, they are less to have problems with erectile dysfunction.

5/ Exercise helps in fighting off illnesses

At least twice a week exercise may help in preventing or managing a wide range of health conditions. 

This includes heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, depression, some types of cancer, and much

6/ It helps in controlling the weight

Doing exercise helps in preventing the accumulation of excess fat in the body, thus, helps in controlling the weight.

When you do physical activities like exercise, you burn the calories in your body.
The more intense the workout, the more calories than you burn.

7/ It can be fun and social

Doing an exercise can be an enjoyable activity.
It gives you the chance to unwind and get more connected to your friends, family in the social setting.

8/ Muscular Look

Having a weight lifting exercise is good most especially to those who want to achieve a muscular physique.
It makes the muscle much leaner and fit and bigger.

Can you build muscle by exercising once a week?

a man with his abs muscle

Muscle build or hypertrophy is actually a physiological response to a prolonged overloading of muscles in the body.

The resistance training is, in fact, the most common way that you can use to build muscle strength and mass.

The frequency of the resistance workout is commonly determined by the intensity and recovery time of the workout.

Resistance training usually takes two to three times a week –this is actually highly recommended.
Hence, training a body part once a week will unlikely to result in muscle build.

Recommended once or twice a week exercises


As stated earlier, if you want to look fit and fab and muscular, but you don’t have enough time, intensive workout once or twice a week can help you maintain or improve your build, this depends on what level of fitness are you.

However, for the sake of just having an improved overall health, you must focus on getting active every day.

If you are to go to the gym in doing your exercise and your goal is to build huge muscle, make sure to engage yourself in some intense exercises like weight lifting.

Here are some of the most recommended exercises that you may do to achieve muscle gains:

  • Aerobic exercises

    This certain type of exercise is comprised of almost any types of exercise which raise the heart rate.

    There are numerous ideas for aerobic workouts, including running, jogging, bicycling, playing basketball, etc.

    Many gyms nowadays offer aerobic exercises and dance classes.

    Make sure that you are getting a solid hour where your heart rate becomes elevated to acquire most of the benefits from your exercise.

    And don’t do aerobic workouts right after an intense lifting to achieve better muscle
  • Muscle-Building exercises

    If you can go to the gym twice a week, make sure to get into exercises that strengthen your muscles.

    It is recommended that you must complete a muscle strengthening activity on two times a week to see the amazing muscle building effects of it.

    Depends on the level of training you had done, there any many methods in planning your bodybuilding program, but for beginners, any workout usually will give you noticeable gains, for more advanced lifter heavyweights using compound movements plus some isolation workouts tends to work best.

    Couple with the right amount of diet and sleep.

Important things to consider before doing intensive workout or exercise

Here are some of the most important things to know and about doing exercises that are extremely intensive:

1/ Resting is very important

Because of doing some intense workout, sometimes, some people forget to have a rest.

This may lead to exhaustion and may have a serious side effect.

2/ Don’t overtrain

Don’t push yourself to its own limits. 
It is better to stop it if it doesn’t cause you any good effects.

You might just end up getting a lot of injuries if you choose to push yourself even though you can’t already.

3/ Go slow

If you are not used to doing intense workouts, you must start slow.

You must look for the initial effects of it in the body before proceeding with some much harder routines.

4/ Pay attention to your nutrition

If you are dealing with an extensive workout or training, you must pay attention to what you eat.

This will be beneficial for the body to repair and heal itself.

Professionals suggest that in doing intense workouts you relatively need to have a large meal with both simple and complex carbs, and proteins.

4/ Balance your exercises

Doing intensive workout may be hard, you can try to add some other exercises to it.

You can add jogging into your weight lifting routine or you can add yoga in swimming, it depends on you.

5/ Get a lot of sleep

This is very crucial if you are engaging yourself in intensive types of exercises.

This will give an amazing difference when it comes to burning out and seeing the results.


Hitting you muscle group once or twice a week really depends on you.

Usually, more successful lifters split there body parts for the maximum load to each muscle groups,  If you don’t have time and really want to get in shape, try working whole body workouts with the emphasis of compound heavy workouts, doing this is a good choice for time restricted lifters.

However, you must make sure that by doing this, you still look for yourself, take care of yourself, and don’t overdo it.

Even though I say that it may give amazing positive effects to the body, if you overdo it, your body and health will perish.

Thanks for reading and also for being part of this healthy ride!

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