What can you do for Weight Loss? Diet or Exercise?

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What to do to lose weight: Diet or Exercise?

The above topic of my article is very near to my soul as I am writing to guide those people who want to lose weight.

Just like so many people, a few years back I started gaining weight gradually.

I tried lots of things to lose weight and follow the regime of eating less and working out more.

But all these things get failed.

Doing workout was not my cup of tea and I hated to do that.

Then, I started counting my total calories intake. By cutting fats and carbs I have to get deprived of lots of my favorite foods also.

The results were there but that was only temporary as I again regain back the lost weight.

At that time, I came to a conclusion that only cutting calories will not give effective results. I have to take a good diet along with the exercise to achieve good outcomes.

So, now in the below article, I will advise you on the basis of my experience that what we should do for weight loss: diet or exercise.

I will also tell you the benefits and drawbacks of doing exercise and eating less.

My main motive is to make all my readers know that which things are good for living a healthy lifestyle.

So, without wasting much time,

let’s dive right in!

Why most of us Gain Weight?

people gain weight

Instead of knowing which is the best option for weight loss i.e. diet or exercise, we should know that why most of us gain weight?

Well! In our human body, the adipose tissue or fat tissue is the main region where our fat gets stored.

It is also known as the calorie cushion in our body without which we can famish to death.

The quantity of fat is based on the calories that we take and how much we burn at the time of the workout.

Thus, if you want to lose weight it is quite important that a number of calories you burn is more than a number of calories you take.

But eating less alone does not work always.

If you want good results, there are lots of other things which you need to consider.

You can deliberate about it!

From our childhood, we are always told that weight gain only happens when we intake more calories in comparison to the calories burned during the workout.

So, cutting out calories from our daily diet and including vigorous workout can only help us.

What do you think is it right for the effective weight loss?

Well! I don’t think so! Starving yourself and doing exercise is not a permanent solution.

If you need permanent weight loss, there are lots of things which you need to understand.

There are lots of questions which usually come to mind when I was not aware of the solution to weight loss.

In the below section I will discuss with you all that questions. I hope many of you will agree with the queries and their answers.

We will now discuss the benefits and drawback of eating less and how it affects our body.

What are the Benefits of Eating Less?

When we eat fewer calories, our body uses the fat for the energy which is stored in our body somewhere.

The main aim of weight loss is that you get to rely on the energy which is stored already in your body.

The body of the people who eat less has to utilize the stored energy for weight loss.

Besides this, the genetic factors also play important role in it.

However, it is not possible for us to change pour genes. Besides this, we have full control over the food that we intake.

Remember that when you think of eating less, you should consume the food which has good quality calories content so that you can get the good amount of energy easily.

It is true that more you cut back the bad foods or junk food from your diet, there will be more dramatic results of your weight loss in the end.

But, such healthy food regime is hard to follow and sustain sometimes.

What are the Drawbacks to only Eating Less?

So, now you know the benefits of eating less but there is few drawback also of only eating less.

Let’s read below to know more!

One of the most common drawbacks of eating less is that it lowers down your metabolic rate and the muscle mass.

So, if you do not do any workout along with the cutting of the food intakes then, this will only result in the lowering of your fat mass and the muscle mass.

There are lots of studies and investigations which prove that with the addition of the exercise in the dietary restriction can help in retaining the more muscle mass in comparison to the solitary workout or cutting calories.

After discussing the benefits and drawbacks of eating less, now it’s the time to tell you about the benefits of workout or exercise.

What are the Benefits of Exercising?

a girl is doing exercise

Exercising or doing workout vigorously is one of the best ways through which we can increase the expenditure of our energy.

It helps our body in getting rid of all the fat as well as the energy stored.

The following are the few major benefits of doing exercise:

  • With the regular workout, your muscle mitochondria get upsurge. It assists your body in utilizing the carbohydrates and fats as a fuel more efficiently.
  • It also helps you in retaining the muscle mass at the time of weight loss in comparison to the easting less.
  • If you start exercising for losing weight then it surely going to benefit your health for the long term.
    Lots of studies have been conducted till now which shows that workout is an essential thing for maintaining your weight in the long term.

Drawbacks to Just Exercising

As you know that nothing in this world comes without the cons.

So, same things are also with the exercise.

If you do the only exercise for the weight loss then, it will not show out any significant changes in your weight loss journey.

There are few things which need to do in your workout regime that increases and sustain your weight loss.

For example, if you do the same kind of exercise daily then, it will not show good results after some time in your weight loss.

But if you make some little change in your exercise after few days then, it will show you some drastic change in your body.

The quantity of your food intake also plays an important role when you increase your exercise.

The food intake must match with the amount of energy required during the workout or otherwise no fruitful results will come out.

Every time doing exercise will not deliver you weight loss.

But, if you are on a track of losing weight then, you need to move things along with it.

Significance of Combining Diet with Exercise

There are many studies conducted which show that the combination of the diet with exercise allows you to easily achieve your weight loss target.

You can see the below equation to get more clear.

Healthy diet + Regular exercise = Weight loss

So, when you do daily exercise and also eat right things then it will make your body functions properly.

Your body gets all the essential nutrients from the healthy food and with the physical activity, your body fetches endurance, improve strength and good cardiovascular health.

There are lots of benefits which you get from the combination of the diet with exercise.

I am discussing few of them below:

  • It helps you in maintaining and achieving the healthy body weight
  • You look good with the right tome of muscles
  • It upsurges your energy and stamina
  • The risk of the chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension, cancers, and diabetes also gets reduce
  • Improves your immunity and you also get a better sleep
  • The stress also gets decreased

How to Successfully Maintain the Weight for the Long Term?

control weight for the long term

In maintaining the weight successfully without regaining it back, the exercise plays a very vital role.

Several people (including me) which have successfully achieved their weight loss target has to do lots of physical activity to avoid the problem of regaining the weight.

Besides the exercise, they need to eat the healthy food also for their weight management.

If they fall into the trap of the unhealthy food then, there are high chances of gaining weight again.

To conclude here, a good diet with the regular exercise is a must for the proper weight management in the long term.

Why some People Lose Weight Faster than the Others?

This question used to bother me a lot when I was on the track of losing weight that how some people lose their weight so fast than others?

Some of the people achieve their weight loss goals with moderate exercise and some of them have to do vigorous exercise for losing weight.

In fact, few of them also think that losing weight is not their cup of tea.

Well! The only answer to all the above questions is the genetic differences.

Some of the people have a specific kind of genetic susceptibility which benefits them in losing weight more quickly with the combination of the diet and exercise.

I would also like to suggest that in the coming future, the advice for the weight loss should be done on the basis of the genetic profile of a person.

But, before making any implementation of this strategy, a proper research must be done.

Sharing the Experience of my weight loss journey


After accomplishing my weight loss journey, I can say that the in the diet vs exercise, there is no true winner for weight loss.

Weight loss can only happen if you do follow the healthy diet with the right exercise.

Both of them help you in making proper utilization of your energy so that more effective results can come out in the end.

You cannot lose a large amount of weight with the heavy workout or do the dieting alone.

If you are hungry during the workout in the gym then, all your efforts will get blasted away after consuming a big piece of carbohydrate food.

One very important thing which I gain from the experience of my weight loss journey is that never make any excuse for doing the workout even if you are busy.

Make the exercise is as essential as the food you intake.

What I can say more than it is not an easy thing to lose weight.

There are lots of efforts which you need to do for cutting down your calories intake and bringing out more. 

Wrapping it up!

So, it’s the time to wrap up my article!

In the end, I just want to say that perfect way for weight loss might vary from one individual to other.

However, a number of different studies and investigations has proved that the best combination of weight loss is the change in your eating style and the more time for the workout.

If you need a short-term weight loss then, going for the healthy diet will help you.

Some people might ask you to hit the gym or go for the highly nutritive diet.

But according to my own experience, diet or exercise will not help you in losing weight until you believe in that.

You might think that exercise is a better way for weight loss but if you consume high-calorie food after that then, there will not be any effective result.

Besides this, you can also think about doing dieting, but if you do not get involve in any physical activity then, it will not help you in burning your calories intake at all.

In fact, I will say little exercise is far better than doing no exercise. You can go for strength training also.

So, I believe that now you know that for weight loss, a healthy diet along with the exercise is necessary. You should follow this rule for the long-term weight management also.

I hope you like the above article. But if you have any question in mind regarding the above topic then, do write to me.

I will reply back to you at the earliest.

You can also share your experiences with me regarding your weight loss journey here.

It will also help me in making my article more informative and helpful to all the readers like you.

Good Luck and achieve your weight loss goals soon!

Keep exploring my website for more coming blogs!

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