Weight Loss Loose Skin Myth: Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Myth About Loose Skin After Weight Loss

When you are working to lose lots of body weight, you desire a toned and tighter body. You do not visualize loose skin.

However, there is a big possibility and it may be the one that will cause poor self-image and heart problems.

“It is quite frustrating for some patients who did all that they can to be successful in their journey for weight loss and ends up leaving that loose skin which does not even reflect the effort that they gave,” Jason Litchen said.

He is a plastic surgeon from Columbus, Ohio.” Often, the patients feel that their loose skin is hanging like the way it is before they lost some weight.”

It is not about your appearance though. It can also cause back pain, infections, and rashes.

In addition, it can prevent you to be active.

What exactly is a Loose Skin?

man is losing weight and thinner

It is when you become fat your skin will expand to hold the extra tissue.

Your skin will stretch out, loses its elasticity, and gets damaged.

And when you burn the fat or might as well lose it, your skin will begin to look saggy.

Like you have let some air out from your lower belly and love handles.

It does not happen normally to someone who lost some weight. However, for some individual, it will possibly occur even with a slight fat loss.

Commonly you will see it from those individuals who lose approximately a hundred pounds.

However, some people might notice a bit sag losing only 40 pounds.

Other aspects play the main role such as your age, genetics. Where you need to store some excess fat, or how long will you remain fat.

It is a bit like pregnancy. Several women work their way back into their original shape after they pop out a carpet crawler.

While some women tend not to wear a bikini after their pregnancy where they’ve avoided to gain excess fat.  Former fat moms and boys weirdly have something in common.

Some extreme cases in where a morosely obese individual lost about 200 pounds.

The loose skin will be visible on the thighs, arms, chest, and almost everywhere else.

However, we are not talking concerning that. We are talking about an average person who dropped about 40 – 70 pounds and keep it off – a person who has lost some fat and left with a loose skin.

Will there be a way to prevent it?

If you lose some weight, what will happen to your skin?

If your skin is affected by gaining weight. It is also affected by losing weight.

Some individuals can lose a high amount of weight without any sign of loose or sagging skin in their chest, arms, and stomach. For others, it’s a sign that you have lost a significant amount of body weight.

When you have lost some weight some flexibility of your skin will be lost – it will make it more difficult for your skin to go back in its original condition.

And it is possible.

Your skin is also an existing organism

Your integumentary system is much like all the parts of your body, it is a living organism.

It has a bloodstream in which the blood flows and it also has the capability to restore and repair itself.

If you have ever cut or scraped your skin you will see it firsthand.

Did your skin heal right away? Of course not, it takes time.

To appoint, your skin contains the ability in bouncing back into its normal state.

Safely lose weight by consuming a supplement for fat burn, exercise regularly, and replacing your diet will decrease your chance of forming a loose skin when you have achieved your goal weight.

If you’re planning to start a crash diet (drastically reducing calories and quickly lose weight) you will increase the possibility to have a loose skin – typically because you are not giving it the chance to familiarize.

However, you must give your skin some time for it to familiarize. It will only take some time.

Develop more muscle in order to look improved

woman is working out

Muscle loss is an individual’s biggest concern when he/she is on a crash diet.

Not only it can ruin your long-term diet achievement and metabolism. It will also reduce your body shape since you have lost some muscle mass.

So you will not only have reduced level of fat underneath your skin, you will also lose your figure.

And it will definitely lead to looser, saggy skin.

When the cells in your fat expand, they will press against your dermis and extend your skin.

In addition, when you cut some of your fat. You’ll have a saggy, loose skin.

Developing muscle can increase the space and volume under your dermis, just like body fat. Only it is much healthier and well-formed.

If you are concerned that your loose skin may be a problem, try developing some lean and athletic muscle –it will offer you a well-rounded physique and load some spaces that were left by losing weight.

Why Does your Skin Gets Loose After Losing Weight?

Since it is needed for our skin to stretch when we grow, move, and shrink, skin is considered a living organism which is incredibly flexible.

Yes, that is right, your skin isn’t just a large piece which covers your whole body.

But it’s instead a living organism, and like all of the organs inside your body, it contains cells.

Every layer from your skin contains various kinds of cells, though the cells on your epidermis (your skin’s outer part) are continuously being exhausted and changed with new skin cells.

The cells under your epidermis are slightly more permanent than any other skin cell.

Sub dermis and dermis are the layers of your skin, it is made with elastic connective fibers, blood vessels, tissues, and all types of elements that can stretch or contract depending on in what way they are being treated.

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What will happen in your Skin If you Lose Some Weight?

If you have lost some weight, especially when you’ve lost it very fast, the elastic components inside your skin will not only drop some layers of body fat that will keep them expanded over your entire body.

But they’ll also have an insufficient interval for their flexibility to familiarize to your different figure.

Furthermore, smoking, excessive contact to the sun, dehydration, poor nutrition, age, and weight loss can all influence the flexibility of your skin and provide you a look which is elephant-like that you probably do not want.

What Causes a Loose Skin?

Major transformations of weight loss loose skin myth are a proof of an individual’s discipline, resolve, and determination.

However, there were cases that weight loss transformation is trailed by loose skin.

When we talk about the extra fat in your belly.

The buildup of fat expanses your skin tightly like a fully inflated balloon thus when you burn fat in your body, your skin won’t be able to go back in its original state, based on the study conducted by Mayo Clinic.

From time to time, the flexibility of the skin weakens and expands the muscles in your abdominal and connective flesh or inner girdle in which it is accounting for how toned and tight your abdominal muscle is.

Why Skin Does not go back to its Original State

Several people are susceptible to loose skin. “The ability of your skin to bounce back and contract after you lose weight will depend on different factors like smoking.

The quantity of weight lost and gained, genetics, age, and the tone of your skin,” Kim said.

Drastic and quick weight loss will shock your whole system in a way that the flexibility of your skin does not have the required time in adapting to your shape.

Loose/Excess Skin Side Effects

“Mentally, loose skin tends to lead you to embarrassment and lack of contentment with the image of your body – even after substantial weight loss,” said by Kim.

The accomplishment of losing 50 pounds is often diminished because of the hard work that you put into it did not reflect in your loose skin. And it is not constantly predicted.

Some people tend to think that in order to reach their goal in losing weight they should have a toned and tight body, whereas the loose skin will have a big impact in their mentality, figuratively and literally.

Besides from dropping your self-esteem, the excess skin can similarly be rough.

Your sweat will get stuck and roughness will occur, in forms of rashes and irritation.

In addition, it can obstruct your well-being and weight loss.

“You might be incapable of wearing the clothes that you like, or perform your regular physical activities because of your loose skin,” Kim says.

Compressing your clothes is sometimes a useful method to keep your loose skin from budging extravagantly when you are running but it is still challenging.

What can you do By Yourself

Developing muscle mass will help you in increasing your metabolism in which exercise can be a big help.

Especially when you possess a great skin primarily and a diffident quantity of laxity in your skin.

However, it will not necessarily tighten up your loose skin.

There is just excessively amount of space that your muscle will have to fill.

Do not waste a fortune on creams that are used for tightening your skin.

And also for Do-It-Yourself body wraps, you will end up desiccating your skin that temporarily gives you a skin which is tight looking.

However, it will not offer a lasting result. It is also potentially hazardous, besides from dehydration.

You’ll be at a risk of cutting your blood circulation by wrapping it tightly around your torso.

How to Constrict Excess Skin after a Weight Loss

When you lose some fat and loose skin starts to show, the first instruction is: do not panic.

Because it’s considered as a living organism, your skin gently returns into a shape which fits your figure.

However, since that method will take you about 2 years to accomplish. Here are some steps in which you can use to tighten your skin faster:

  1. Make your skin in a good condition
  2. Eat properly
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Lose weight in a healthy way

Tip 1: Make Your Skin in a Good Condition

woman in a beach with good condition

Care and nourish your skin. Exfoliating your skin daily will help you in removing dead cells in your skin and increases your skin circulation.

Hot bath plus minerals and sea salts will help you in improving the tone of your skin.

Creams for skin tightening with herbal ingredients and formulas like Vitamin A, C, and E, yeast extract, soy protein, Aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid,
can help you in hydrating and increasing the elastin and collagen formation in your skin.

Keep away from punitive deterrents like shampoos, dishwashing liquids, and soaps that contain sulfate, also limit yourself from sun contact, exposure to chlorinated and hot water, and tanning booths –all those things will slowly reduce your skin’s elasticity.

Tip 2: Eat Properly


The (2) necessary ingredients which will maintain your skin to be desirable and flexible are collagen and elastin.

Foods rich in protein like cottage cheese, milk, legumes, tofu, beans, seeds, nuts, and fish contains elastin and collagen forming constituents like oils which helps in maintaining a healthy skin.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated

Pay attention to your hydration requirements. Water is the most crucial component in maintaining the flexibility of your skin.

From both drink and food, you must be consuming at least 2 liters every day.

Tip 4: Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

As mentioned, along with smoking, excessive sun contact, dehydration, poor nutrition, age, and weight loss can all have an effect on the flexibility of your skin.

An excessive amount of time in exercising and crash diets can swiftly shed both fat and muscle, causing a double-whammy to your skin –a supportive underlying structure of muscle that will hold your skin when you have lost some weight.

When to Contemplate Surgery for Excess Skin

Your skin will only be overextended as far as possible before it’ll lose its ability in going back to its original state.

If you have experienced pregnancy. Then you are capable of tightening your excess skin. But if you have carried 100 more pounds for several years.

You might be a nominee for a plastic surgery in tightening and lifting excess skin.

This method must only be utilized in risky cases.

How Can You Prevent Loose Skin from Forming

If you are about to board on a transformation in losing weight, do not use any severe measures.

Sure, when you lose a large amount of body weight in a short period of time possible may seem appealing.

However, your health will remain the most significant thing.

Furthermore, losing an uncertain amount of body weight at a practical pace of about 1 to 2 pounds every week – will be a big help in preventing tons of loose skin.

Incorporate resistance and weight strength training are needed so that you can develop or maintain your muscle mass when you are losing weight.

If you’ll only do cardio and diet, you will lose the muscle mass that falls up from your skin.

Keep in mind, the accomplishment of losing a substantial amount of body weight is an incredible feat of and in itself.

By accepting what your body is and being content in the tone of your skin can be a huge help for your happiness and health.

How Can You Minimize Excess Skin during your Weight Loss?

There is nothing worse than functioning your way over a diet when you will only end up with a skin which hangs similar to a curtain.

Unfortunately, it is a common result of losing weight.

Here is what you need to do in minimizing the quantity of excess skin during your weight loss and improve your tissue after you have lost some weight.

The Key to Minimizing Excess Skin is your Muscle Tissue

Increasing or maintaining muscle tissue can be the key to minimizing excess skin.

Keep in mind, the phenomenon happens when the original layers of muscle tissue shrink under a larger surface space.

If your muscle mass will be lost along with fat. It will create a larger void underneath the surface of your skin.

Alternatively, increasing your lean tissue which fills the part of your skin, keeping your skin stretched.

There are 3 ways which you can do to retain or even increase your muscle’s tissue even during your diet.

Lose weight at a Practical Pace

glass of water and tape measure to control calories

There is a connection between the quantities of skin you end with and how quickly can you lose a substantial amount of weight.

For you to lose some weight. You should make a calorie shortage.

When the shortage is reasonable thus you are losing 1 to 2 pounds every week.

The majority of weight that you have lost is body fat.  Whereas a more hostile shortage will be the outcome of quick weight loss loose skin myth.

There is a high risk in which your lost weight will be coming from your muscle tissue.

Specifically when it is performed for a long time.

Maintain a steady and slow pace and a calorie deficit of about 15 percent below your daily caloric intake. You will retain more of your muscle tissue.

Therefore it keeps your skin constricted.

Include Strength Training In Your Routine

woman is looking in the mirror and workout

Same as the reasons mentioned above, including a strength training in your workout routine will give you the chance to retain more of your muscle mass, and develop muscle if you are quite fresh to this kind of routine.

In your very first year of strength training. You might actually be capable of building around 20 – 25 lbs. of muscle.

A muscle building (hypertrophy) routine might yield better outcomes over those which optimizes endurance and strength.

Hypertrophy training concentrates on increasing your overall muscle volume and size.

Permitting your skin in clinging tighter with the underlying muscle tissue.

Get More Leaner

woman with lean body

I have observed that excess skin is much less of a topic for those individuals who drop body fat at a lower level – around 20 percent for women and 10 percent for men.

Obviously, this might basically be the cause of survival bias. Let me say, perhaps individuals with excess skin issue are more inspired in continuing their development to cut their loose skin.

However the author of Body Fat Guide which is Doctor Ron Brown does not think so, he has a convincing explanation: what all people perceive as “excess skin” is really an excess fat.

But, there are positive cases where a plastic surgery would really help. However, there is an evidence to recommend that excess skin issues will be able to improve by losing much more body fat.

“Get more lean muscle” is not that easy to do, obviously. Going to the needed level of body fat might take years, or even decades. However, fitness is an unending journey anyway.

Nonetheless, there is relief in knowing when you have a loose or excess skin, a certain level of enhancement is still in your control deprived of requiring a plastic surgery to get those loose skin off.


Always keep in your mind that it always takes time in bouncing your skin back in its normal state.

Even though a dramatic way to losing weight, the elasticity and firmness of the skin will surely improve.

The given tips can help in guiding you to prevent further loose skin development anywhere on your body.

Limit yourself in doing the things that might be the cause of you having an excess skin.

In order for you to reduce all of the probabilities of excess skin after losing weight, I suggest that you keep on following a diet plan and consume a supplement that will allow guarantee you a safer way in losing weight from time to time.

You must also accompany your diet plan and supplements with intensity training for you to develop more lean muscle and muscle shape underneath your skin.