Yerba Mate Weight Loss: Is It Really Effective?

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Yerba Mate Weight Loss – Here is What you need to Know!

There are so many people around the world who begin their day with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

But still, in some parts, there are people who have yerba mate after getting up from the bed.

Must you have heard about the yerba mate weight loss? Not yet?

Well! Yerba mate is a traditional beverage of the South Americans that gives them the advantages of the tea, power of the coffee and the joy of chocolate.

The yerba mate tea is the very beneficial drink for our health and it also aids in the weight loss.

Do you want to know more about the yerba mate weight loss?

Then read the below blog post in which I will tell you about the yerba mate weight loss.

Besides this, I will also share some important info regarding this product which I have gathered from my personal experience and research.

So, are you ready to join me on this post ride? Yes? Then, let’s go, guys!

What Actually Is Yerba Mate?

how to make yerba mate

Before discussing the yerba mate weight loss, let me tell you what actually is the yerba mate!

Well! Yerba mate is a traditional beverage which is prepared with the help of the dried leaves of the native plant in South America known as lex paraguariensis.

Lex paraguariensis is a wild plant but it is nurtured similarly to any other type of tea.

Yerba Mate comprises of the 3 stimulants theobromine, caffeine, as well as theophylline.

The places (like Uruguay and Argentina) where it is consumed mostly include this tea as the main beverage in the social event.

In fact, when somebody offers this tea to another person then, it shows the sign of bonding and friendship among them.

The leaves of the yerba mate cultivate in the forest regions mainly.

Furthermore, after cutting it down from the forests, it is firstly grounded and then dried.

Some people add sugar to the tea of the yerba mate nowadays for flavor but the authentic yerba mate tea comprises of the hot water and the herbs only.

You need to drink it with the help of the metal straw.

If you have not tasted it yet then, let me tell you that it tastes grassy just like the green tea.

You will like its taste when you consume it on regular basis.

People drink it not for its tastes only but also for fetching lots of health benefits like weight loss from it.

What properties does yerba mate have besides the weight loss?

The following are the different properties of the yerba mate that will surely make you fall love with this product:

1/ Stimulating

The yerba mate has the stimulating properties that trigger your process of digestion so that you can lose weight more quickly.

The reason behind this is that it has a chemical known as mateine which is as same as caffeine.

Moreover, yerba mate also accelerates your metabolic rate as well as energy, so that you can burn more fat quickly.

2/ Soothing effect

Since the yerba mate also has the same properties like the coffee, it also benefits you in relaxing and calming your emotions.

It does so because it consists of the two ingredients named theophylline and theobromine that usually found in the tea.

The best way to consume this tea is after the meal so that your cravings get reduced and your stress levels in the body also get decreased.

3/ Satiating

When you drink the yerba mate tea (water and herbs), it fills up your stomach so much that your appetite gets reduced.

But, it does not act as a substitute for the food as this product does not have all the essential nutrients which you get from the food.

In fact, it is the better option than snacking on the cookies or chocolates.

Yerba mate slows down the speed of stomach emptying so that you feel full for the longest time after your meal.

4/ Antioxidant

Yerba mate also contains a good quantity of the antioxidants also.

These antioxidants help you in fighting the oxidative anxiety; removing the free radicals inside the body and improving the health of the skin.

5/ Anti-inflammatory properties

If you drink the yerba mate regularly then, it will reduce the inflammation in your body.

People who suffer from the health problems like rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis and other inflammatory ailments get benefitted from this product.

6/ Diuretic

Yerba mate also has diuretic properties that help in the proper working of your kidneys.In winters, when people drink less water, drinking yerba mate works great.

7/ More useful properties

Besides all the above properties of the yerba mate, there are some more additional properties this product owns.

It possesses the capability to confine the accumulation of lactic acid in our body muscles which ultimately increases the process of fat burning.

Owing to the ingredients like theobromine and theophylline yerba mate also enlarges the bronchi and accelerates the blood oxygenation.

How Might Yerba Mate Help With Weight Loss?

dishes yerba mate

The yerba mate weight loss has been proved in various studies.

This magical drink easily helps you in achieving your weight loss target along with the balanced diet and exercise in the following ways:

1/ Supporting satiety

Yerba mate weight loss happens by supporting the satiety.It suppresses your hunger so that you do not crave to eat more.

2/ Decreasing adipogenesis

Adipogenesis is the procedure that creates fat cells. So, when you consume yerba mate, it controls and eventually constrains this procedure by blocking the genetic factors that stimulate adipogenesis.

3/ Stimulating thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is the heat created by the body. So besides controlling the genes in the body, yerba mate also acts on the genetic factor that regulates the thermogenesis.

4/ Fat Burning Advantages

Besides the stimulating properties of the yerba mate, it also decreases the amount of fat in our body which ultimately leads to the weight loss.

The ingredients in the product act as the weight loss agent.

It has the ability to improve the fat-burning effects of the workout by elevating the oxidation of the body fat.

5/ Prevents genetic obesity

The yerba mate helps in preventing the genetic levels of the obesity.

When you have high-fat food diet, the genes in your body related to the obesity gets increased.

But with the yerba mate, the levels of these genes come to the normal range so that you do not gain more weight.

It also has the capacity to decrease the fat accumulation as well as fats existing in the blood.

6/ Effects the fat metabolic rate

With the consumption of the Yerba mate, the body weight gets reduce.

In fact, the metabolic rate of burning the fat gets the increase with it.

It clears the pathway which aids in high levels of metabolic rates.

One of the famous targets of the anti-obesity medicines is AMPK (activated protein kinase) pathway and the yerba mate tea or powder influences this path to endorse weight loss as well as burning of calories.

7/ Improves the metabolic rate of burning calories

Yerba mate is also deliberated as a thermogenic mediator which creates energy by increasing the metabolism.

So, when you do the intake of the yerba mate, it makes a remarkable increase in your performance at the time of doing workout so that more calories get burned.

It reduces your intake of food and utilizes your energy towards the heavy workout.

It also promotes the metabolic rate of the body and also upsurges the rate at which your calories burned.

8/ Controls belly fat

It also controls your belly fat by regulating the sugar in your blood.

It originates with the hypoglycemic property that lowers the sugar in your blood.

Do you know that in our body the visceral fat is a very dangerous fat that is deposited nearby the tissues in the stomach cavity?

Well! Visceral fat gathers as soon as your insulin gets unsuccessful to collapse the glucose. It gets deposited as fat in the belly.

Now with the consumption of the Yerba mate, the intra-belly fat in your stomach gets away by stimulating glucose breakdown.

It also takes down the glucose in your blood effectively so that you get rid of the diabetes health issues.

Yerba mate equilibriums glucose as well as insulin levels that benefit in adjusting hunger and burning belly fat.

9/ Controls craving and hunger hormones

The yerba mate comprises of some useful properties that suppress your hunger and craving for food so that your subsequent intake of the food gets reduce.

It means when you have fewer calories in a day then it will ultimately lead to the weight loss.

But you have to remember that along with the fewer calories intake it is very important that you do some regular workout also.

There is a hormone known as Leptin in our body which helps in satiety and controlling the appetite also.

The people who are obese suffer from the issue of the leptin resistance and yerba mate helps such people in overcoming this resistance issue by promoting the satiety.

On whole, this all mechanism inhibits the obesity.

10/ Decreases cholesterol levels

There are so many studies conducted which show that the yerba mate decreases the gathering of fats inside the fatty cells of our body and effects the lipid metabolic rate in the fat muscle and liver.

It all results in the decline of cholesterol as well as other fats in our blood.

As I have told you earlier in the blog post that yerba mate comprises of the antioxidant properties that effectively reduces the cholesterol in our body by regulating the enzymes.

In fact, as per my own research yerba mate proficiently increases lipid profile and decreases the levels of cholesterol in human beings.

How much is the Dosage needed for the yerba mate weight loss?

matt yerba mate

You can use the leaves of the yerba mate either in the powder form, dried form, capsule, extract or tablet form.

If you are taking the yerba mate in the powder form then, it is recommend having only 1000 mg to 1500 mg.

But if you are taking it in the tea form then, a dosage of 3 cups (i.e. 330 ml in one cup) every day is recommended for weight loss.

However, before including the yerba mate as a part of your daily diet, you must consult your health professional first.

Sometimes you cannot take this product along with some drugs that are used for curing some chronic diseases.

How to Make the Yerba Mate Tea?

You can make yerba mate tea in the way you prefer to consume it.

It needs no special tool or utensil for preparing.

You can easily make it with the help of the yerba tea bags just like any other tea.

But if you are taking the loose tea leaves then, add some boiling water over it and strain it after 15 minutes for drinking.

Yerba mate is conventionally prepared as the tea and consumed with the help of a gourd through a metallic straw.

To see the visible effects you at least have to wait for the time of one month.

But before beginning this product in the form of capsules or supplements you should ask your health professional first.

What are the Precautions to be taken while consuming the yerba mate?

yerba mate

There are certain precautions which you have to keep in mind while following the yerba mate weight loss process.

Every person is not equal in terms of fitness and health and thus these precautions should be followed strictly to avoid any health issues in the future.

So, let’s talk about those precautions now:

  • As I have told you that yerba mate comprises of the caffeine and thus if you consume it in the high amount then it can result in the caffeine poisoning.
  • The yerba mate does come with some rare side effects like high blood pressure, increase heart rate and insomnia.
  • In fact, some studies have also proved that if you consume the yerba mate for the longest time then it can put you at the risk of the cancer development.
  • Pregnant women and lactating women must avoid this tea.
  • In fact, if you are consuming the birth control oils, stimulants and anti-depressants at present then, do not have the yerba mate.

What are the Yerba Mate Side Effects?

yerba mate in a cup

This tea is originated from South America and people there are used to have the yerba mate.

But this does not mean that any person from any corner of the world can also have this tea like them.

The following are the yerba met weight loss side effects:

  • Since it has lots of caffeine in it, this product can lead to the nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and heart palpitations.
  • If you take it on regular basis for a long time then, it can give you the laxative effect also.
  • Because of the caffeine content in the product, it is not suggested for breastfeeding and pregnant women.
  • People who drink alcohol or do smoking should also avoid this product as the combination of all these things can increase the danger of the cancer development in your body.
  • If you are taking drugs for curing the health problems like asthma, heart disease, diabetes and depression then you should avoid the yerba mate


The yerba mate weight loss theory does come with some evidence but I cannot say that these are conclusive.

If you have this product in between your meal times then, it can only stop you from feeling hungry or doing overeating.

Yerba mate does have all those ingredients which aid in the fat loss and weight reduction but to some extent.

On the other hand, yerba mate weight loss is not a magic which you can use directly for the weight loss.

It does work but only with some your personal efforts also.

If you want to attain the effective weight loss then, the proper combination of the balanced diet along with the workout is also needed.

Your main aim must be the weight loss and this you can achieve only with the change in your lifestyle.

The yerba mate can only become a small part of your weight loss journey.

As per my own experience, weight loss is not a cup of tea that you get easily anywhere without any effort.

You have to put some efforts for weight reduction and products like yerba mate can help you in that effectively only if you make some changes in your lifestyle like the balanced diet, physical exercise, timely eating, etc.

So, it’s wrapping time for my blog post guys! I hope you enjoyed reading the post!

If you want to ask me any question about the yerba mate weight loss then, write to me in the below comment box.

I will reply back to you soon. You can also share your experiences related to the yerba mate (if any) here also.

It will help me in making my blog post more informative and useful to the readers like you.

Please share this post with all your near and dear ones who want to know about the yerba mate weight loss.

Thanks for reading and keep searching my website for more blogs on health and bodybuilding!

Be healthy! Eat healthily!

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